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8 Abundance Rituals to Help You Attract Everything You Desire

INSIDE: Whether you want a certain bank account balance, a gaggle of friends, or a fit body, abundance means something different to everyone. Calling on the universe through abundance rituals can aim prosperous energy at manifesting your desires.

To have abundance and to live abundantly – both sound like pretty wonderful states of being. But there is a difference to these two ways of life.

Abundance tends to invoke images of money growing on trees, the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, or coins showering down from the sky (we’ll definitely need a sturdy umbrella in that storm!).

Yet we know as spirituality practitioners that abundance can mean much, much more.

There’s nothing wrong at all with defining your idea of abundance in terms of wealth. But take it a step further and think about what that wealth is actually for in your life. Maybe you want to:

  • Provide for your family with plenty of food, stable shelter, and robust education
  • Travel anywhere in the world any time
  • Be able to work 4 days a week to devote the other three to time in nature
  • Feel financially independent and able to invite another soul into your physical realm in a supportive partnership of love and intimacy

Rituals for Abundance

According to Schwab’s 2021 Modern Wealth Survey, an interesting trend arose in the last year that showed people have shifted and reprioritized their mindset around what matters.

Respondents found more importance in mental health (69 percent) and relationships (57 percent), largely attributed to the conditions faced under pandemic lockdowns. 

Financial health (54 percent) still mattered, but the average personal net worth people thought they needed to be wealthy dropped. This might suggest that people are rethinking how they want to spend their time and money.

And that, in essence, is the key distinction. Having abundance means having prosperity and possessing the tangible things or ideas that matter to you.

Living abundantly means knowing how to use abundance in meaningful ways or learning how to live in a way that makes room for the gift of abundance.

When we understand this difference and bring the states of having and living in sync, we truly get what we desire from the universe. Abundance rituals can help us articulate our deep spiritual desires and needs (which includes money to live) and focus on the actions to attain them.

What is an Abundance Ritual?

Abundance rituals help attract the infinite, universal energy we need to fulfill our purpose and intention. When we articulate our intention, we can plan for and recognize the steps towards attaining abundance.

Magnet for Wealth

Abundance isn’t just about money, but financial stability goes a long way to putting our minds at ease amid modern stresses. Rituals that invoke gratitude for what you have and guidance in how to find what you need helps draw that wealth to you.

The energetic vibrations that magnetize abundance towards you need to be invoked. Otherwise, they have no guideposts to find you. Through abundance rituals, we generate energy towards us, through us, and then in the direction of where we will find prosperity and wealth.

It creates a beautiful system to enrich purposeful abundance.

Habit of Goal Setting and Intention

Another element of abundance rituals touches on the mental-spiritual connection of ritualization and practice. Practice is key.

Like religious or spiritual rituals, which can include abundance, if we regularly do actions that reconnect us to our intention to find abundance, we center our focus on a goal. Then, it's more likely that we'll make a habit of the things we have to do to reach that goal.

In other words, abundance becomes the habit – especially living abundantly through our daily actions.

Amethyst Geodes

8 Abundance Rituals to Help You Attract Everything You Desire 

The term “ritual” can invokes strange ideas for some people, but rituals for abundance can be quite simple or as spiritually-tinged and intricate as you'd like.

Create an Abundance Crystal Grid

Crystal grids are amazing tools to manifest abundance and other energies, such as motivation, healing, or strength. Creating a crystal grid as an abundance ritual builds the muscle memory of calling forth intention whenever you channel energy through the grid.

It also becomes a physical representation, a sort of altar, to your desires. Even without engaging with it through energy channeling, just looking at it or seeing it in passing will remind you of why you do the work you do - emotionally, physically, and spiritually - to acquire your abundance. 

We’ve written a whole post about the process of creating a crystal grid. For abundance, we suggest setting your crystal grid with the moon cycle. The moon’s phases are symbolic of our own auras seeking abundance, filling up patiently as things naturally progress.

On the day of the new moon, place your abundance crystals, like Citrine and Tiger’s Eye on your grid. There are great templates you can find online that specifically cater to abundance energy. Then, charge your grid with your intention.

For the next 2 weeks, let the grid do its work – revisiting it and recharging it as you feel called to. On the full moon, return to your crystal grid to reevaluate your intention. You may decide to build a new grid, or you might feel that this one needs another cycle for manifestation. 

Tumbled Stones

Journaling for Abundance

With all the different ways we can define abundance in our lives, it's important that each of us gets clear with our individual desires. Journaling can help us explore and articulate what we have in our lives and what we seek to fill them with.

A daily gratitude journal keeps you aware of the gifts and blessings already present everyday in your life. In fact, evaluating the amazing blessings of the moment can even transform what you think you need in the future. You may find you possess exactly the abundance you desired already.

