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Dissecting the Astrology Elements: Understanding the Elemental Qualities

INSIDE: Let's dissect the astrology elements to learn why they give us certain traits. We'll look at feminine vs masculine, cold vs hot, and dry vs wet to understand your zodiac sign on a new level.


By decoding Astrological principles, we can learn how people function, what blocks them, and what their talents are. Not only that, but we can better understand what drives someone, what makes them authentic, and how they express themselves.

Interesting research results posted on Stanford have shown that we have much more power over our emotions than we thought. And you guessed it, we can figure that out by taking a look at our natal placements.

One of the most essential parts of decoding astrological knowledge lies in the understanding of astrology elements.

Elements in astrology determine not only how compatible we are with others, but also how complex or simple our inner world is, how persistent or changeable we are, and much, much more.

If this has sparked your attention, this is the article for you.

Elements in Astrology

Why Are Elements Important?

In astrology, our personality is looked at in its totality. To understand who we are and what we are mad at, we need to understand all planetary positions, and not just our Sun signs.

Each of the twelve astrology zodiac signs has its quality, which is determined by the element the sign is associated with. Both modern and traditional astrology acknowledge has four main elements in astrology, which are:

  1. Fire - Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
  2. Air - Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
  3. Water - Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces
  4. Earth - Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

But it's not so common to find a chart that has only one element in it. Most of the time, our astrological persona is made of a mixture of two, three, or all four elements.

The more prominent the astrology element is in one’s natal chart, the more notable the characteristics of that element are.

For instance, if our chart is made mainly of Water and Air, we may be great socialites, always ready to connect with others, but we may find it hard to ground our goals and emotions.

To gain a better understanding of what each element represents, we have prepared a guide to elemental qualities and how they influence our temperament and behavior.

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What Are Elemental Qualities?

Each of the astrology elements has its characteristics or astrological qualities, and they influence how we play our jazz out in the world.

There are eight qualities that can be attributed to each of the elements, and they determine the "makeup," or the main characteristics that differentiate the 12 signs.

Here's what the qualities are and what they mean...

Feminine vs. Masculine Signs

In astrology, there's no such thing as gender, but there are masculine and feminine principles.


If your natal chart has placements in Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Gemini, Libra or Aquarius, you'll likely embody traits connected to a masculine principle.

The masculine principle is active and loves to take action. When our natal chart has more masculine signs, we are more likely to be driven, passionate, and have a deep love for excitement.

The masculine principle is not afraid of change; it loves change and strives for adventure, be it mental or spiritual. It is active, so it will take charge and push forward to succeed.

The masculine principle is connected to creation and determination, so signs that have this quality will make things happen rather than wait for things to come to them. 


Now, if your chart has more placements in Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn, the main principle expressed in your personality will be feminine.

The feminine principle is passive and has a receptive nature. It is associated with manifestation but also with utilizing energy, gifts, and talents.

However, passive doesn’t mean that these signs sit at home and wait for miracles to happen. Their way is just a bit different.

The feminine principle would rather be pursued than pursue. The feminine principle is not associated with explosivity or pushiness, but with time and harmony.

Astrology elements that carry the feminine nature will find it easy to express, trust, and allow things to go their natural course.

Feminine signs strive to achieve balance and create an atmosphere of cooperation because only when they feel an inner equilibrium are they truly prompted to act.

These signs thrive when they feel safe and protected, and to act, they need to feel a strong inner calling rather than give in to sudden impulses.

Feminine & Masculine Balance

Those who have an equal amount of feminine and masculine principles will find it easier to find a balance between their excitement-seeking, action-taking part of personality and their ability to let time do its thing.

Astrology Elements Qualities

Cold vs. Hot Signs

When we talk about cold in terms of astrology, it doesn’t mean you're a cold and distant person. Hot and cold are just qualities that describe how expressive you are and how quick to expand and trusting you are.

The truth is, we are all expressive and loving; it’s just a matter of how quickly we are willing to show it. While hot signs express themselves outwardly, cold signs take in stimuli from the environment and feel more comfortable observing first. 

