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Mars in Signs: Are You Ready to Meet The Warrior Within

INSIDE: Mars is a fiery planet that wants to conquer all. After all, it is the biggest warrior in astrology, the confident, active, and driven planet that propels us to move and fight for what we want. However, when we look at Mars in signs, it is expressed in 12 different ways and has many, many layers to it.


Our youth tends to be the most reckless time in our lives. And although that may not sound surprising at all, it is interesting that this fact is also backed up by science - and astrology.

According to Psychological Science, impulsivity, especially in youth, is directly linked to the incentive processing system, cognitive control system, and the relation between the two.

In astrology, how we act on our impulses and how bold or reckless we are is associated with Mars and its placement our natal chart.

Let's dig in and talk about the fiercest, bolded planets of them all - Mars in signs...

What is Mars in Astrology?

After chatty Mercury and gentle, socialite Venus, here comes the planet of war and stamina - Mars.

Mars is the last of the five personal planets in one’s natal horoscope, meaning it plays an important role in determining our personal traits and characteristics.

It stays in place for about a month and a half, usually taking two years to go full circle and changing all 12 zodiac signs during its transit.

This is a youthful, masculine influence, representing male figures, typically younger, such as boyfriends, and brothers.

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Often referred to as "The God Of War," it is typically considered to be a malefic influence, simply because it rules sharp objects, danger, arguments, conflicts, and our impulses. It is a hot and dry, temperamental planet that loves domination and is determined to win, one way or another.

Mars always represents action. However, martian energy is expressed differently depending on the element it is in:

Fire Mars - action, movement, impulse, passion

Air Mars - words, persuasion, ideas, conversation, diplomacy

Water Mars - creation, calculated action, waiting and praying

Earth Mars - strategy, carefulness, long-term action, first planning then acting

To gain a better understanding of what Mars in signs symbolizes and what the planet is all about, let’s first see what Mars represents in astrology...

It Represents Movement & Energy

Mars is all about energy and movement. This planet represents everything fast-paced, including speed, electricity, and fire. It represents dynamic environments, dynamic people, and dynamic circumstances. It is associated with adrenaline, extreme sports, and sports in general, especially competitive ones. This is a high-voltage planet that brings excitement with it.

Because of this, it is a "quick to react" planet, and it's also unstable and fiery like a ticking bomb. A planet of drive and stamina, Mars can show how much motivation we need to get up and get going.

So, if you feel tired all the time or have been called a procrastinator, or a slow-moving person, it’s not your fault. It’s likely that your natal Mars doesn’t give you enough energy and motivation to work with - or it gives you too much, causing burnout!

mars in the signs

It Represents Our Drive & Impulses

When Mars wants something, it wants it fast and it wants it now. Incredibly impulsive, Mars rules our instant desires, be it the desire to get that job, or something more raw, like getting the girl or guy we like.

Mars is the pursuer in astrology and will go after whatever it deems worthy of its energy. Because of this, it also represents our sex drive, lust, and passion. It is an incredibly instinctual and fiery planet, ruling the very basic instincts.

Because it is so instantaneous in its approach, Mars is always about rushing and can be careless in its approach to things because the only thing that matters is the goal or the target in front of it. 

It Represents Our Reactions

Mars in signs shows us how active we are, as well as how inclined we are to take action and move forward. It symbolizes our basic reactions and how we instinctively respond to things around us - when we are triggered, excited, bored or depressed.

Mars is all about how we respond to the world around us. In masculine, active signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, and Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius), Mars would rather take initiative than wait for something to come to them, sometimes being impatient and unsettled if action needs to be postponed.

In feminine, passive signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn and Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces), it would rather wait, strategize and plan before taking action.

It Represents Courage & War

Mars is anything but gentle and loving. This astrological "God of War" rules not only actual wars, fire, and blood, but also wars we fight with others, society, and ourselves. It represents soldiers, surgeons, uniforms, and all types of weapons, especially sharp ones. It rules all types of conflicts, violence, and aggression.

It is associated with boldness, assertiveness, self-confidence, and our desire for power and dominance. Mars is a fighter and a go-getter that will do anything to satisfy its desires for success. It wants to prove itself, its toughness and ability, and receive recognition for its deeds.

Just like a knight, it wants to conquer, be respected, and worshiped for its courage and skill. Mars placement indicates our style of fighting and conquering, be that bravely marching forward into the unknown, or retreating and waiting for the storm to pass.

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What Are Martian Qualities?

When someone has strong Mars in their chart, this means that Marsian energy is highly amplified and that they have Mars-like personality traits.

If you are unsure of your Mars placement, you can calculate it on Free Astrology Birth Chart Report by entering your time, date, and place of birth.

Here's a quick, general overview of the most typical Martian traits, regardless of the mars in signs placement...

Positive Marsian Traits

Positive Martian traits are courage and bravery. This Mars is determined, unafraid to take action, and has leadership and entrepreneurship skills that inspire others to follow its lead. This Mars is bold, active, and exuberant.

