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Michael Parrish's Story

As an award-winning songwriter, musician, photographer, performer, and an Eagle Scout; I have always been open-minded and an out-of-the-box thinker.

Although this is true, I had always thought of crystal healing to be too outlandish for me. It wasn’t until later in my life, out of pure necessity, that I experienced the miraculous effects of healing crystals. 

After being diagnosed with a rare condition that only six other people in the United States have, I began my quest to find a cure. I endured crippling nerve pain episodes that would intensify until I completely lost consciousness. As time passed on, this happened to me more and more often, until it eventually occurred every single day without fail. I lost the ability to work, go to school, perform my craft, live my life, and at my worst point, I couldn’t even get out of bed. 

Michael Parrish

I saw countless doctors and specialists all around the country, I had multiple injections and special procedures, I tried a plethora of different pain pills and muscle relaxers, and I even had my spermatic cord surgically stripped of all nerves. None of these things worked and I started to feel hopeless and began to think my entire life would be spent in excruciating pain.

For years, I lost valuable relationships, time, and opportunities due to the pain brought on by my condition. Beyond desperate, I turned to alternative medicine for a potential cure, and after just one crystal healing session, I experienced life-changing results! Through regular crystal healing sessions, I began to reclaim my life.

That’s when I dropped everything, moved from my home in Virginia, and dedicated my life to helping others find the healing relief of crystals. They are true miracles, and every person I am able to introduce to crystals makes what I went through for all those years that much more worth it.

Today, you won’t find me without several crystals in my pocket at all times. At Cosmic Cuts, I carry some emerald for focus, sodalite to connect to my higher self, and of course some amethyst. At home, when I’m unwinding after a long day, I’ll carry some rose quartz to fill me with love, serpentinite to ward off negative energies and attract positive ones, and of course some amethyst. If I’m performing or meditating, I’ll carry a chakra crystals healing bag. If I’m doing something out of my comfort zone, I’ll carry some smoky quartz for strength, red jasper and aquamarine for protection, and of course some amethyst.

For me, I’ve never witnessed anything as powerful as crystal healing and I feel truly blessed that they’ve chosen me to get them to the homes where they belong.

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