Cold Astrology Elements

The Earth and Water astrology elements are considered to be cold and inward-oriented.

This means that signs in these elements like to sit back and think before acting. They pull back, they like peace, and they like to stay cozy in a warm blanket.

While they may seem timid or cautious at first, these signs will melt their walls down and surprise you with how brightly they actually shine.

Their trust is earned rather than given out freely, but although suspicious in nature, Earth and Water do become fiercely loyal once the trust is earned.

Earth and Water signs rely on everything that comes from within, be that their instincts, emotions, observations, or thoughts. Remember, still water runs deep, and a seemingly empty field may become bountiful in just a few months.

Hot Astrology Elements

Fire and Air signs have a different nature. Both of these are expansive, trusting, and expressive. They live on the spur of the moment and like to perceive everyone as their friend until proven wrong.

Lust for life and passion to explore and experience is what drives them forward, and unlike Earth and Water, they would rather throw themselves out in the world and see what happens.

While the cold signs learn through observing, hot signs learn by trial and error. Open and welcoming at first, once their boundaries are crossed, they can easily turn the other leaf.

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Dry vs. Wet Signs

Dry and wet are qualities that allude to how flexible and open to change we are. Better put, they are how willing signs are to change.

When our natal chart has predominantly dry signs, we might be more set in our ways and less willing to make compromises if we don’t feel like it. 

Dry Astrology Elements

The dry quality is associated with the Earth and Fire astrology elements. Both of these have a very firmly set system of behaviors and are less likely to let their guard down and adapt to others.

These signs have a sense of boldness to them and can be very direct in their approach. They are naturally great leaders, which is why they can sometimes be perceived as domineering.

Ambitious and business-minded, Fire and Earth signs like to be straightforward and determined once they want to accomplish something. 

Wet Astrology Elements

Compared to Fire and Earth, free-flowing Water and Air are relaxed and have no trouble adapting and connecting to others.

Regardless of modality, these six signs are people-oriented. They love to connect and like to create a sense of harmony and balance. They are open to creating compromises and exploring other points of view.

Their opinions and thoughts change as they learn and grow, which is why they like exploring new ideas and perspectives, even when they differ from their own belief system.

Cold and Hot Elements

Fast vs. Slow Signs

All elements have a certain speed. The speed of a sign explains how fast-paced thoughts, emotions, and actions of signs are. The fastest element is Fire, followed by Air and Water, while the slowest to move is Earth.

Fast Astrology Elements

Just like fire expands but can die out fast, Fire signs can burst in flames one moment and lose interest the next moment.

The Fire element moves quickly and has the power to create, but also destroy, which is why these signs are associated with a hot temperament.

Fire is unstable and unpredictable, and this gives these people a passionate nature. When these signs set their eye on something, rest assured they will do anything they can to get it.

Air Signs move and change, but they are a bit more tempered than Fire signs. Sometimes flighty and changeable, the Air element represents shape-shifting.

They can also be unpredictable, but they also have a calmer side to them, just like the pleasant summer breeze. As the wind blows, the Air element can point to a lack of groundedness and inability to stay focused on one task for a long period of time.

Slow Astrology Elements

The water element represents ups and downs. From boiling water to ice and snow, water takes many forms, which is why Water signs are known for their depth of emotion and thought.

Water is influenced by external factors, which makes Water signs intuitive and sensitive to changes in their environment.

Amongst astrology elements, the Earth element is the least mobile of them all. While sometimes slow, Earth signs follow the principle that slow and steady wins the race. 

Just like soil, because it is the slowest moving element, it represents patience and perseverance. They are persevering, able to set solid foundations, and capable of big accomplishments, all of which make them powerful leaders.

Final Thoughts

Now that you understand all of the qualities that make up the astrology elements, it's easier to see why we are the way we are, isn't it? The deeper you get into astrology, the more real it all becomes!

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Astrology Elements

Understanding Astrology Elements

Elements in Astrology

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