Someone with strong Mars can be the self-confident, assertive, and dynamic person that doesn’t take much to feel motivated and is typically very driven. They will fight for what is right and have true hero and savior-like qualities.

They will have a natural authority and a strong presence that never goes unnoticed, even without trying. These folks are usually ambitious, protective, and can have a knack for sports or have incredible technical and manual skills.

The Shadow Side of Mars

While there are plenty of admirable traits associated with it, Mars in the signs is, after all, the God of War. This means that while brave, it can also be quite forceful and aggressive, or, on the flip-side, passive-aggressive. It can be controlling, manipulative, and lacking tact.

Mars can be an antagonist, a negative tyrant that is ready to do whatever it takes to accomplish its goal. Negative Mars traits are also impulsivity, brashness, and insensitivity. It is confrontational, argumentative, and has very little consideration for those around it.

Mars can be bold and assertive to the point of being unpleasant or domineering. On the flip side, it can point to clumsiness, passivity, low energy levels, sloppiness, and a lack of drive and motivation to move and fight for oneself. 

Because Mars is youthful energy, its influence becomes easier to tame as we mature, and its most potent and raw expression is usually visible in teenage years and youth. The influence of Mars is always there throughout our whole lives; it just gets finer, better socialized, and more cultured as we get older and learn to curb our reactions.

Astrologically speaking, how this energy will play out in individual charts will depend on more factors, such as the aspects to Mars and planets, houses affected, other placements, and most of all (you guessed it) - Mars in signs.

Let’s jump right into it...

Mars Signs

Mars in Zodiac Signs

Overall, because this is a hot and dry planet, Mars shows its best qualities in fire placements. It feels its best and shines the brightest when in Aries, the sign of its rulership, and Capricorn, the sign of its exaltation. 

This hot, warrior planet of drive and stamina opposes the passive, gentle, and pleasure-loving Venus. Because of this, Mars' detriment falls in Venus-ruled Taurus and Libra, while its fall is in the sign of Cancer.

Mars in Aries

Mars in Aries is the everyday hero and firecracker we all need. Fiery Mars feels at home in the sign of Aries. Not only does it rule Aries, a sign where its energy is most organically expressed, but in this case, it also becomes a beneficial influence in one’s chart, creating a strong character that knows how to fight and win.

Although impulsive, because Aries is a masculine, cardinal, and fire sign, this placement usually highlights courageousness, fearlessness, and boldness, making one a great leader and a force to be reckoned with.

This Mars loves a good challenge and enjoys competition. It amplifies confidence, giving this person high energy levels and a strong desire to move and take action whenever possible.

Mars in Taurus

Taurus is a Venus-ruled sign. Because it loves comfort, beauty, and stability, this Mars doesn’t like wasting energy and will not be so eager to throw itself into unnecessary fights. As a matter of fact, it might avoid fights and problems altogether, even procrastinating on doing what needs to be done.

However, because this is also a stubborn sign, Mars in signs that are as fixed as Taurus can indicate unexpected tantrums. While usually calm and collected and not so quick to anger, once angered, these folks can become explosive, and sometimes rigid in their approach.

Although very well composed and slow-moving, once they feel their basic values and principles are being attacked or disrespected, they will show Taurean horns, likely surprising everyone. 

Mars in Gemini

In the dual sign of Gemini, Martian expression becomes complex and cerebral. This placement indicates the desire not only to debate but to win debates, which is something these folks are usually great at.

Mars in Gemini is cunning, smart with its words and knows how to approach problem-solving from a logical perspective. They will select their battles carefully but will be very feisty with topics they are passionate about, fearlessly defending their points of view.

Their greatest strength lies in their rhetoric ability, but also in their ability to easily get under anyone’s skin. These folks have a skill of persuasion, and the charm to get what they want, sometimes coming across as sneaky or calculating to others.

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Mars in Cancer

Cancer is ruled by the sensitive and intuitive Moon, the planet that’s very much connected to our intuition. When Mars is found in such a sign, we often get a very passive-aggressive approach, fight or flight type of martian energy.

"Dangers" and "threats" are sensed intuitively, and these folks may easily pick up little signs that something may not be right and retreat to their shell, rather than seek to actively fight. Because they feel so much, these folks can be easily drained of energy and can become unwilling to deal with things, even postponing reacting to events or triggers.

Cancer is a cardinal sign, which means it will take action, but that action is geared more towards defense and protection rather than attack or taking action per se. Mars always wants to express its hot and dry nature, but watery Cancer won’t be so quick to start the fire, always trying to consider feelings and safety measurements first. 

Mars in Leo

Mars in signs of fire, like Leo, get a chance to be a real knight in shining armor, easily drawing attention. Theatrical and full of life, people with this placement easily entice others to follow their lead, bringing joyous, active energy with them where they go.

However, unlike Aries, Leo is a fixed sign and has some stubbornness and rigidity to it. Although incredibly brave and unafraid to take risks, this Mars will sometimes make a big fuss out of nothing, creating unnecessary drama. It does so sometimes even for the sake of drama as this passionate nature and high drive simply needs an outlet and a frequent movement to feel alive.