Use your journal for dreaming. Imagine what your life will be like with the things you want in abundance. Write a story about your future with those things. Visualizing yourself living abundantly like this is one of the best ways to manifest it.

Your journal can be helpful in other abundance rituals too. Reading your entries as you prepare to energize your aura can reinvigorate your intention, for example.

Create a Vision Board

If writing your future self in story form isn’t really how you like to express yourself, maybe a vision board is the way to go. It’s quite similar in that you create a collage of images, words, and textures that invoke what you want in abundance.

There are no rules to vision boards, but it is important to approach the process with purpose and intention. Take time to really think about what you want, and only include things on your vision board that spark an energetic fire within you to work towards them.

You might include photos you’ve taken or pictures clipped from magazines. You can organize your vision into parts that correspond to different areas of your life – love, career, finances, health. You can write words like “manifest” and “abundance” on the board to really harness the energy.

When you’re done, put your vision board where you can see it often to remind you of your goals.

Meditation for Abundance

Create a Feng Shui Wealth Corner

In Feng Shui, wealth and abundance rest in a very specific place in the home or a room: the farthest left corner when looking in from the doorway. With that location in mind, you can apply this to your desk or a sacred space you create within a room.

Having located this spot, you can activate the abundance energy by building a feng shui wealth corner. This process creates an abundance ritual and an energetic zone to attract wealth.

One of the most important parts of a wealth corner is some sort of money bowl. You can find many different takes on a money bowl. In a simple form, a bowl of rice – rice being a symbol of abundance – can serve as a money bowl in which you place whatever coins you have on you inside whenever you come near it.

A more intricate and personalized money bowl includes items that represent abundance to you – which is often money in a wealth corner. You place tumbled crystals for abundance at the base of the bowl, and then layer things that help you think of wealth and prosperity over that. Then, place a Laughing Buddha icon or a Tree of Life on top.

It’s important that your wealth corner stays visible – don’t try to hide it behind a curtain or let things clutter the space. Lighting candles in this area periodically is a great idea too as fire energy inspires action.

New Moon Manifestation Ritual

We mentioned earlier how moon cycles can mirror our manifestation processes. Developing abundance rituals that recognize the new moon and connect to the moon’s phases align us with the natural process of transformation.

Find a meaningful way to connect with lunar energy on the day of the new moon. This should include a moment to set your intention for a fresh beginning towards abundance.

An easy new moon manifestation ritual can be carrying a Citrine crystal in your pocket or wearing a piece of Amethyst jewelry on the day of the new moon to channel abundance energy your way.

Or you could develop a meditation that focuses on visualizing the phases ahead in the next 2 weeks until the moon grows full. How will your vessel fill up in this cycle?

Moon Abundance Rituals

Tell Yourself Prosperity Affirmations 

A beautifully simple abundance ritual that you can incorporate into your everyday routine, even multiple times a day, is to recite affirmations for abundance.

Let these affirmations include reminders about your personal power and ability to make your dreams happen and to break through any obstacles in the way. Tell yourself that you deserve abundance and prosperity.

You can write affirmations on pieces of paper to place around your home, room, desk, or anywhere that will help you make a habit of building up your confidence. You can memorize a few quotes or phrases that call for abundance and repeat them whenever you find yourself looking in a mirror.

Meditation to Accept Abundance 

In nearly all of these rituals for abundance, we have mentioned or hinted towards the act of meditation. Meditating on what you want can help manifest it.

A meditation practice, infused with energy from crystals like Hematite or Blue Apatite for mental clarity, can give you the space to visualize your abundant life.

This is also a great way to handle the emotions and guilt that you might experience because you “want” more. Remember, it's okay to have desires and needs.

Smudging Sticks

Smudge to Make Room for More

You may not have what you want yet because you have stuff in the way that takes up too much room. Smudging your home and body clears your energetic realms of what doesn’t serve your intention so that you have the space to welcome abundance in.

Lighting sage bundles or Palo Santo, you let the smoke surround a space and flow out through opened portals. In this process, energy that blocks abundance and prosperity literally goes out the window.

Final Thoughts

As we gain in abundance, we can give back in ways that generate grateful, appreciative energy. This, in turn, can multiply our abundance, creating a prosperous cycle of blessings and gratitude.

For many on a spiritual path, desires and abundance enable us to share our wealth and gifts with others. Abundance then becomes a communal enterprise rather than selfish desire.

But even "selfish" desire can have its place. A happy, stable human tends to offer more positive energy to the world.

Hopefully, these abundance rituals can become a habit in your life so that you begin to see the unique ways to find fulfillment and meet your needs.

Crystal Quiz

* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here.

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