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Dreamcatcher Amethyst Healing Necklace Jewelry Pendant

The amethyst stone produces a magnetic field that provides positive results to all living beings, and it works to calm and counteract negative energies. Amethysts are from the quartz family; therefore they take on the qualities of both the amethyst and quartz crystals.

This one-of-a-kind amethyst stone is 100% natural and originated from Brazil. It is a small, tumbled stone that can be worn around your neck, carried in your pocket, held in your hand, placed on your crown chakra during meditation, or displayed in a bowl full of your favorite tumbled stones. 

Each piece will differ in size, weight, and appearance. The image shown is a representation of the quality of our amethyst crystals. One will be handpicked for you. 

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Origin of the Dreamcatcher

The American Indians were the first to create dreamcatchers and they did so for many different reasons. They would decorate their sacred items with dreamcatchers to magnify their spiritual energies as well as trap and eliminate negative energies. They typically consist of a hoop with a web or net in the middle. They are believed to have originated from the Ojibwa Chippewa tribe and their word for dreamcatcher: “asabikeshiinh” means “Spider” which refers to the we pattern in the hoop. The Ojibwe people found the spider to be a sacred symbol of protection and comfort. According to the old Ojibwa tale, The “Spider Woman” acted as the spiritual protector of the babies and children of the tribe. The more the Ojibwe tribe grew, the more difficult it was for her to protect all the children. As legend has it, the “Spider Woman” created the dreamcatcher to protect all the children from afar. The mothers and grandmothers of the tribe then started to make dreamcatchers in the Spider Woman’s image to protect their own families. The Native American also used these design to make snowshoes.

Dreamcatcher Purpose and Meaning

The American Indians created dreamcatchers in a round circle symbolizing the circle of day and night as well as being the circle of life. The dreamcatcher catches bad thoughts and emotions before they enter your mind and only lets the good ones through. Think of it as a filter for your emotions. The Amethyst in the web symbolizes the good thoughts and dreams that become immortalized and make you who you are.

Healing Benefits of Wearing Amethyst

Amethyst is one of the best crystals for promoting a sense of calm and relieving stress. It settles the mind, preparing it for sleep and meditation. It also aids in the decision-making process and creates a sense of calm alertness. 

The amethyst stone provides protection, transmuting negative energies into positive, loving energy. It resonates with the energy of the crown and third eye chakras, serving to enhance communication from the Divine, improve our intuition, and deepen our understanding of ourselves and others.

Amethyst also promotes healthy cell regeneration, improves blood circulation, and inhibits bacterial growth. Amethyst healing properties are vast as it is one of the most versatile crystals on this earth. 

How to Wear Healing Crystal Jewelry for the Best Results 

If you've noticed people everywhere sporting crystal jewelry, and you've wondered if it's just a new style trend, here's the deal...

Crystals never go out of style, and they have been worn and adored since as far back as we know, but what's becoming more and more in style these days is spirituality and metaphysical stuff. 

People are yearning for a deeper connection to life, and healing crystal jewelry is one of the best ways to get it. There are so many benefits to wearing crystal jewelry. Let's look at them now.

Benefits of Wearing Healing Crystal Jewelry

It’s Beautiful!

Duh! Crystals and stones are one of the most beautiful accessories you can wear. Whether it's a pendant, necklace, bracelet, ring, or earrings, crystal jewelry is stunning and puts a dazzling finishing touch on any ensemble. 

It's Healing!

Crystals have been used for thousands of years to heal and improve lives. Each crystal has unique metaphysical properties and healing attributes that can produce powerful results in our lives.

Crystals work with the energy centers (chakras) in the body to remove energy blockages and heal the body, mind, and spirit. Our energy drastically influences our health, and since healing crystal jewelry resonates with and improves the energy in our body, crystals can help us lead healthier happier lives. 

When we wear healing crystal jewelry, it raises our vibration and renews our energy, which transforms our health and well-being in pretty miraculous ways.

It's Easy!

When it comes to getting help with an issue in your life, what could be easier than slipping on a bracelet or wearing a necklace? Most other modalities and treatments are much more difficult and time-consuming than that.

It's Convenient!

Not only is healing crystal jewelry an easy way to improve your life, but it is also incredibly convenient. To be able to bring such powerful healing stones with you wherever you go is quite amazing if you think about it.

And by the way, don't devalue the size of the crystals and think that they aren't very powerful because they are so small. As we explained in our article about stone energy, crystal beads put out personal energy that will extend out about a foot around us.

It's Meaningful!

