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Astrology Moon Signs: Understanding Your Emotions & Relationships

INSIDE: By understanding astrology moon signs, you can gain some new insights into yourself and the people in your life. This area of astrology is one of the most essential pieces to understand, and we'll map it all out for you in this article.


While most astrology articles focus on sun sign personality and sun sign compatibility, moon signs are just as important. 

Although the sun is an essential part of our natural world, the moon also plays a vital role in our planet’s rhythm, working with the sun to create Earth’s tides.

With its fast-moving cycle, the moon is forever transforming before our eyes. During the full-moon phase, it is bright and round. During the new moon phase, it becomes invisible.

Astrology moon signs offers the same insight into human emotions, which wax and wane with the ebb of life like the lunar phases.

Note: The full moon is also important for manifesting energy and working with feminine energy. Smoky Quartz and Citrine crystals can help carry the powerful energy of the moon, improving our fortune and abundance.

What Is a Sun Sign?

Before we dive into moon signs, let's make sure we have an understanding of sun signs.

A sun sign is what most people refer to as their “star sign.” Astrologists like Linda Goodman popularized sun sign astrology in the 1980s with her series of best-selling books.

Our sun sign describes our zodiac personality and our strengths and weaknesses. Our day and month of birth determines our character traits.

Sun signs are easy to look up, just click here. Occasionally, birthdays that fall on the cusp of two signs require additional information like the place of birth. These birthdays are “cusp” birthdays.                               

Sites like atrodiesent will help determine the sun sign of a cusp birthday that falls in between two signs. 

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What is a Birth Chart?

Not everyone identifies with their sun sign, which is why astrologists recommend looking at all parts of our birth chart, including our astrology moon sign.

You can think of these astrological charts as snapshots of the cosmos at the time of our birth.

Each birth chart is as unique as a fingerprint, revealing the placement of planets, asteroids and celestial points at our time of birth, which link to different areas of our life. There are countless placements to explore.

What is a Moon Sign in Astrology?

Our astrology moon sign gives us a picture of our emotional world and our closest relationships. This placement reflects our feelings, our moods and our deepest wishes.

Our moon sign is our emotional profile. It is linked to feminine energy and our mother figure. Our moon sign also shows how we mother ourselves in challenging times. 

Think of sun signs as the outline of who we are. Our moon sign colors or fills that outline.

While our outlines may shift and evolve, our emotional core is intrinsic. Our moon signs reveal what comes naturally to us, our default setting. Our sun sign, on the other hand, highlights areas that we must develop to realize who we must become.

How is a Moon Sign Calculated?

A moon sign is calculated using the date, place, and time of birth to determine the position of the moon at that moment. The moon orbits the earth every 27.5 days. This means it stays in each zodiac sign for about 2-2.5 days. 

Use this astrology moon sign calculator to calculate moon sign placement.

moon sign in astrology

Are Moon Signs and Sun Signs the Same?

Our moon is unlikely to be the same as our sun sign, because the moon moves frequently. However, it is possible to be an Aries sun sign with an Aries moon sign.

Are Some Moon Placements More Favorable Than Others?

It’s difficult to say whether a placement is favorable without analyzing a person’s birth chart in depth.

Having said that, Capricorn moon is often linked with a difficult childhood. Individuals with this placement tend to have trouble expressing their feelings.

At the opposite side of the spectrum, Cancer is a favorable placement for moon signs, because of its link with water, feminine energy, and emotion. 

Astrology Moon Sign Placements

Now, let's look at the different moon placements and what that means for individuals who share them on their birth charts.

Aries Moon

Fiery Aries adds a twist to this placement. This moon sign needs autonomy and action. Highly autonomous, Aries moon craves to be number one in all aspects, especially emotionally.

Challenge: This sign can be rather demanding of attention. It craves special treatment and seeks daring romantic encounters. 

Taurus Moon

With its earthly influence, sensual Taurus moon seeks stability, comfort, and affection. Sensitive to beauty, this moon placement seeks long-lasting relationships.

Challenge: At times, this moon sign can be a little too security-obsessed as they seek a return on their emotional investment. 

