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Effective Gemstones for Emotional Healing and Growth

INSIDE: Emotional healing is the best thing we can do for ourselves so that we can live the full lives we want to have. These gemstones are some of the best tools for aiding you in the emotional healing and growth process.


A broken heart can cause us to close our hearts, turning us away from potential love relationships and friendships in the future.

An emotional block can hold us back from going after the things and experiences we want to have in life. 

A traumatic situation can wreak havoc on our emotions, causing us to turn to anger, anxiety, depression, or any other negative emotion that we don't want in our lives. 

Throughout our lives, we will all have trying times that can lead to emotional distress. Dealing with these moments can be taxing and they are often hard to manage on our own. Gemstones and crystals are some of the best tools available for assisting us with the healing process.

Healing Gemstones - Tumbled Stones

Gemstones for Emotional Healing & Growth

Let's look at five of the most effective gemstones for emotional healing. These are our all-time favorites!

Rose Quartz

Whether you’re suffering a tough breakup or attempting to practice more self-love, Rose Quartz is the perfect gemstone to help you open your heart. Sometimes referred to as the stone of the heart, Rose Quartz is one of the most common and effective gemstones for emotional healing.

Rose Quartz’s soft energy promotes a calming atmosphere which aids in the removal of negative thoughts and energy while increasing feelings of self-acceptance and trust. Using Rose Quartz to help balance your heart chakra can help you exhibit more kindness and compassion toward yourself and others.


Amethyst is perhaps the most powerful and versatile of all healing gemstones. Amethyst crystals and geodes can be particularly calming in times of emotional distress or trauma.

During an emotionally vulnerable time, individuals can use amethyst to protect against negative energies and provide relief from feelings of stress and anxiety. Amethyst’s calming nature can help balance your thoughts and center you emotionally. At the same time, it provides you with the emotional strength needed to tackle your inner demons.

amethyst geodes


Emotional healing deals with your head as much as it does your heart. Use Howlite to quiet any negative thoughts and calm the swirl of emotions that may appear during times of emotional struggle.

Not only does Howlite work to quiet an overactive mind, but it also helps you process these thoughts and better understand the root cause of your emotions. Howlite also increases your spiritual awareness, helping you gain insight into your innermost thoughts, feelings, and desires.


Navigating the emotional healing process can be tricky and it looks different for everyone. Each person will likely tackle different emotions during this time. Amazonite’s calming properties can help reduce the extreme effects of most negative feelings that may appear during the healing process. Common negative emotions include anger, aggression, fear, and worry.

Amazonite promotes inner harmony and balance, allowing us a moment of reprieve from any negative thoughts or feelings we may be experiencing. Similar to other gemstones for anxiety, Amazonite can help reduce the fear of judgment and calm any anxious thoughts.


Sometimes the best way to cope with an emotionally distressing period is to talk things out with a loved one. Aquamarine is a very soothing stone that can help open loving lines of communication between yourself and others. It can also help you practice more positive self-talk.

Aquamarine encourages individuals to go with the flow and let go of any emotionally damaging thoughts or beliefs that may be holding them back. Aquamarine also enables us to better cope with change and set aside judgments of ourselves and others.

In Summary

No matter what you are going through, these gemstones for emotional healing can help you get through it with a little more ease and grace. You can carry tumbled stones in your pockets, wear crystal jewelry, or place larger crystals where you spend a lot of time. 

What is your favorite crystal for emotional healing? Tell us in the comments!

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* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclaimer notice here. 

Gemstones for Emotional Healing

Crystals for Emotional Healing

Emotional Healing Gemstones

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