Crystals are regular characters in folklore and ancient history. Each one has had meaning in history, and each one has a unique meaning to each person. You might agree or disagree with the historical meaning, but either way your healing crystal jewelry will have significance for you.

It's Powerful!

When we allow crystals to touch our skin, especially for a prolonged amount of time like we do while wearing healing crystal jewelry, the stone energy can more easily raise your vibration and infuse your aura. That means your body will be humming with their healing energy.

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Jewelry

Remember to Cleanse Your Healing Crystal Jewelry on a Regular Basis

It's very important to clear your healing crystal jewelry regularly. It usually needs to be cleared more often than crystals that remain in your home since it is being exposed to so many different energies on a daily basis. Learn everything you need to know about clearing your crystals here.

Place Your Healing Crystal Jewelry According to the Results You Seek! 

By lining up your healing crystal jewelry with your pulse points and/or chakras, you can increase the results you get from them. Here are some examples of the best places to where your crystal jewelry.

Pay Attention to Which Side You Are Wearing Your Crystal Jewelry On

Each side of our body has different meaning and has an influence on the results we get from our crystal jewelry. Here's how it works:

Right Side - Place your crystal jewelry on the right side when you want to send its power outward and give its healing properties to others. Here are some examples:

  • To be more loving toward others, wear your quartz bracelet on your right arm.
  • To help provide a calming environment that others can also benefit from, wear your amethyst ring on our right hand.
  • To protect your family while traveling, wear your black tourmaline on your right side.

Left Side - Place your crystal jewelry on the left side when you want to personally receive its healing energy and enjoy an internal benefit. Here are some examples:

  • To be more loving to yourself, wear your quartz bracelet on your left arm.
  • To reduce emotional stress, wear your amethyst ring on our left hand.
  • To protect yourself from negative energy, wear your black tourmaline on your left side.

Wearing healing crystal jewelry is one of the most fun and expressive ways to enjoy the healing benefits of crystals. You'll feel incredible adorned in their beauty while indulging in their healing energy no matter where you go.

About the Quartz Stone

Quartz stones are clear crystals that are translucent, minerals and they are often found in the core of granite. Historically, quartz has been honored by the Tibetan and Asian cultures, and continues to be one of the most carved stones in Asia. 

Quartz stones are formed under intense pressure and heat over millions of years. As magma deep in the earth cools, silicon mixes with oxygen, and the quartz crystal is formed. 

Birthstone Month – January (non-traditional)

Quartz & The Heart Chakra

Balancing your chakras can improve consciousness, health, and one’s relationship with the world. The quartz resonates with the energy of the heart chakra. Holding a quartz stone or sitting near one while meditating can raise your consciousness, which in turn brings about more forgiveness and a greater ability to connect with others and yourself in a more compassionate way. It helps negative thoughts, fears, and resentments to be detoxed from the body, which brings about deeper levels of trust in oneself and others. By using the quartz to connect more deeply with the heart chakra, you can bring about more acceptance, love, faith, hope, and compassion into your life.

The Feng Shui of Quartz

Feng Shui is the Chinese system of philosophical laws that govern spatial arrangement and the harmony and flow of energy within a room or building. Crystals work in powerful, yet subtle, ways to attract desired energy and strengthen your personal energy field. Displaying quartz in the center, or heart, of the home and in the bedroom is vital for loving relationships and a joyous marriage.

Quartz Benefits

  • Attracts love into your life
  • Encourages all types of love (self-love, family love, platonic love, and romantic love)
  • Brings unconditional love into our lives by balancing emotions that result in empathy and compassion
  • Improves feelings of self-acceptance, gratitude, trust, and confidence
  • Helps eliminate paranoia, self-pity, and indecisiveness in everyday actions
  • Reduces feelings of possessiveness and controlling behavior
  • Detoxes negative thoughts, fears, and resentments from the body
  • Improves the functioning of the heart and circulatory system
  • Supports the female reproductive system and childbirth

Ideas For How To Use Your Quartz Stone

  • Hold your quartz stone in your hand as you meditate to bring more love, compassion, and acceptance into your life. 
  • Place the quartz on your heart chakra to bring about peaceful feelings before falling asleep.
  • Carry quartz in your pocket to develop closer bonds with the people you come in contact with. 
  • Place a quartz crystal on your pregnant belly to help you bond with your baby.
  • Place your baby’s milk inside a ring of quartz crystals for several minutes before feeding your baby to soothe colic.
  • Place a quartz stone next to your bed to improve trust and intimacy with your partner. 
  • Place a quartz stone next to your child’s bed to help them sleep better.
  • Hold quartz in your hand to relieve feelings of grief. 

* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here.

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