Large Quartz Cluster Huge Terminations Superb Quality Clarity Cosmiccuts CP-19

$ 710.99
Quartz Cluster


Weight of Crystal: 7 lb 13 oz
Size of Crystal: 7.25" x 7.25" x 5.50"
Origin: Brazil

 100% Natural Quartz

All Items Safely Packed and Insured
All Items Shipped Within 24 Hours of Cleared Payment

About Quartz

Balancing your chakras can improve consciousness, health, and one’s relationship with

 the world. Quartz assists you in achieving balance by providing a platform for 

introspection beyond the basic five senses. It purifies negative vibrations to 

help clear the mind of unnecessary thoughts while retaining the power of 

consciousness and divine reality. Quartz allows the user to remain open 

to enlightenment and inspiration.

Feng Shui

 Feng Shui is the Chinese philosophical system involving the creation of energy flow 

and harmony between the self and the environment.  Crystals work in powerful, 

albeit subtle, ways; they can both attract a desired energy and strengthen your 

personal energy field. As a tall geode with an unparalleled deep purple color, 

amethyst is an absolute staple in achieving the ultimate harmonizing energy 

in any space. 

International Shipping 

We have an approximate flat-rate fee that covers an estimated 80% 

of customers. We hold the right to request more shipping and/or 

cancel the order if shipping grossly exceeds our flat rate price. 

Please also include a phone number for duty entry process. 

Our Shipping & Return Policy

All items 70lb and under ship within 24 hours. 

All other items will ship within 3 business days via pallet.  We have years

 of experience with handling these items, and we ensure that your crystal 

arrives in mint condition. In cases of large items, please include a 

phone # so the freight company can schedule delivery. 

All items are 100% insured and expertly packed in top quality

 shipping materials. Returns are accepted for practical reasons. 

Buyers are responsible for filing insurance claims.


We are a top rated, award-winning mineral dealer offering fine mineral specimens for sale at sensible 

prices with outstanding customer service. We have a 99% satisfaction rate, we take pride in providing an

 excellent experience while valuing our customers tremendously.  

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