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Selenite Crystals & Chakra Crystals

Selenite is a wonderfully cleansing and purifying crystal that is thought to contain the liquid light of spirit. It has an extremely high vibration and therefore helps us raise our consciousness and our own vibration so that we can feel happier and attract better things to ourselves. With its help, we can clear negative energy from every area of our lives and heal ourselves in body, mind, and spirit.

This one-of-a-kind Selenite stone is 100% natural and originated from Brazil. Each piece will differ in size, weight, and appearance. The image shown is a representation of the quality of our Selenite crystals. One will be handpicked for you.

One-Of-A-Kind 100% Natural Selenite Pendant With Letter of Authenticity

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Selenite is a magnifying and cleansing crystal that increases the effect of all gemstones around it while simultaneously clearing them of any negative energy. This Selenite Pendant also contains Red Jasper, Carnelian, Citrine, Green Aventurine, Sodalite, Amethyst, and Clear Quartz.

Selenite protects the user or space and connects one with higher consciousness. It emits a peaceful energy that soothes the emotions and clears the mind. It promotes good spine and bone health and enhances healthy cell regeneration. It is the stone of “Liquid Light,” pouring cleansing energy into everything in its presence.

Selenite attracts abundance, wealth, and good overall health. It gets its name from the Greek moon goddess “Selene.” It reflects light and energy similarly to the way the moon does upon the earth. It is known as the “Spiritual Activation” stone and allows the user to communicate the user to ethereal realms. It promotes authenticity, purity, and aligns all the chakras. It is best used with other gemstones which makes this pendant the perfect choice for energetic purity, protection, and magnification. It wards off negative energy and negative people who take energy from you.

Selenite Properties

Selenite is a shimmery, soft, fibrous stone that is composed of hydrous calcium sulfate. Its name comes from the Greek Goddess of the moon, Selene, who is the embodiment of light, love and tranquility. It is colorless with a shimmery and milky appearance.

Zodiac Birthstone – Taurus

Selenite Chakra - Crown 

Crown Chakra

Balancing your chakras can improve consciousness, health, and one’s relationship with the world. Selenite resonates with the energy of the crown chakra. It helps us understand our place in the universe and to act from that place. We become more in touch with higher consciousness and find ourselves vibrating at a higher frequency as a result. The Selenite stone also helps us to balance all of our chakras.

Selenite Feng Shui 

Feng Shui is the Chinese system of philosophical laws that govern spatial arrangement and the harmony and flow of energy within a room or building. Crystals work in powerful, yet subtle, ways to attract desired energy and strengthen your personal energy field. Place Selenite in the Helpful People & Travel area of the Bagua map, which is located at the Northwest area of a room or home. It stimulates mental energy, helping us with intelligence, concentration, guidance, and connection.

Selenite Stone Benefits

  • Raises our consciousness and helps us reach into higher realms
  • Purifies and cleanses our chakras, our auras, and our environments, removing energy blockages and all forms of negativity
  • Promotes honesty, positivity, radiance, and harmony
  • Removes our inhibitions
  • Connects us with our angels and guides and helps us decipher their messages
  • Amplifies the healing properties of other crystals
  • Promotes insightfulness and helps us see situations and communicate with clarity
  • Improves the body's ability to heal itself
  • Aims to align the spinal column
  • Supports fertility and fidelity
  • Promotes healthy bones, muscles, tendons, and nerves
  • Aims to purify toxins in the body and helps reduce free radicals
  • Supports our vitality and life span

Ideas For How To Use Your Selenite Stone 

  • Place Selenite stones in the corners of your home, office or a room for protection.
  • Meditate with a Selenite stone to raise your consciousness and further your spiritual goals.
  • Place Selenite stones along your chakras to balance your energy system and align your spinal column.
  • Carry a Selenite stone with you to purify your aura and protect you from outer energies.
  • Keep a Selenite Stone in your pocket to help you feel more comfortable in social situations.
  • Use Selenite along with other crystals to increase their healing properties.

* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here.

How to Meditate With Chakra Crystals

Meditate With Chakra Crystals In Hand

Chakra crystals help deepen and strengthen the results of meditation and chakra opening. Each crystal has a different energy, and some crystals work to enhance the energy of the chakras. When you meditate with crystals that share the energy of the chakras (chakra crystals), your meditation practice and your results will be more powerful. You might choose to place the chakra crystals in your palm as you meditate, or you can place them on the body in the area of each chakra while lying down (the clear quartz will be placed above your head). As you meditate, visualize the chakra crystals pouring their energy into your chakras one at a time.

