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Consciousness and the Quantum Mind

INSIDE: This article talks about the quantum mind or consciousness, a set of hypotheses stating that our mind can affect the material world. Therefore, the physical plane is not the primary element of reality, and we have the power to transform our physical experience.


Humanity has always wondered about our consciousness and how exactly it is established. Whether you're thinking about the higher consciousness, expanding your consciousness, the collective consciousness, or any other aspect, it's something we all ponder from time to time.

The physicist Robert Penrose proposed an answer to this in the 90s. He stated that the brain’s neuronal system obeys the logic of quantum mechanics, thus explaining the complexity of human consciousness. 

That is, the neurons in our brains generate consciousness, leading to the idea of the quantum mind.

Quantum mechanics explains that material reality does not exist outside our mind as an immovable object.

Researchers have done experiments that show how the particles of atoms are linked to the observer, proving that our mind can transform external physical reality. 

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What is Quantum Physics?

The physics paradigm of the 18th and 19th centuries was ruled by classical mechanics formulated by Isaac Newton. He described mechanical events using the laws of motion and gravitation, placing the material world as the most relevant.

Quantum Physics appeared in the 20th century, proposing a more complex and paradoxical explanation.

Wave-Particle Duality

In the 1920s, physicians discovered that electrons and photons have the properties of waves and particles simultaneously, called the wave-particle duality, a fundamental notion of quantum physics. 

This means that atoms are not solid objects like Newton used to say. They don’t really exist, or at least not with certainty at defined times and locations.

Particles are Linked to the Observer

Nowadays, science has proved that the atom is almost completely empty, made out of a cloud of subatomic particles. Also, researchers have discovered that these particles act differently depending on the observer's intention.

This discovery was groundbreaking for the scientific community. Why? Because electrons and other particles that conform to the material world are linked to the observer's consciousness.

Therefore, the physical realm cannot be fully understood without referring to the consciousness or mind. That’s where the term “quantum mind” comes from.

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Fractal Brain

Quantum physics says that the activity of our brain’s neurons creates consciousness. These neurons have microtubules shaped in a fractal pattern, thus enabling the quantum process of consciousness.

Fractals are patterns that repeat themselves over and over again, creating a mysterious configuration with a finite area but an infinite perimeter.

The same pattern happens inside our bodies. The structure of the blood vessels is made out of these enigmatic fractals, for example.

On a quantum level, tiny particles move in fractal patterns inside the neurons of our brains, structures so complex that they support the impenetrable depths of our minds.

Quantum Minds

This knowledge of quantum fractals could lead scientists to test the theory of quantum consciousness, proving that our mind is a quantum phenomenon, rather than a classical one.

The implications of this conclusion are endless. It means that our reality is not separate from our minds. For example, if we were not sure that the floor under our bed existed, we would not be able to actually touch it when we woke up every morning. 

Having a negative or positive mindset was irrelevant to classical mechanics. After all, the physical world was immovable and what we thought about it made no difference.

The quantum mind hypothesis claims the opposite. Whether negative or positive, our thoughts affect the material reality around us, modifying our daily experience. 

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Masaru Emoto's Water Experiment

Emoto was a Japanese author who claimed that our consciousness could affect the water's molecular structure. Positive or negative emotions change the physical structure of the water’s ice crystals once frozen.

He did an experiment in which he exposed several glasses of water to various words, pictures, melodies, etc. Afterwards, he froze them and examined them under a microscope, discovering that water crystals exposed to positive emotions were more aesthetically pleasing and structured than those exposed to negative ones.

Believing in the quantum mind empowers us to co-work in creating our reality. We are not passive beings who are doomed to live random experiences, whether positive or negative.

We have the power to transform our physical reality by changing our mindset and believing in our untapped potential. Instead of complaining about our misfortune, we can choose to build more positive self-talk that is aligned with our deepest desires.

Little by little, we will witness our negative experiences fade away to be replaced by new opportunities that are more aligned with our higher self.

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Final Thoughts  

Quantum mechanics has helped us understand the deep connection between our minds and everyday experiences. It's the main driver of metaphysical phenomenon and it's what many spiritual people of today focus on.

Our quantum mind allows us to explore the endless possibilities surrounding us. If physical matter is linked to our consciousness, then we have the opportunity to start from scratch every moment, choose new paths, and transform the reality in front of us. 

We are used to choosing what is familiar to us, which is why we repeat the same experiences, whether they are unpleasant or pleasant.

Remember, atoms are almost completely empty! That means the range of possibilities is wide open for us to get out of the beaten path.

What would happen if today you went out of your repertoire of responses and chose a different one? How would that decision change your life? The possibilities are literally endless!

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Consciousness and the Quantum Mind

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