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Eleventh House in Astrology: How You Make Connections & Relate to Society

INSIDE: The 11th house in astrology is all about our highest hopes and ideals and the types of connections we crave, the groups we want to belong to, and our personal style of social relating. Let's learn all about it!


A study published on Frontiers shows that nourishing friendships and meaningful connections have a positive impact on our overall well-being. After all, we are social beings who thrive when we have a sense of belonging and friendships that enrich our lives.

Although this is a universal, human need, how we go about making connections and relating to society and groups depends on who we are, our personal needs, and our individuality. 

These are all themes of the 11th house in a natal chart. Astrology can help us understand these matters and navigate the social world with more self-awareness.

Let's discover all you need to know about the eleventh house in astrology, and what it means in different signs and natal chart houses...

The Meaning & Symbolism of the Eleventh House in Astrology 

In the eleventh house, we become one with others and the Universe. This is the house of soul tribes and communities and society as a whole. It shows us how we, as social creatures, can contribute to the betterment of society. The 11th house can tell us a lot about how we can use our innate gifts and talents to make a concrete change, locally or globally.

While the 5th house rules pleasures and all that brings us childlike enthusiasm, its opposing house, the 11th, is where we put our needs and ego aside so that we can give more of our time to greater causes.

Its qualities are similar to the super-ego in Freudian Psychology since it is all about relating to others from a place of maturity, self-awareness, and higher values; not from ego.

This is the house of humanitarianism, charity, and volunteering. It is about giving to the collective and participating in group activities as an equal member of the group. Known as the house of friendships, it tells us about how we approach friendships, what kind of friends we aspire to connect with, and what types of people we tend to attract in a social setting.

However, the theme doesn’t only revolve around groups and how we participate in society. The meaning of the eleventh house in astrology is also associated with our highest ideals, hopes, and wishes. It is about setting and striving to achieve goals that transcend status, public image, or our roles as professionals.

Here are just some of the questions the 11th house can give us to think about:

  • What is our vision for humanity?
  • How does what we know and what we have to offer make the world a better place?
  • How can we connect with others on a soul level?
  • Who are "our people"?
  • How can we connect with others in a way that is authentic and mutually meaningful?
  • Where do we feel like we belong in society?
  • What role would we like to play in others’ lives?

We will now explore the 11th house qualities that are highlighted in a natal chart based on cusp signs and planetary influences. Understanding both the nature of the sign on the cusp and planetary placements can give us a complete picture.

Zodiac Stones

Let’s start with the effects of the 11th house in astrology based on signs…

Eleventh House in Signs

A sign found on the cusp of the 11th house speaks about the nature of our connections with others. It shows us the main theme of someone's social life, social needs, and role in society.

Here's what the eleventh house in astrology in your chart means depending on the sign found on the cusp:

Eleventh House in Aries - leaders of groups, first-row social justice fighters, extraverted and direct, not afraid of conflict, prefer following their own rules

Eleventh House in Taurus - stoic, fixed and clear ideals, loyal and dedicated in friendships, prefers one-on-one connections, able to build quality long-term friendships

Eleventh House in Gemini - talkative and open-minded, socially receptive and curious, many ideas and interests to share, naturally charismatic, easy to get along with

Eleventh House in Cancer - personable, accepting of others and kind, empathetic and sensitive to social injustice, caring, easily adaptable, needs to recharge from socializing

Eleventh House in Leo - sociable and generous, loves to feel seen in a group, socially popular, admired, respectable, a need to feel liked, a desire to be the best in a group 

Eleventh House in Virgo - mindful and critical of groups and doctrines, giving in friendships, of service to society and groups, more realistic than idealistic, dedicated in friendships

Eleventh House in Libra - well-liked and charismatic, plays mediator role in groups, fair, easy to befriend, many friendships and acquaintances, avoids conflict, prefers balanced connections

Eleventh House in Scorpio - needs to feel empowered in friendships, seeks loyal and dedicated friends, values alone time, clear ideals, skeptical of societal norms

