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Use These Crystals for Mercury Retrograde to Make This Difficult Transit Easier

INSIDE: Some astrological transits are more difficult than others, and mercury retrograde is one of those times. Luckily, these crystals for mercury retrograde can help make it smoother and easier.


Stress, conflict, and cognitive blockages seem to be a common theme during mercury retrograde. Just take a workplace dynamic, for example. Poor communication and unfair treatment at work do make us irritable and can vastly affect our performance, which is scientifically confirmed and published on NCBI.

When this type of stress gets combined with conflicts and struggle in close relationships as it usually happens during this transit, we find ourselves ready to burst.

When that happens and we feel unable to change the energy around us, crystals for Mercury retrograde can come to our aid. We'll discover how right here.

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15 Crystals For Mercury Retrograde

Mercury retrograde affects us in many unwanted ways, often causing stress and conflict. We find it hard to be understood and can’t understand others’ points of view.

Our communication skills don’t shine as usual, and everyone seems to be out to get us. Our work is delayed, our relationships get turbulent and we just can’t seem to stay focused.  We may even hear from some toxic people from our past.

To avoid all of this, or at least minimize the effects of the transit, we have prepared a list of 15 crystals that help us stay grounded and focused, no matter what happens in the astral plane.


Labradorite helps us stay mentally strong during trying times. When misunderstandings or accidents occur, its frequency helps us overcome challenges with grace and ease.

This gemstone assists us in gaining clarity of mind, also helping us communicate our thoughts effectively.

Carrying it during mercury retrograde can help put us in the right alignment with those around us, preventing conflicts and misunderstandings.

Labradorite also helps us be stronger than our impulses, ensuring healthy and balanced interactions with others.



When the infamous retrograde happens, Amazonite can become our first aid crystal, helping us stay balanced and loving towards those we care about. This gemstone supports heart-to-heart conversations, which are otherwise hard to have when Mercury goes retrograde.

Amazonite helps us see things from another person’s perspective, but also gently empowers us to voice our intentions and thoughts clearly and compassionately.

If this transit makes us feel invaded and others seem to come at us for no reason, carrying this gemstone will help us set healthy boundaries and communicate assertively.


Gossip and low-vibrational energy exchange are prevalent during retrograde, but Aquamarine can help us deal with these challenges gracefully. This is one of the most healing crystals for mercury retrograde as it inspires tolerance, trust, and the will help us find a compromise in any situation.

It prevents emotional shut-downs and inspires warm and open communication.

It helps us deal with passive-aggressive behaviors, but also develop skills, memorize things, and learn new topics, which is yet another thing Mercury retrograde can make challenging.



Emerald is one of the crystals for mercury retrograde that can help us be compassionate and understanding instead of giving into resentfulness and petty arguments.

This gemstone blends the head and the heart, helping us gain mental clarity and improve memory and mental functioning. However, it also opens our heart space, while protecting it from harmful energy that threatens to block the Heart Chakra during this trying transit.

This is an ideal crystal for inspiring team play because it not only teaches us how to compromise but also helps others to better understand us.

Lapis Lazuli

Feeling like you can’t focus, no matter what you do? Lapis Lazuli is a great solution! This is one of the most potent gemstones for increasing mental performance.

It is a powerful stress reliever, and it helps us concentrate and stay calm even in a highly-distracting environment.

Lapis Lazuli is the stone of wisdom. It's aids us in seeing through illusions with clarity. It can help us deal with the unpleasant symptoms of mercury retrograde, such as migraines, headaches, or elevated stress.

It also enhances memory, so it is useful to have on hand when you're battling forgetfulness and mental fog.



Hematite is a gemstone that helps us stay balanced in the midst of chaos. When stress and arguments arise, it helps us release tension so that it doesn’t affect our relationships or our mental health.

This is a great stone for those who have an overactive mind, tend to worry, nitpick, and overanalyze everything. All of these are very common effects of this transit, but with Hematite, we can stay calm and collected, even when the world seems to be falling apart.

Thanks to its calming properties, this gemstone helps us release tension but also helps us tame the drama queen within.

Smoky Quartz

Don’t let dark Mercurial energy drag you down. Being one of the crystals for mercury retrograde, Smoky Quartz helps us stay aligned with our truth and release tension and toxic thoughts.

