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5 Reasons Why Quizzes & Games Make Us Happy

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Most people take quizzes when they’re either genuinely interested in self-discovery, but many people take them to simply pass some time. Although quizzes and games can tell us a lot about ourselves, they can also uplift our mood without us even realizing it.

Let's talk about the five main reasons why quizzes and other games can provide an instant jolt to your happiness...

Quizzes Reduce Idle Time

The main purpose of quizzes is to keep people entertained, or at least to occupy the time span that would otherwise be wasted on boredom.

According to various surveys and tests regarding depression, anxiety, and all forms of a "bad mood," most people feel under the weather when they have too much time to overthink.

Time spent idly leaves room for negative thoughts, self-doubt, and reflecting on things and events that are usually out of our hands. Even the most boring quizzes and games are meant to prevent that.

Many people tend to develop habits of taking quizzes over time whenever they feel like there’s little to do in terms of house chores, homework, and such. The importance of quizzes as idle-time eliminators was even more impactful in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, given that so many people were stuck in their homes with their PCs, laptops, and smartphones.

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Epiphanies & Self-Growth

Learning more about yourself is a mood booster in itself. Every eureka moment is a spark that uplifts our mood, as we open the doors to something completely new and exciting. Although the schoolbook example of tools used for self-discovery and growth is a book, a person can easily experience a series of epiphanies while taking quizzes or playing games.

While quizzes offer direct results based on a series of questions, it’s still easy to trick them by repeating them after learning the ‘right’ answers. This, sadly, hinders self-growth and may cause illusions, no matter how harmless they may be.

Video and board games can also be used as tools for self-discovery. Many shy individuals have become acquainted with their competitive, fiery spirits after a few games of Risk or Monopoly. Although you may not be too keen on watching crime documentaries and movies, you may find out that you have an excellent aptitude for being an investigator after playing Clue with your friends.

At the end of the day, both quizzes and games can teach you more about yourself. The best thing about them is the fact that every discovery and epiphany you may experience becomes subject to interpretation, allowing you to use the newly-acquired insight and channel it into personal growth.

Entering the Worlds of Fantasy

Quizzes, board games, and video games are gateways to the magical worlds of fantasies we construct ourselves. Most people don’t literally believe they should roam the night searching for victims after scoring ‘Werewolf’ on the ‘What beast are you?’ quiz; it’s simply a product of a fantasy that we can utilize to feel more comfortable, or even partly identify with certain movies, books, or pieces of art.

The same applies to board and video games, although in a far more straightforward sense. People playing board games directly assume the roles of investigators, hunters, demons, warriors, or professional athletes. Although we may pretend that we are in any of the aforementioned roles, we are genuinely happy for the opportunity to step into the shoes of the heroes we play.

Harboring such fantasies can be a very healthy thing, especially when managed properly. Escapism is a necessity for the current fast-paced tempo of our world, and many people are only able to put their troubles and worries on the back burner while entering the make-believe worlds of quizzes and games.


The Educational Value of Quizzes & Games

We’ve all watched at least a couple trivia shows on television, wondering how the contestants are capable of answering some very peculiar questions with such precision. Trivia quizzes, more than ‘general’ quizzes, are designed to test the knowledge about (arguably) irrelevant facts across a broad spectrum of topics.

The sheer fact that we know something that the vast majority of people don’t have a clue about usually makes us feel pretty great. Additionally, we learn from quizzes even when we miss the answers; we learn more about the world, and our mood is receiving a welcome boost whenever our knowledge expands.

It doesn’t matter whether we’ve just figured out how long Olympic pools are or what cynophobia stands for; we’ve just learned a secret that many people are not privy to.

Aside from trivia quizzes, games of all kinds have a great educational value. Some people learn how to count cards after losing a bunch of blackjack games; others develop sleight-of-hand abilities.

Although reading books on specific subjects may provide us with knowledge regarding laser-focused topics, quizzes and games are able to teach us many things we wouldn’t even dream of learning.

The Interactive Nature of Quizzes & Games

Quizzes and games are arguably some of the most interactive sources of entertainment. Whenever we take a quiz, we are not only reading and scanning the content, but we’re also receiving feedback with every action. Whenever we play games, every action has an impact on not just the final outcome, but all of its stages as well.

Having options to influence and impact the outcome of any situation puts us in a position of power, which is certainly a happy place to be in. Players that are new to any game, just like people who are taking a particular quiz for the first time, also have the benefit of every feature being new and exciting.

The element of trial and error in board and video games, just like the element of hardly anticipated questions in quizzes, can be remarkably entertaining, although games tend to have a slightly higher repeat value (the interactivity of quizzes is slightly lower).

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5 Reasons Why Quizzes & Games

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