Meditate With Chakra Crystals on Chakras

Root Chakra

1st Chakra – Red – Base of Spine - Grounding

Root ChakraThis chakra gives us the things we need to survive, which in our time equates to financial and emotional security. When unbalanced, you might experience symptoms of anxiety, digestive issues, lower back and hip pain, ovarian or prostate issues, or feeling spacey or ungrounded. Balancing this chakra will bring peace and wellbeing to anything related to money, shelter, and safety.

Red Jasper 

This chakra crystal contains a strong grounding energy that will stimulate the energy of the root chakra. When using this crystal during meditation, you might feel spiritual and/or sexual energy rising up from the base of the spine. The result is generally a feeling of centeredness and emotional stability.

Sacral Chakra

2nd Chakra – Orange – Below the Belly Button – Creativity/Sex

Sacral ChakraThis chakra is where the creative life force lives in our bodies, and it relates to sex and pleasurable activities. When unbalanced, you might experience addiction, gluttony, obesity, hormone imbalances, restlessness, depression, lack of passion, and decreased sex drive. When this chakra is balanced, you’ll be balanced in how much pleasure you take in life, and you’ll feel passionate about the things you enjoy.

Orange Carnelian

This chakra crystal resonates with the energy of the sacral chakra. It can be used to enhance your creativity, improve your sex life, and to help move your life forward in a new direction.

Solar Plexus

3rd Chakra – Yellow – Belly Button – Personal Power

Solar Plexus ChakraThis chakra is where your self-confidence, gut reactions, and personal power lie. When unbalanced, you might be greedy, lack compassion, feel the need to control or micromanage others, or be quick to anger; while at the other end, you might feel insecure, indecisive, powerless, and needy. When this chakra is balanced, you’ll feel confident, wise, empowered, and able to make decisions.

Tiger Eye/Citrine

Tigers Eye resonates with the energy of the solar plexus, and meditating with it can help you feel confident, make decisions, and have courage.

Heart Chakra

4th Chakra – Green – Heart – Love & Healing

Heart ChakraThis is the chakra where our love, kindness, and compassion come from, and our health and healing as a result. When out of balance, this chakra can cause us to make unhealthy choices that can lead to heart palpitations, heartburn, and relationship issues. On the other end of the spectrum, an unbalanced heart chakra can make you put a wall up in your relationships and experience circulation issues. A balanced fourth chakra will help you feel love, compassion, and kindness for yourself and others.


This chakra crystal is known for assisting with the balancing of the heart chakra. Meditating with it can help improve the love and relationships in your life. It can help release behavior patterns that aren’t serving you, and can bring new insights from the higher self to improve your relationships.

Throat Chakra

5th Chakra – Blue – Throat – Personal Voice

Throat ChakraThis chakra is all about speaking your truth and communicating that truth effectively. When your throat chakra is unbalanced, you might feel invalidated, unable to express yourself clearly, and like you need to interrupt or speak loudly; while at the other end, you might be afraid to express yourself, or unable to find the words you need to do so. You might experience throat pain, cavities, mouth ulcers, or digestive issues. When balanced, you will communicate well through your voice and you will do so with love and compassion.

Blue Sodalite

This chakra crystal enhances the energy of the throat chakra. It can help you bring about your truth and live life with more authenticity, as well as improve your communication and public speaking.

The Third Eye

6th Chakra – Indigo – Between the Eyebrows – Intuition

Third Eye ChakraThis is where our spiritual sensations, intuition, and psychic energy are housed. When out of balance, you’ll feel either disconnected or obsessed with spiritual experiences. You might have headaches, allergies, or sinus issues. In a balanced state, this chakra will bring you in touch with your intuition, helping you to feel in tune with all six of your senses.


This chakra crystal resonates with the energy of the third eye chakra. It can help you cleanse the negative energy from the aura, while experiencing intense spiritual growth and connection with spirit.

Crown Chakra

7th Chakra – Violet-White – Top of the Head – Consciousness

Crown ChakraThis chakra is our connection to higher consciousness and universal energy. It is through striving to balance this chakra that brings us the joy and health we desire in life, and this chakra can only be balanced by working to balance the other six chakras. 

Clear Quartz

This chakra crystal has a very high vibration and it can be programmed with positive affirmations and intentions. These healing stones are associated with the crown chakra, and help to raise your vibration and open your consciousness.

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