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9 Ways to Use Crystals to Attract Money

INSIDE: When you know how to use crystals to attract money, you can more easily eliminate your blocks and manifest the wealth you desire. These 6 ideas are fun and easy to put in place.


What if attracting money was way easier than you previously thought?

As published in a Forbes article, a study has shown that having a negative mindset can diminish our motivation and significantly impact our relationship with money.

The good news is, there are effective tools that can help us get in the right energetic alignment and get rid of a lack mentality.

How to Use Crystals to Attract Money

One way we can attract wealth is by using crystals to attract money. Crystals can make big differences in our energetic field, helping us align with the things we desire.

Here's are some of the best ways to use crystals to attract money...

Place Citrine in Your Feng Shui Money Corner

Two feng shui elements that are associated with wealth are wood and water. And Citrine is a crystal of abundance and is a powerful stone for manifestation.

So, one of the ways to create an auspicious money corner is to find an attractive wooden bowl or decorative piece and place it together with Citrine, in your feng shui wealth corner.

This can also be a glass decor element, as water cherishes wood and helps it grow.

Citrine has the power to make our dreams come true, and if we set the intention to receive more wealth, it will help us attract it. It uplifts us and encourages us to go out there and make our dreams come true. 

Prosperity & Wealth Stones

Meditate With Prosperity Crystals

Pyrite, Citrine, and Tiger’s Eye are some of the most potent prosperity crystals. They help us get in the right mind space and work to help us with the law of attraction.

Here's a simple meditation you can do to attract wealth:

  1. Sit in a comfortable position, close your eyes, and place the chosen crystals on your palms.
  2. Start the meditation with the thought of abundance. How does it make you feel? Try to visualize things that resonate with your definition of wealth.
  3. Then, let the expansive feeling take over you.

Prosperity crystals enhance positive vibrations and help us get in the right alignment for receiving the goods we meditate on. They open our energy centers to material blessings, encouraging the easy flow of energy.

Keep Them on Your Desk

A desk is a powerful place for attracting money, as it is the very place where we work to create it. Keeping crystals that attract money in a visible place on our desk helps enhance our motivation and fuels our ambition.

Prosperity crystals naturally attract abundance but also work to improve our perseverance and discipline. Having them in your office like this helps create positive associations that work directly with your subconscious.

Crystals for attracting money

Carry Them in Your Wallet

What better way to attract money than to amplify what we already have?

Get yourself a wallet that resonates with you and then place one of the many wealth stones inside.

Crystals work as magnets for good energy and help us get rid of the scarcity mindset. This will help gradually improve the energy of the wallet and how you think about money.

Ensure your wallet is well-kept, as this will help remove energetic barriers related to money.

Keep Your Crystals in a Jewelry Box

If you have a jewelry box, no matter how small it is, placing a chosen crystal there will work as a magnet for more riches.

If possible, get a wooden, beautifully carved jewelry box and place one or a few crystals for abundance inside.

Jewelry symbolizes wealth, and crystals will help raise the vibration of the jewelry.

For an even more potent effect, opt for jewelry pieces that have crystals as part of them, as this will work directly with your frequency and help you manifest what you desire.

Browse our current selection of crystal jewelry here.

Jewelry & Pendulums

Keep Prosperity Crystals Near the Entrance

The entrance of a home or office is where energy comes in.

Crystals for attracting money work to unblock anything that prevents us from living the life we desire. Because they can clear our energy from fear and limiting beliefs, keeping them at the main entrance will allow for positive thoughts to flow more easily.

Crystals help eliminate fears of poverty and a lack mentality that keeps us small. When they are kept at the entrance, we enter our home with a clear mind.

They also prevent the energy of abundance from leaving our home, keeping our belongings safe from low-vibrational thoughts and people. Instead, they help accumulate wealth, keeping greed, possessiveness, and envy away.

Chose a Money Plant

A money plant can be any plant you resonate with. However, it needs to be a healthy plant that reminds you of prosperity.

Place it in your money corner and set the intention around how you want prosperity to be manifested in your reality.

Then, choose one (or a few) crystals to attract money and place them on the soil of the plant. Crystals recharge when in contact with earth and water, and this will create a circulation of positive energy.

When crystals are used like this, the plant, which symbolizes growth and abundance, will reflect this energy to you.

This way, the power of abundance stones is amplified, and they will help heal your relationship with finances, getting you in the right alignment to receive.

Crystals at the Main Entrance

Use Crystals Near Flowing Water

Flowing water encourages the flow of money. Crystals such as Tiger’s Eye and Garnet help ground our energy, but also encourage us to go after our dreams and believe that we are deserving of true prosperity. 

Placing your aquarium or fountain in the south or southeast area of your office will bring auspicious energy, as this direction is associated with wealth and prosperity.

Adding crystals next to or in flowing water will help raise the vibration and cleanse the space from doubt and fear.

Clear Quartz is a safe solution to keep by the shower. It works to raise our vibration, eliminate negative energy, and open our energy centers to the good that is coming our way, while the water is rinsing the negativity away at the same time.

Keep Crystals in Your Closet

Keeping crystals to attract money in the pocket of your favorite piece of clothes will help boost your self-confidence and set you up for success.

Crystals help us create a positive change in our lives, and when that is combined with an item of clothing that makes us feel particularly good, it doubles the positive energy in our field.

Every time you wear it, take a moment to grab the crystal in your pocket and let its energy flow through you.

Carrying crystals in our pockets and keeping them in the closet can help eliminate our bad money habits and thoughts. This simple routine can raise your vibration in an instant and help you manifest what you desire.

Final Thoughts

With these ideas, you can more easily manifest the wealth and prosperity you are looking for in your life. Pick the one that resonates with you the most, get yourself some wealth stones, and let the magic begin!

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* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclaimer notice here.

Crystals to Attract Money

Ways to Use Crystals to Attract Money

Crystals to Attract Money



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