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Gemstone Varieties and Healing Properties

It is believed that each gemstone, with its unique color, holds its own special power. Does your birthstone represent who you are?

There are several gemstone varieties, with only some of them including:

  • Diamond – Worn and treasured by many, this is the April birthstone. Represents eternal love and desire. 
  • Moonstone – This gemstone comes in a variety of colors and is hard to find. 
  • Jade – A beautiful green jewel that protects one from harm during life and preserves the body after death. 
  • Pearl – A classic gemstone that is often worn as jewelry. It is also the June birthstone. 
  • Ruby – This gemstone represents love and passion, and it is also July’s birthstone. It is said the ruby is the most valued gemstone.
  • Sapphire – This gorgeous blue gemstone promotes honesty, trust, loyalty, and purity. It is also September’s birthstone.
  • Opal – The October birthstone. Truly captivating, it contains the colors of all other gemstones. 
  • Topaz – A gemstone that protects and heals. It is also November’s birthstone.

There are many gemstone healing properties. If you are ready to unlock all the possibilities, be sure to look through the Cosmic Cuts store. Some gemstone varieties are difficult to come by, but we take pride in supplying the world’s most rare and stunning mineral specimens.

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