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Zoom "INTERPLANETARY INTELLIGENCE" Feldspar & Black Tourmaline High Quality Rare
Zoom "INTERPLANETARY INTELLIGENCE" Feldspar & Black Tourmaline High Quality Rare

"INTERPLANETARY INTELLIGENCE" Feldspar & Black Tourmaline High Quality Rare

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The Feldspar with Black Tourmaline Obelisks for sale are featured in the "Crystals For Beginners" Video!

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Feldspar with Black Tourmaline

Small:  (≈2.5" - 3.5") 11.0 oz - 14.0 oz

Large: (≈4" - 5.5") 14.1 oz - 16.0 oz

Origin: Brazil

Feldspar is an umbrella name for silicates that include popular stones such as Amazonite, Labradorite, Sunstone, and Moonstone. Though each of these stones have their own properties, their commonalities include increasing creativity, self-awareness, self-love, and intuitive development.

This one-of-a-kind Feldspar crystal is 100% natural and originated from Brazil. It is a small, tumbled stone that can be carried in your pocket, held in your hand, placed on your chakras during meditation, or displayed in a bowl full of your favorite tumbled stones. 

Each piece will differ in size, weight, and appearance. The image shown is a representation of the quality of our Feldspar crystals. One will be handpicked for you.

100% Natural One-Of-A-Kind Felspar Crystal With Letter of Authenticity
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Feldspar Properties

Feldspar is a group of stones that contain potassium, sodium, calcium, and aluminum silicates. Its name originates from the German word “feld,” meaning field, since early specimens were found in fields, and “spar,” a geological term meaning non-metallic mineral with luster.

It’s the most common specimen, making up 60% of the earth’s crust, however most of the stones we polish and use are mined throughout North America. It comes in different marbled variations with different combinations of greys, reds, blues, greens, tans, mauves, creams, blacks, and browns.

Feldspar stones are soft stones and are sensitive to chemicals, abrasives, heat, and acid. To cleanse or charge your Feldspar, run it under tap water, bury it in a small bowl of brown rice for 24 hours, waft it through incense or sage smoke, or leave it under light of the full moon.

Zodiac Birthstone – Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

Feldspar Chakra

Balancing your chakras can improve consciousness, health, and one’s relationship with the world. Different stones vibrate at different energies, aligning with the chakra system. Feldspar is not associated with one chakra in particular, however the microlines within the Feldspar family are.

Sunstone, the stone of good fortune, works with the sacral or second chakra which is the center for creativity and how we relate to ourselves. Moonstone, also known as The Goddess Stone, works with the solar plexus, or third chakra, which is the energy body of personal power and how we relate to other people. Amazonite stimulates the heart and throat chakra, assisting us in having a more open heart and speaking our truths clearly and with confidence. Labradorite works with the third eye and crown chakra, opening our intuition and our connection to the divine.

The Feng Shui of Feldspar Stone

Feng Shui is the Chinese system of philosophical laws that govern spatial arrangement and the harmony and flow of energy within a room or building. Crystals work in powerful, yet subtle, ways to attract desired energy and strengthen your personal energy field.

Place feldspar in an area where you want the energies to be more soothing, calming, and meditative. Bedrooms, living rooms, and office spaces are ideal since chaotic or anxious energies can linger in those spaces. Specific placements in the room are dictated by the color of the feldspar for advanced feng shui practice, however on a bed stand or on a desk is more than sufficient in bringing about its calming properties.

Feldspar Stone Benefits

  • Increases creative thinking and helps with problem solving
  • Softens the heart stimulating self-love and recognition of self-worth
  • Balances feminine energies, assisting in healing emotional wounds
  • A highly psychic stone, it has been used widely for astral travel and meditation
  • Increases intuition

Feldspar Uses

  • Keep Feldspar in your pocket when you’re out with friends to stimulate the heart chakra.
  • Put a Feldspar crystal on your desk to enhance logic and creative problem-solving skills.
  • Keep it by a child’s play area to stimulate artistic and creative thinking.
  • Bring your Feldspar crystal with you when traveling to soothe any cold or unfriendly energies.
  • Keep it by a dream journal on your nightstand for psychic dream interpretation.
  • Place a Feldspar crystal by a mirror to increase self-love and compassion.
  • Have it on hand for its gentle soothing energies.

* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here.

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"INTERPLANETARY INTELLIGENCE" Feldspar & Black Tourmaline High Quality Rare

$ 169.99 Regular price $ 215.99


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