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Gemini Moon

With its air influence, Gemini moon craves mental and intellectual stimulation in the form of constant communication and new ideas. Attracted to deep dialogue, this placement is looking for a kindred spirt, where the individual can have an exchange of minds and emotions.

Challenge: This moon sign is looking for someone to mirror or reflect ideas back to them, which narrows the pool of potential love connections. 

Cancer Moon

Cancer moon is one of the most favorable placements in the zodiac with its feminine energy. This placement seeks nurturing and safety. Good food, meaningful connection, and comfort are at the top of the individual’s needs.

Challenge: At times, this moon can be fearful of abandonment and may need reassurance, coming off as clingy, if insecurity creeps in. 

Leo Moon

Hello showstopper, the Leo moon needs its lion’s share of attention and affection. Ever playful, this placement seeks glamour and adventure. It often takes the lead in love, expressing its emotions with gusto.

Challenge: At times, this moon can be demanding and dramatic if its need for conquest and entertainment goes unmet.

Virgo Moon

Virgo moon’s need for order makes this placement challenging at times. However, this sign is one of the most selfless placements, focusing on others. Virgo moon has a strong need to feel helpful and be of service. Like Libra and Gemini, this sign enjoys mental stimulation.

Challenge: Virgo moon struggles to let go, spending a great deal of time problem solving and analyzing, leading it to be anxious or worrisome at times.

astrology moon sign meaning

Libra Moon

Libra moon is preoccupied with harmony and beauty. It craves companionship and a relationship in which it can express its deepest desires with fairness and a sense of justice. This sign appreciates the finer things in life, aesthetically pleasing decor, beautiful clothing and fine art.

Challenge: At times, this sign can seem superficial, lacking the deeper emotions of Pieces or Scorpio moon. With some encouragement and the right match, this sign can realize their deepest desires.

Scorpio Moon

With its water influence, this moon placement is primed for soul bonding. It craves privacy and intensity. Strong sexual chemistry is essential. Most likely to form a power duo, this placement does not take commitment lightly.

Challenge: With its mysterious nature, this sign may struggle to open up to lovers, friends and partners. However, the person who wins Scorpio moon’s trust wins his or her eternal loyalty.

Sagittarius Moon

Truth-seeking Sagittarius moon searches for challenge in any form, whether that's adventure, conquest or wisdom. Travel, celebration and change are the best ways to capture the attention of a Sagittarius moon individual. Be brave in expressing feeling to attract this moon placement.

Challenge: This sign bores easily, which means it can come across as frivolous or fickle. However, it craves depth as much as it craves variety.   

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Capricorn Moon

As mentioned earlier, Capricorn moon is often one of the most challenging placements. The masculine energy of Capricorn is at odds with the feminine energy of the moon. As an earth sign, Capricorn’s needs for stability and control can be mistaken for a preoccupation with power. However, it is concerned with creating long-lasting legacy.

Challenge: This sign needs solitude and amble time to recharge. This means it can appear emotionally distant and lacks the nurturing attributes of other signs. 

Aquarius Moon

With its air element, Aquarius moon seeks meaningful collaboration and a deep friendship founded on a common cause. It is rebellious at times, cultivating a strong sense of individuality and a need to question authority. Because of its need for friendship, this sign can slip into people pleasing, but thankfully not for long.

Challenge: Settling down does not come easily to this sign, because of its great need for freedom and autonomy.

Pisces Moon

With its water influence, this moon placement is dreamy, full of fantasy, creativity, and a deep-rooted compassion founded on empathy. It often escapes into a secret world as deep and profound as the waters in which fish swim. This sign has a strong link with healing, art, and all things spiritual.

Challenge: This placement can make this individual difficult to read at times, especially when they retreat into their secret world.

Final Thoughts

Our astrology moon sign is just one element of our birth chart, but arguably one of the most important aspects. It reveals our emotional needs and emotional compatibility with friends, family, and partners.  

Astrology moon sign placement offers us valuable information. It can help with full moon crystal manifestation and chakra healing to help us overcome unhelpful patterns and realize our full potential.

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* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here.

Moon Signs

Moon Signs

Moon Signs

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