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7 Best Crystals for the Quarter Moon Phase

INSIDE: As the Moon moves through its phases, we experience different emotions and situations in our lives. These crystals for the quarter moon phase can help you navigate these times with certainty and grace. Let's learn about them!


Like in Feng Shui, the Moon has great potential in transforming people. Those who have a deep connection with lunar energy are aware when such transformations take place. Others may not feel it with the same intensity. Nevertheless, they will experience something magical, even if they cannot really explain what is going on.

Certain crystals, just like the moon, are a reminder of the lunar cycle. We are all subjected to change, however, we need to keep both feet on the ground. Constant battles are expected, as well as our soaring spirits’ eagerness for new beginnings.

Zodiac Stones

Moon Power In A Gem: A Brief History

Since ancient times, the Romans believed that Moonstone was formed from a moonbeam. In it, the image of Diana, the Moon Goddess, is present. Legend says that those who have this stone will gain wisdom, victory, love, and prosperity.

Some legends even claim it possessed the power of clairvoyance and prophecy. People believed that Moonstone is capable of calming the mind and keeping it in sync with the heart.

Moonstone is shrouded in mystery. Secrets are there to be locked deep within, along with the person's hidden truths. This is the reason why when you look at the moon, you pause and take time to look inside your soul.

Only when you appreciate the light can you begin to understand what it is trying to teach you. Moonstone delves into the deepest recesses of your being to bring light to what is not there, and what needs to be present.

Since time immemorial, Moonstone has been a testament to the wonders and powers of the moon. It is not only celebrated as a protective amulet for travelers. This crystal is also believed to lead us into the path of wisdom, serve as a prophecy channel, and be given as a gift for passionate lovers.

Its waxing and waning hail the Earth's tides, as well as people's emotions. Moonstone inspires and soothes us, guiding us through life's magical circle.

There are several significant phases the Moon goes through. But let's focus on the stages of the Quarter Moon...

Quarter Moon Phase

The Quarter Moon Stage 

Every Moon stage has its own spiritual significance, and we can tap into its spiritual meaning while working simultaneously with the Moon. This makes communicating with your soul more effective. Thus, you can continue on your life path with ease.

This phase also serves as a reminder to notice if you're going in the wrong direction. The New Moon and the Full Moon are two of the most famous for their transformative powers. However, The First and Last Quarters also play a big part.

The First Quarter Moon is the stage where we must face head-on whatever is pulling us back, regardless of how difficult it is. The Last Quarter Moon, on the other hand, encourages us to visualize our future goals. It could be as trivial as changing your hair color, or something big like switching careers.

The Role of the Moon Crystals

Anybody who practices Tasseography would know this. They would also agree that there are Moon Phase crystals that can help you navigate through these lunar energies.

These stones not only help us connect with the messages our soul wants to give us; they also help us become emotionally balanced as we go through this phase.

The Perfect Quarter Moon Crystals For You

Your best crystals for the First and Third Quarter Moons are those capturing this phase's transitory energies. They do this by combining both the light and darkness.

Here are some of the best crystals to work with during these phases.

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger's Eye

Tiger's Eye is well known for its ability to offer courage and stamina. It makes us strong and fearless. When we have insurmountable obstacles, this stone can give us the strength and endurance to push through.

Crazy Lace Agate 

Crazy Lace Agate

During the First Quarter of the Moon Stage, it's very common to feel doubt and fear. Crazy Lace Agate will help tremendously in keeping you calm. When you feel like the world is caving in on you and you simply want to disappear, it will help give you balance emotionally so your fear will not eat you alive.

Snowflake Obsidian

Snowflake Obsidian

Snowflake Obsidian's main feature is highlighting the light and darkness that live within us. It helps us to become aware of our dark side, where all our fears lie. When we fail to confront our fears, they manifest themselves in other ways, usually with dire consequences. Snowflake Obsidian will urge you to acknowledge and confront your fears so you can manifest things that are positive.



This crystal inspires leadership and forward motion towards our goals. Our renewed optimism in life urges us to work hard to accomplish the dreams we set for ourselves. Aventurine clears out the confusion so we can plan strategically so that what we envision will go as planned.



This crystal is particularly helpful in the Last Quarter Moon since it connects us with our intuition. Grandiose ideas are nice, but do you know what you truly need? Moonstone helps us connect with our inner soul so we make plans at the core, rather than the superficial level.


Citrine Geode

Both the Moon and Sun work together in order to breathe life into all living things on this planet. Citrine is a sunny crystal that promotes hope, joy, and positivity. Making new plans is important. More important, however, is feeling excited about those plans. Citrine promotes happiness, which in turn motivates us to see our plans through.

Tourmalinated Quartz

Tourmalinated Quartz

Tourmalinated Quartz is a combination of a dark stone, Black Tourmaline, with a light stone, Clear Quartz. The appearance of this crystal captures and aligns completely with the energy of the moons. It also helps us become aware of the light and dark that life brings.

Working with this stone allows us to reflect on the phases we have gone through. That way, we can repeat the positive experiences and veer away from the negative ones.

Final Thoughts

We are the mercy of astrology and the Moon's phases, but we are also given tools to help us navigate through the cycle. That's what these crystals for quarter moon phases are all about. 

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* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclaimer notice here.

7 Best Crystals for the Quarter Moon Phase

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