Eleventh House in Sagittarius - gregarious and liberal, optimistic and hopeful about the feature, happy friendships, altruistic, accepting and tolerant of personal differences

Eleventh House in Capricorn - realistic and pragmatic when making friends, respects social norms and tradition, supports and exhibits socially-acceptable behaviors 

Eleventh House in Aquarius - out-of-the-box and progressive ideals, unusual friendships, progressive thinkers, prefers company over alone time, has a visionary mind, values intellectual connections

Eleventh House in Pisces - idealistic and hopeful, values emotional and spiritual bonds, compassionate and altruistic, changeable vision for the feature, chooses friends intuitively

meaning of eleventh house in astrology

Planets in 11th House

While the sign on the cusps illuminates the main meaning of the eleventh house in astrology, the planets found here give flavor to that theme and show us more nuanced details about someone's social life and their place in a community.

If you have more than one planet here, make sure to read descriptions for them all, as this will give you a more precise definition of how 11th house themes manifest in your life.

If you have no planets here, read the description for the ruler of the sign on the cusp. For instance, if your 11th house is in Libra, read the description for Venus, which is its ruler, as this will give you an insight into how these themes show up in your life.  

Without further ado, this is how the planets in the 11th house impact our lives…

Sun in the 11th House

With the Sun in the 11th house, a sense of self, pride, and ego is strongly tied to the role one plays in their community. Loyal to the group and group identity, natives with this placement build self-confidence by participating in team activities.

The quality of their social life is vitally important for a personal sense of achievement and success, which is why these natives put a lot of time and energy into building connections.

Sun in the eleventh house in astrology is a rather extroverted placement and promises many acquaintances. They often associate themselves with people who have a clearly defined purpose and vision and help them become better, more confident versions of themselves.

In friendships, they are drawn to likable, ambitious, and popular people, and are often socially popular themselves. A big part of their self-worth revolves around what they can offer to the community, be it their talent, service, or charisma. 

Sun in 11th house individuals see themselves through the eyes of others and are very self-aware of their social role. What they offer to society is inspiration, leadership, and a sense of togetherness. Collaborative, charismatic and generous, they aspire to be seen, leave a mark on society, and build a legacy they will be remembered for.

However, because the Sun rules the ego and the 11th house is an ego-less house, they may loose a sense of self by fighting for a cause or participating in a group. That's why it is important for them to remember that they are more than what they can offer to the collective. 

Moon in the 11th House

With the Moon in the 11th house, there is a strong need to not only belong but to truly connect with a group on a soul level. Giving and selfless, these chart holders are the emotional support everyone needs. They are healers and selfless protectors.

Natives with this placement are relatable and easy to get along with, always surrounded by people and always trying to connect.

The Moon here usually creates many friendships and acquaintances, and it is not uncommon for them to take on the role of giver and nurturer in their friend group.

In friendships, they seek to connect emotionally, feel understood, and love to associate themselves with empathetic and kind people. They not only offer protection to others, but also seek groups that make them feel protected and accepted for who they authentically are. They aspire to bring people together and find deep emotional fulfillment in life.

They don’t shy away from helping the less fortunate and those who are hurting, as they are natural caretakers. They are meant to make a change in society by embracing the Divine Feminine qualities, regardless of gender, spreading love, and offering compassion and kindness.

Moon in the eleventh house in astrology folks can be sensitive and don’t want to see others suffer, which is why they will gladly offer a helping hand to whoever needs it. While these are incredible virtues, there is a danger of taking on others’ emotions and other’s burdens. That's why it is essential for them to practice emotional detachment and self-care for empaths to prevent feeling drained.

Communication Stones

Mercury in the 11th House

Mercury is associated with socialization, networking, and social media, and when placed in the house of community, it gives an individual many acquaintances and a strong social presence.

Incredibly adaptable, and gifted with excellent communication skills, these chart holders easily build mutually satisfying relationships and have a knack for influencing others with words, whether written or spoken.

