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Zoom "PIE IN THE SKY" Pink Amethyst Rare High Quality Obelisk
Zoom "PIE IN THE SKY" Pink Amethyst Rare High Quality Obelisk
Zoom "PIE IN THE SKY" Pink Amethyst Rare High Quality Obelisk

"PIE IN THE SKY" Pink Amethyst Rare High Quality Obelisk

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The Pink Amethyst Obelisks for sale are featured in the "Crystals For Beginners" Video!

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Pink Amethyst Geode Obelisk

Pink Amethyst is a newly discovered crystal that brings a grounding yet enlightening energy into the Amethyst stone. While Purple Amethyst is a highly spiritual stone, Pink Amethyst is a more grounded stone, especially since it contains the Root Chakra stone, Hematite. This uplifting crystal is deeply comforting and balancing to the emotions, and it even calls a fresh perspective into the mix.

This one-of-a-kind Pink Amethyst crystal is 100% natural and originated from Argentina. It can be used to bring a balance of spiritual and grounding energy into your life. Meditate with it to balance your heart chakra or simply display it for its beauty. 

Each piece will differ in size, weight, and appearance. The image shown is a representation of the quality of our Pink Amethyst stones. One will be handpicked for you.

Small: (≈4 - 5" tall) 8.0 oz - 16.9 oz

Large: (≈4.5 - 5.5" tall) 17.0 oz - 34.0 oz

Origin: Brazil

100% Natural One-Of-A-Kind Amethyst With Letter of Authenticity
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Amethyst Properties

Pink Amethyst is a recently discovered crystal that was found in Patagonia, Argentina. This makes it extremely rare as it is only found in one place. It is Amethyst that has turned pink due to Hematite inclusions growing within its crystalline structure under the Earth. It is the closest mineral to Amethyst, even more so than Rose Quartz, yet its energy is strikingly different.

Birthstone Month – June

Pink Amethyst Chakra

Heart Chakra

The Pink Amethyst stone resonates with the energy of the heart chakra. Meditating with it can make your interactions more loving and kinder. You’ll find it easier to reconcile with others, understand others’ points of view, and accept what you would normally resist.

Pink Amethyst Feng Shui

Feng Shui is the Chinese system of philosophical laws that govern spatial arrangement and the harmony and flow of energy within a room or building. Crystals work in powerful, yet subtle, ways to attract desired energy and strengthen your personal energy field. Placing a Pink Amethyst stone in the southwest area of the home or room will increase the feminine energy in the space, improving areas of growth and maternal love. Place it in the center of the home to bring more love and warmth into the home.

Pink Amethyst Benefits

  • Offers comfort during times of grief and trauma
  • Balances the emotions and relieves stress
  • Cuts the tension in a room
  • Inspires a new perspective
  • Opens the heart
  • Invokes the intuition, while balancing it with groundedness
  • Promotes truth and trust
  • Aims to relieve headaches

Pink Amethyst Uses

  • Use Pink Amethyst as your Center Stone in a Crystal Grid to call in feminine, loving energy.
  • Place it under your pillow to promote lucid dreaming.
  • Keep a Pink Amethyst crystal near you when you are going through a difficult time.
  • Place Pink Amethyst in your kitchen to reduce tensions in the household.
  • Meditate with it near your heart to balance your heart chakra.
  • Place a Pink Amethyst crystal on your desk to help you manage work-related stress.


* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclaimer notice here.

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"PIE IN THE SKY" Pink Amethyst Rare High Quality Obelisk

CHF 90.00


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