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Amber Healing Properties for Physical Vitality & Spiritual Travels

INSIDE: Earth has carried life for millennia – look to Amber for evidence! Through an awesome substance that can hold fossils and traces of ancient life, Amber healing properties promote healthy living now and spiritual connection with our past lives and future celestial souls.


Amber has a unique place in the catalogue of crystals and gemstones. In ancient times, this stone had significant value, making its way from the Baltic region where it originated all the way to Egypt. The Amber Road refers to the wave of trade networks running through Europe that used Amber as a sort of currency for other goods.

But Amber has more modern ties, too. In 1716, an entire room encrusted in Amber was gifted to Peter the Great by King of Prussia Frederick William I as a bond of alliance between Russia and Prussia. Known as the Amber Room, it has been nicknamed the Eighth Wonder of the World. 

While we’ll go into detail about Amber and its physical properties, perhaps its most interesting feature is the fact that fossils and organisms can be captured within it and carried through time.

For the Amber Room, though, this property of preservation didn’t endure. The Amber Room was stolen from Russia by Nazi German soldiers in World War II and was disassembled and rebuilt in Germany. There it eventually met its ruin, destroyed in a bombing raid.

Whereas Amber itself could carry ancient history, the room crumbled into extinction, even when rebuilt in the early 2000s in Russia.

Yet this storied history of the Amber Room has no bearing on the true nature of Amber. Amber healing properties abound, fostering an enduring vitality and health and preserving our spiritual connection throughout millennia.

Amber Healing Properties

Amber Properties & Symbolism

Amber is unlike any other crystal out there, mainly because it isn’t actually a crystal, per se. It has no mineral properties. Any crystalline-like structure comes from millennia of fossilization and polymerization that compacted and solidified what was originally a malleable, oozing substance into an insoluble stone.

Even so, Amber exhibits amorphous properties under certain conditions. It conducts a heat current when rubbed, and a person can easily ignite the stone or carve into its surface effortlessly. During these processes, a light pine wood scent can be detected.

This gem may be transparent to opaque, and traces of trapped “impurities” – namely insect skeletons, prehistoric hair, and plant matter – can sometimes be found inside.

Amber can range in color from pale yellow, nearly white, to deep brownish orange, and it’s most commonly seen in a honey-like hue combining yellow, orange, and brown tints.

This ancient gem known as Amber existed millions of years ago, originally as resin from now extinct pine tree specimens. Amber secreted from cracks in trees as an epithelial tissue. It's a group of cells that clot together to create a protective membrane in a living organism where an organ (like skin or tree bark) has an exposed opening.

Once-dense prehistoric forests of this tree variety existed in the Baltic region, and a trade network known as the Amber Road stretches to the Mediterranean Sea area. The oldest specimen of Amber dates back 320 million years, although most are aged between 30 to 90 million years old.

Amber Properties

Amber & the Afterlife

The bright, soothing tones of Amber have lent it a strong symbolic tie to the Sun-Earth connection. In that, Amber held importance as a bridge between life and the divine afterlife.

Because Amber could suspend organisms in its shape, it was used as a talisman for the dead to safely emerge on another side. The suspended form served as a sign of the eternal mark that a soul makes on Earth even when the spirit departs a human body.

Thus, Amber also resonated as an amulet for grief. Its common tear drop shape, formed as it dripped down a tree, further solidified its use as a tool to ease the mourning process.

In ancient cultures, Amber healing properties served many purposes, so Amber was turned into a soluble powder to create an elixir or ointment to ease certain physical ailments. Even today, Amber has immense healing potential to work on mental-emotional, physical, and spiritual levels.

Mental & Emotional Healing Properties

The healing properties of Amber work wonders on our mental and emotional auras, which can, in turn, improve our physical and spiritual health.

These properties harken back to Amber’s ancient uses, but over time, we’ve found even more ways the energy of Amber amplifies mood and focus.

Whether Amber reminds you of the sun or of honey, it’s hard to deny its healing connection. The warmth of the sun’s rays sparks new vitality, and the cooling sensation of honey soothes pain. Both feelings are packed into Amber.

Motivation Stones

Protects Against Negativity

Amber’s energy, especially when rubbed, distributes positive frequencies that work to banish negativity and depression.

It also acts like an antibody – and we’ve been hearing a lot about those in the past year – in that Amber helps you develop a mental and emotional arsenal to protect you from negative energy or bouts of anxiety and depression in the future.

Amber healing properties aim to treat conditions of depression and negativity and to empower your mental-emotional fortress as you make positive changes towards eliminating negative influence and energy from your life.

Attracts Stable, Committed Love

This bright stone has healing properties that mend emotional wounds to allow your natural radiance to shine again. Amber serves as a good luck charm to draw healthy, lasting love and relationships nearer to us.

Amber illuminates our best qualities and beauty. With its honey-like balm, Amber elevates our tender abilities for compassion and true love.

Thus, Amber serves to reinforce long, stable relationships rather than fleeting moments of pleasure and connection.

Eases the Grieving Processes

As much as Amber attracts the gift of love towards us, it also soothes us in times of grief and loneliness. The Amber healing properties strike a balance.

Amber can help us find our inner strength to prioritize our relationship to self in order to overcome feelings of isolation.

In periods of loss, especially of loved ones and our most intimate companions, Amber provides energy of release so we can let tears pour forth from our being and loosen our tight grip on those who have moved on.

