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How to Clear Negative Energy: 12 Immediate Solutions

INSIDE: Why carry around the heavy burden of negative energy and let it dominate your aura? Learn how to clear negative energy and transform your home and personal space into a sanctuary of positivity and abundance.


It’s important to spend time in a place that makes you feel at home. For some, however, the idea of home isn’t actually a great feeling.

Considering last year’s directive and mantra, “Stay at Home,” to feel anything less than satisfaction at home can really tamp down on our positive energy.

According to a survey by Sears Home Services, only 33 percent of respondents felt more satisfied with their homes since spending so much time there under pandemic lockdowns. Of the remaining 67 percent of respondents, 44 percent felt less satisfied with their home now, while 22 percent felt… meh.

That’s a large number of people not truly finding sanctuary at home to rejuvenate and recharge. While it might be that they aren’t satisfied with the construction of their home and want a cosmetic lift to the structure, it might also stem from negative energy pervading the space.

If you aren’t careful, you can carry the frequencies of other people and objects you have encountered in the day home with you at night. That can be a great thing if you’ve had a particularly great day, but chances are, knowingly or not, you’ve passed through the aura of someone experiencing negativity.

That negativity magnetizes to its opposite, positivity, and brings it down. Negativity tends to overpower positivity if it isn’t addressed and cleansed.

You can detect negative energy in a house through several tell-tale signs, such as clutter and mess, lingering musty smells, and frequent experiences of insomnia, to name a few.

Knowing how to clear negative energy from your body and your home can go a long way to making your space feel serene, comfortable, and happy.

how to remove negative energy from your home

12 Immediate Solutions for How to Clear Negative Energy

If you want to live a happier life, you need to surround yourself with positive energy. That can start right at home by making spaces that inspire, relax, and cleanse your aura where you start and end your day.

Learning how to remove negative energy from your home with these 12 steps will help you harness positive energy to take with you outside the walls of your abode.

Try these feng shui space clearing methods.

Bring Crystals Into the Space

A perfect starting point is to invite crystal vibrations into your space. Due to their elemental properties, crystals naturally know how to clear negative energy. And you can also learn to amplify their cleansing effects. 

It is important to begin with cleansed crystals before you place them in your home. If there are particular areas in your home that you feel negative energy radiating from, take time to set a clarifying intention in your crystal so that it can carry out that work.

There’s a vast catalogue of crystals to keep in the home, but these are some of our favorites:

  • Amethyst – promotes relaxation and reduces stress
  • Rose Quartz – infuses the home with love and healing
  • Hematite – creates a grounding protection within a space

Smudge the Space

Another method for how to clear negative energy happens through smudging. By using herb bundles like sage or palo santo, smudging involves letting the smoke waft from the burnt herbs to carry negative energy and bad spirits out of a space.

When you decide to smudge a space, you want to begin by smudging your own body. If you skip this step, any negative energy that you are holding inside can quickly shift to replace the cleansed space around you.

After smudging your body, which involves circulating the smoke around your physical being with concentrated attention at each chakra node, you can begin to cleanse your room or home. 

Next, open the windows so the negative energy has a place to escape and start from the main doorway of a room or home and work clockwise, making sure that the smudge smoke gets into the corners and spaces that are tucked away. That’s where unwanted spirits try to hide from powerful substances like sage.

Smudge Sticks

Remove Clutter

Objects contain a lot of energy. In fact, everything is energy. That’s why it is important that the things around you invite joy and inspiration.

We tend to have too much stuff lying around just taking up space. These items – plastic bags, old clothes, empty boxes – block the path of good energy flow. They also tend to make great hiding places for negative energy to pile up and eventually wreck havoc.

In addition to removing cluttered things to clear negative energy, you should also take care to fix or discard broken objects in your space.

With newly freed space, consider carefully placed items that reflect spiritual symbols and images. These can counteract negativity by attracting positive vibrations. Just be mindful not to create more clutter with them.

Open Windows

We’ve mentioned how negative energy likes to find new spaces to spread and permeate. If you open windows to let air circulate through your space, the negative energy will have a new way to go – right out the window!