Leo Mars likes attention, praise, and external motivation, and this placement will ensure that attention is always there, be it through generous, brave acts, or boastful showing off. 

Mars in Virgo

When Marsian energy blends with analytical Virgo, we get a real mastermind type of energy. Natives with this placement are naturally strategic when taking action, even if they don’t see it that way. It is analytical and strikes rarely, but when it strikes it aims for the center of its target. 

They are intrinsically motivated and follow their inner compass and set of rules. Every action needs to have a purpose, and this Mars needs to have at least a somewhat clear direction in order to move forward.

Mars in Virgo is a rational, grounded Mars that leans towards effectiveness, will rarely waste energy, and has the urge to do things the right way, no matter how long it takes.

However, because Mars in the signs is an action-oriented planet, with this placement there can be an unnecessary waste of energy on insignificant or minor tasks because of Virgo’s detail-oriented nature that demands spotlessness. 

Mars in Libra

The second sign of Mars detriment is Libra. When driven, action-oriented Mars meets balanced and diplomatic Libra, we get a push and pull effect, and an indecisive nature.

Mars needs a clear target to go after, and Libra, which doesn’t like seeing things all black and white, makes it difficult to discern what that target is. This Mars wants to befriend everybody, play a few opposing roles at the same time, and create balance at all costs. It doesn’t like conflict and will do anything to avoid it.

However, in playing it safe on all fronts and trying to be a mediator in impossible situations, they may put themselves in the middle of a war zone, being the center of the conflict they try so hard to avoid.

Energy and Movement

Mars in Scorpio

Mars in signs of water, like Scorpio, can be a good match. After all, Scorpio is co-ruled by Mars and loves Scorpionic intensity and drive. This placement knows no fear and is one of the fiercest placements, always ready to protect what is dear to their hearts.

Once Scorpio Mars realizes what it wants, it will do anything in its power to get it, no matter the costs. Unlike many other Mars placements, this Mars is not afraid of anything and usually knows precisely what its goals, values, and battles are.

Not only that, but this is also a feisty placement that knows how to combine strategy with decisive action. Because Scorpio is a feminine sign, however, these actions won’t be so direct and impulsive as those of Aries, but instead take more calculating and well-thought-out actions.

Mars in Sagittarius

Sagittarius is the sign of expansion and optimism, and it is also a mutable sign that works well with change. Mars in this sign will like to change the scenery, frequently changing goals, vocations, projects, or places.

When idle, this Mars will either quickly figure out a way to get out of a rut or give in to philosophizing. Either way, this Mars needs to feel productive, active and will not stick around for too long to even see the labors of its work, as they will likely already be working on multiple new ones.

As a matter of fact, Mars in Sagittarius thrives during the process of doing something and will take every opportunity to experiment, but can also be notorious for causing unnecessary disruptions and changes in its environment for the sake of change.

Mars in Capricorn

Mars is exalted in hard-working, ambitious Capricorn. Similar to Scorpio, Mars Capricorn knows exactly where it is headed, and if it doesn’t, rest assured it is working full speed to figure things out.

Mars in Capricorn likes order and loves achievement. This is not the impulsive, impatient type of energy, but persistent, determined, and rational energy that is unafraid to take charge, even when things seem rough.

This is a brave, entrepreneurial Mars that doesn’t fret from risk, but will carefully calculate if the risk is necessary. Because Capricorn is a cardinal sign, much like Aries, this Mars sign can be headstrong and stubborn, but it is much slower and much more organized in its approach.

Mars in  Aquarius

Mars in Aquarius lives in its own world, by its own rules, and doesn’t care much what anyone else thinks. Although not necessarily rule-breaking, this Mars likes to do what it feels like doing, rather than what is expected of it. It likes being its own boss, which is why its actions can be described as selective.

Mars in Aquarius will either be full in and super invested in pursuing something or appear to be completely unbothered and detached. This is because this Mars needs a cause to fight for that aligns with its values.

Being in a fixed, masculine sign, Mars in Aquarius has no trouble taking initiative, but can at times be very rigid in its approach, only saving energy for what it deems to be important.

Mars in Pisces

Mars in Pisces is a walking contradiction. On the inside, this Mars is extraordinarily sensitive and gentle. However, on the outside, these folks are mysterious and hard to read, always looking like they have a grand plan in their minds that they are not willing to share.

The impulse to take action is very much immersed with a dreamy and emotional nature, increasing sensibility and empathy. These folks don’t believe in wars, fighting, and arguments, and would prefer if things could be fair and balanced.

Pisces is a mutable, feminine sign, and this adds a dose of secrecy, but also passivity to this placement. Mars in Pisces would rather lure opportunities in and wait for the best circumstances to come their way than boldly going out there, fighting for attention or arguing. 

Final Thoughts

Mars placement can tell us a lot about how we react, what drives us forward, and how active we love to be. It can also show us what triggers and motivates our behavior, as well as how quickly we react.

Because of that, it is an essential fragment of personal astrological makeup and should always be taken into consideration. After all, we are defined by our actions much more than our words, right?

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Mars in Signs

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