Mercury in the 11th house natives have strong opinions backed up by facts. They are the strategists and networkers among us who inspire change in society by initiating dialogue and asking the right questions. These natives can have a strong online presence and influence the masses using social media. They aspire to be knowledgeable, skilled, and become experts in fields they are passionate about.  

Their connections are more mental and impersonal than emotional and spiritual. There is an innate curiosity about the world around them, so they easily connect due to their natural interest in others.

Mercury in the eleventh house in astrology people see value both in connecting with like-minded individuals and those who are different, as they believe everyone can teach them something. However, they love to talk and share their thoughts, and will usually gravitate toward skilled, talkative, well-read, and knowledgeable individuals.

Because they are genuinely curious about others, these natives can sometimes reach out to connect for the sake of connecting, and risk staying in surface connections that don’t stimulate their growth. To reach their fullest potential, it's important for them to embrace being alone from time to time, rather than staying in uninspiring company.

Venus in the 11th House

Venus in the 11th house natives are peace lovers. Charming and sociable, they are naturally good at making associations, connecting with people, and bringing lightheartedness and solidarity into any situation. They always seek harmony, value fairness, and are great mediators. 11th house Venus gives a gift of diplomacy, so their mere presence brings ease into others' lives.  

Personally popular and outgoing, they have no trouble building and maintaining harmonious connections. In close friendships, they like to connect with people who have the same tastes and preferences as they do, and they prefer openness.

They are good communicators themselves, great at making compromises, and love befriending creative souls and artists. However, it's easy for them to find a common ground and befriend anyone, so they can make everyone in a group feel included.

In society, they take on the roles of muses, artists, or justice-seekers, and this is what they aspire to be. Venus in the eleventh house in astrology folks are meant to influence society through self-expression, beautifying the world around them, and balancing what they can balance. They are objective and can easily mend the relationship between opposing sides, be those groups or individuals.

While incredibly tolerant and balanced, Venus in 11th house folks avoid conflict at all costs, sometimes to their detriment. It is essential to learn when to let go of unfulfilling friendships, put up firm boundaries, and learn that it's not their job to balance others.

11th house in astrology

Mars in the 11th House

Mars in the 11th house natives are the doers and change-starters. These are action-orientated individuals with strong willpower. They would rather take concrete steps toward making a change in the world than philosophize about what should be done. Unafraid to challenge the status quo and defend their beliefs, they want to be the change they hope to see in the world.

They are not afraid to stir the waters and even implement force if they feel they are fighting for the right cause. Mars is the warrior, so these natives will always stand up for what they feel is right, and defend themselves, their ideals, or others if they think it's necessary. They will protest against injustice and won’t shy away when faced with oppression. They are fighters and know what they want from life, and they want to be recognized as brave and authentic.

Chart holders with Mars in eleventh house in astrology can both stand alone and with others. They are not afraid to start or end friendships if a friendship doesn't align with who they are. They are often friends with active, bold people who challenge them from time to time. In friend groups, they are the initiators who love being on the move, always coming up with fun activities.

Mars in the 11th house natives have very little tolerance for unacceptable behaviors and oppression and may even perceive oppression when there is none intended. That's why it is essential for them to develop a more diplomatic approach and learn when to implement tolerance and compromise and when to push boundaries.

Jupiter in the 11th House

Jupiter in the 11th house natives are cosmopolitan characters with a greater vision for humanity. They see personal and cultural differences as opportunities for growth and expanding horizons. They are the citizens of the world who aspire to treat everyone with the same respect, regardless of status or position. They see the bigger picture and how things should be and could be, and they strive to contribute to society accordingly.  

Jupiter in the eleventh house in astrology often indicates humanitarians and idealists who choose to see good in others and have high hopes for society and the future. Such a placement brings good ethics, a lot of wisdom, and optimism. Others often have a lot to learn from them, and they lead by example. Jupiter placed here gives the ambition to learn, grow, and expand horizons, especially through travel, whether that be mentally or physically.