The way that ventilation works is that it opens a new path of energy flow. Don’t be concerned about unleashing your negative house vibes onto the world. Nature knows how to clear negative energy. It has an amazing ability to absorb negativity into the earth and transmute it into a useful, positive sustenance for the world.

Dance, Sing, Laugh

While you work at cleansing your home, you need to remember to deal with any negative energy you might be holding in your own body. Negativity may swirl around you while you clean, but you can combat the bad vibes by pumping positivity into the room.

Dance around the room, and even combine it with smudging. Sing a song as you move through your space, opening windows and throwing out clutter. Or take a minute and just laugh, even if you have to fake it at first.

You might feel so ridiculous, but you also might start really laughing at yourself and feeling joy. These movements and sounds communicate to the divine realm that you're inviting happiness and abundance to fill your life.

Shift Negative Energy With Music

Play Peaceful or Upbeat Music

Negative energy causes low vibrations in a space that allow stale air to accumulate. That's the thing, negativity really is just a frequency, so shifting that to something higher is how to clear negative energy.

Peaceful music, even if slow and calm, can pack high vibrations of positivity as it calms your nerves and allows a smooth frequency to spread around you. Upbeat music, too, increases the vibrational sounds. Plus it can get you moving and singing around your house. 

Play a Singing Bowl

Along a similar vein, singing bowls emit vibrational sounds that push the low energy of negativity out. Playing a singing bowl can be a fantastic meditation method as you create a new aura for your home.

Even after you activate a singing bowl and place it back in its safe spot, subtle vibrations can continue to reverberate around the room.

Speak an Intention, Mantra or Prayer

An important step for how to clear negative energy involves acknowledging the presence of negativity so that you can see to its exit. Also, like music and sound vibrations, your words send positive frequencies to replace negative vibrations.

Verbalizing an intention, chanting a clearing mantra, or offering a prayer in your space helps shift the cleansing process from an idea into an actionable step.

It also works within your own body to open the throat chakra. When blocked, we struggle to communicate our needs in our space. Clearing the throat chakra with intentions, mantras, or prayers gives you the power to dictate the energy of your home.

Amethyst Geodes

Bathe in Epsom Salt

Remember that as you cleanse negativity from your space, that energy might decide to take residence in your own body and mind. So learn how to clear negative energy from your personal vessel, too.

An epsom salt bath brings healing sensations and relaxation to a tired, sore body. If you’ve been hard at work all day clarifying your home of negative energy, you’ll definitely feel ready for a bath and refreshed by the mineral power of the salts.

Diffuse Essential Oils

Scent is an important marker of vitality. If the air in your house smells musty and damp, you need to work on freshening the home.

A simple way to do this is by diffusing essential oils. You can find all sorts of beautiful diffusers, even in the shapes of spiritual symbols. You can also diffuse essential oil in lava rocks set beside your crystals to build an aromatic altar in your space.

Learn how to combine crystals and essential oils here!

Meditate or Visualize Higher Frequencies Into Being

As you use vibrational sound and other cleansing methods, visualizing higher frequencies can amplify how to remove negative energy from your home. 

Take time to sit in meditation in your space. Picture the waves of positive energy flowing through your home, carrying negativity out as positive energy rides the tide into the space. 

You can also visualize negative energy leaving your body. Taking an energy bath like this is the perfect way to start and end each day!

Take an Energy Bath

Use Feng Shui Tips

While all of these ideas are great solutions for how to clear negative energy, you may need to study your home to see if the energy balance supports positive frequencies.

Using feng shui, a Chinese philosophy that considers how energy flows around us, you can detect places in your home where energy might be blocked or out of place.

Learning about the different spaces and directions that energy typically flows through a Bagua map can help you rearrange the objects in your home to invite in peaceful, harmonious energy. 

Check out our feng shui page here for useful tips!

Final Thoughts

Home is often described as a place you can always return to to feel accepted and loved. If negative energy dominates the home though, it will be hard to feel anything but stress, disappointment, rejection, and exhaustion from home. 

Working on how to clear negative energy from your space and your own body works wonders to bring satisfaction, happiness, and abundance into our lives no matter where you find yourself in the world.

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