Its healing frequency works to better our interactions with others, helping our relationships stand the trials and tribulations we may encounter.

This gemstone can be used as a good luck charm, preventing accidents and negative energy from penetrating our aura during mercury retrograde.

Most importantly, Smokey Quartz helps us see through the fog with crystal clarity, improving our perception and communication skills. 

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is a crystal that blocks negative influences and transforms our thoughts like alchemy. During the transit, our fears can easily resurface and cause us to act out of our integrity, and our thoughts can become chaotic.

This crystal helps eliminate those fears and transform them into a more positive state of mind. It inspires greater clarity and helps us feel more centered when we are panicky and when irrational thoughts come up.

When the whole world seems to be crumbling down, healing Black Tourmaline will be there to help us deal with challenges calmly and confidently.


Shungite is here to repel any negativity that threatens to disturb our peace of mind. This gemstone enhances our mental abilities and eliminates thoughts that don’t serve us.

Because of its incredible ability to ground and balance us when we're in touch with its frequency, we are less likely to spiral into negativity and be affected by it. We feel calmer, and as a result, we can act and speak more rationally.

Shungite also diminishes brain fog and helps strengthen us in trying times, which makes it one of the best crystals for Mercury retrograde.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz

What makes Clear Quartz so unique is its ability to elevate our consciousness in times when we feel stuck and controlled by external influences.

It helps us have greater faith when things become difficult, but it also calls for healthy introspection. It supports our cognition and improves mental functioning when Mercurial energy starts distracting us.

When we are presented with important life lessons, Clear Quartz can help guide us towards important revelations and gear our minds towards more positive thinking.


Chrysocolla is here to help us overcome the fear of speaking our truths. This is a powerful crystal for those who find it difficult to forgive others, as well as those who avoid talking about problems.

Chrysocolla can help us communicate constructively and stand our ground, while still being understanding and open to what the other side has to say. This way, it improves the quality of our communications and helps us to be more compassionate with others.

It will aid us in learning and teaching by elevating our mental focus and helping us express what we mean clearly.



Selenite is a cleansing crystal that helps eliminate mental and energetic blockages, thus creating a way for new insights of wisdom to emerge. It helps us become more aware of ourselves, our needs, and wants, and this has a direct impact on how we communicate.

Its frequency helps us think and express ourselves more clearly, improving how our connections with others to be on a much deeper level, which is what we are called to do when retrograde hits.

This makes it one of the most potent crystals for mercury retrograde since it will help us both release negativity and improve how we connect to others.


Soothing as it is, Amethyst helps us find that inner calm when we feel stressed or triggered. This is a crystal that works on all levels, eliminating tension and removing low vibrations from our surroundings.

During mercury retrograde, it can give us clarity of mind and help us achieve that zen feeling that is otherwise hard to hold on to due to negativity. Amethyst will help us gain clarity in a confusing situation and open our minds to new perspectives.

It will blend the power of intuition and mental activity, helping us make just decisions and gain important insights.



Citrine can help us stay lighthearted and positive, no matter what happens. It will help us learn the lessons this complicated transit brings and see good in every situation, even a challenging one.

This is the type of crystal that can help us stay strong and express ourselves confidently when we are pressured. It also provides great energetic assistance when we need to stand our ground and assert a boundary in dealing with toxic people, which is often necessary during mercury retrograde.

Although not one of the typical crystals for Mercury retrograde per se, Citrine can fuel us, inspiring us to get rid of stress and tension constructively and through creative endeavors.

Grey Botswana Agate

Mercury retrograde challenges us and complicates things, and Grey Botswana Agate helps make things a bit less complicated.

Calming and grounding, it helps us deal with troublesome thoughts and emotions, alleviating heightened depressive episodes and anxiety during this time.

This crystal broadens our perspective, helping us uncover creative solutions to problems we face during this time. It shifts our focus from limiting beliefs and restrictions to possibilities.

When the transit shakes us, the healing properties of Grey Botswana Agate helps us let go of obsessing and release the fears that plague us and keep us stuck in a negative mindset.

Final Thoughts

Use these crystals for mercury retrograde to get through this difficult transit with more ease and flow. It's a time when we can use all the help we can get. 

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* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here.

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