Amber Meaning

Invigorates Mental Processes

Amber obviously does a lot of work on our mental state – aiding us through grieving, through love, and away from negativity. Through this mental work, Amber offers a true gift to pique our curiosity and intellect.

As it simulates our mental concentration and exploration, Amber helps us improve our memory function, which goes hand-in-hand with understanding grief and learning from past experiences to invite in new love and joy. 

Physical Healing Properties of Amber

As much as Amber works on our mental-emotional being, it can also bring powerful healing to the physical body.

Many of the healing properties of Amber for the physical body tie back to ancient medicinal uses but have become more refined and targeted as we understand more about the energetic field this resinous stone emits.

Immune System Boost

Amber healing properties work not just on the physical body itself but also on the physical regions around us through its natural, purifying essence.

It can transform negative, sick energy into positive, vital energy for healing. Keeping Amber in touch with the physical body during illness or when healing from injury can stimulate our body’s immune response to jump into healing action.

Amber also invigorates our appetite for good health and wellness. It boosts the immune system in such a way that our immunity can more swiftly activate its healing mechanisms in response to pain and disease. Then, we are less likely to fall detrimentally ill and in need of chemical treatments, but rather can rely on natural healing. 

That being said, there is no shame in seeking medical attention and advice. Amber should be used as a healing aid in consultation with medical professionals if you have life-threatening, diagnosed conditions.

Pain Reducer (Especially for Babies!)

Some of us may tend to act like babies when we are in pain. Amber can help us weather pain and discomfort, maybe with a bit less whining.

But while Amber is great to use for pain as adults, this stone has a gentle touch for babies experiencing teething pain. It should never be placed in babies’ mouths, but placing an Amber stone under their crib will radiate its soothing energy in the small physical footprint of the child.

Amber Chakra

Revitalizes Digestion & Sexuality

Amber healing properties have particular potency on several of our body systems: digestion, endocrine, and reproductive.

Amber can energize our digestion and metabolism so that our body absorbs nutrients it needs while filtering out toxins and waste. This stone benefits the health of the kidneys, liver, bladder, and other detoxifying organs.

Noted as a protective gem during childbirth, Amber works on the reproductive system even before conception. It stimulates and revitalizes fertility women and men, and it can be a helpful stone to arouse better sexual intimacy between partners.

Chakra & Spiritual Healing With Amber

Our physical well-being and our mental states tie into how we connect with our spiritual essence. Spiritual health promoted through a balanced chakra system can incorporate important Amber healing properties.

Amber especially connects to the solar plexus and sacral chakra. Within each realm, it conducts important healing and balancing work to align the entire system.

Sacral Chakra Balancing

The sacral chakra, the zone below our navel, drives our independence and inner strength. A well-balanced sacral chakra instills the confidence to act and the peace to flow with whatever challenges come our way.

Amber is a sacral chakra stone that helps center our own body and soul around the purpose and spiritual intention that resonates for us. When the sacral chakra is unbalanced, we tend to feel uncertain and wishy-washy, easily influenced by the demands and directions of others rather than respecting our individual needs and callings.

This chakra ties into the upper chakras through intuition. While intuition is often understood to lie in the third eye and crown chakras, our sacral chakra delivers “gut feelings,” the first subconscious pangs to inform our soul of what path to take.

Amber helps the energetic flow between chakra nodes. By trusting your gut and intuition, you find greater happiness and divine communion.

Chakra Stones

Solar Plexus Chakra Balancing

Amber’s yellow shades make it a powerful solar plexus chakra stone. Amber healing properties provide momentum to the flow of energy through this chakra.

Located central in the body, near the base of the ribcage and above the navel, the solar plexus helps stimulate our relationships and is a gateway to our lower, more carnal chakras. Thus, Amber keeps this zone healthy and moving so that we don’t stagnate in our loving, intimate connections.

Upper Chakra Resonance

Even though Amber resonates most with the sacral and solar plexus chakras, as we mentioned, it has important ties to the upper chakras that bridge the divine realms.

Amber’s significance in healing grief and as a talisman to the afterlife relates to its ability to harness divine messages carried from our past and from our spirit guides.

Its energetic frequency makes these messages clearer and understandable so that we can apply them in ways that allow us to progress and grow in our lives.

Metaphysical Uses for Amber 

There is much more to Amber’s work with the divine and metaphysical. While we can simply listen to and apply spiritual messages to our daily living, some of us might feel called to travel deeper into the psychic realms

For those starting out in metaphysical practices, Amber brings protective forces to the table. Early practitioners may not yet have the awareness of the negative spirits that try to penetrate their aura, so Amber helps them hone the skills needed to tap into their intuition and confront evil beings. 

More advanced healers have relied on Amber healing properties to help tap into ancient teachings. While it serves a similar purpose to protect even the most seasoned healer from absorbing the negative essence of others during healing sessions, Amber is an important tool for healers to wield on a patient. Amber helps reveal a patient’s past lives and also aids in spiritual healing and immunity after psychic treatment through a healer.

Final Thoughts

Crystal or not, Amber possesses a mystical aura of entrapped time from millennia ago as a gift to the present. Amber healing properties reverberate ancient wisdom and remedies to bring vibrancy, connection, and joy into our lives.

How to Use Crystals

* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here.

Amber Healing Properties

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