These chart holders have acquaintances from all walks of life and prefer to choose friends based on beliefs, virtues, moral systems, and values. Because they are not biased when connecting with others and they love traveling and learning, they often have friends from different cultures and resonate well with philosophical and educated folks.

Although their idealism is noble and much-needed, it can also make them prone to disappointment when their hopes and ideals are not met with reality. Immorality, injustice, and cruelty in the world can seriously test their faith, which is why it's important for them to hold their vision, while crafting a more practical approach to make that vision a reality. 

Saturn in the 11th House

Saturn in the 11th house individuals are more sober than idealistic. Realists at heart, they prefer to see the world as it is and won’t compromise on their values or abandon traditions for the sake of fitting in. Nevertheless, they have a very clear vision of what they aspire to achieve. They use this realism to take practical steps towards improving their reality and the reality of others.  

Saturn in the 11th house chart holders contribute to the betterment of society by offering a mature approach to solving problems. They have an aura of authority and can offer solid support, guidance, and wise advice to those who need it.

They are dignified and hold themselves to high standards, inspiring others to do the same. These natives aim to become respectable members of society, known for their good manners and wisdom.

With Saturn in the eleventh house in astrology, friendships are rarely shallow. These chart holders prefer to associate themselves with responsible and wise people. Many times, they are drawn to people with authority, older and experienced people from whom they can learn important life lessons. They have a need to respect those they surround themselves with and to be respected in return.

In social life, they prefer quality over quantity. Still, because they are usually more mature than their peers, Saturn in the 11th house natives can experience some loneliness. It is important for them to learn how to have quality time alone without feeling inadequate or empty.

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Uranus in the 11th House

Those with Uranus in the eleventh house in astrology are innovative and out-of-the-ordinary characters, dedicated to doing things their way. Because they are forward-thinking, others may be skeptical of their ideals. Nevertheless, they always march to the beat of their own drum. To them, problems in society don't stem from differences between people, but from pressure to conform and erase those differences.  

If anyone is going to rebel against the outdated, restrictive societal norms, it's these chart holders. Even when they are not outwardly rebelling against the system, there is always something about them that stands out and challenges how things are done in the collective. They are not afraid to stand up for the oppressed, the minorities, and the rejected. They aspire to build a life where they can be authentic, do what feels right, and feel free.

Uranus in the 11th house folks seek the company of authentic, unique individuals and are often found in the company of eccentric folks or visionaries. They look for friends who, much like themselves, think outside the box and are not afraid to be themselves.

Uranus in the 11th folks don’t care about superficial things like status or power and would rather spend time with outcasts and free-thinkers if they share the same vision.

Because Uranus can be a volatile energy, they themselves can feel restricted and oppressed by society and can resort to rebellion for the sake of rebellion. In this case, it is advisable to learn how to channel powerful Uranian energy into good causes and avoid unnecessary disruptions.

Neptune in the 11th House 

People with Neptune in the eleventh house in astrology have the power to change the world with gentleness and unconditional love. Receptive to others’ needs, they have an intuitive understanding of others’ essence. They always seem to know the right thing to do or say to soothe and comfort those who need help.

Because they find it easy to understand and connect with people on a soul level, they often play the role of the healer, consciously or unconsciously.

Neptune in the 11th house natives influence the world by offering compassion, support, and inspiration, be it through poetry and art or just by being their unique selves. They are big dreamers who aspire to connect with the world with an open heart and through creativity.

Their friendships are spiritual, and they enjoy being in the company of mystics, preachers, deep feelers, and deep thinkers. Neptune in 11th house folks are natural-born shapeshifters, which allows them to easily blend in with any group.

They seek friends with whom they can build a meaningful bond and share their deepest hopes and fears. However, they can be sensitive and seek to retreat and disconnect from the world from time to time, especially if they feel misunderstood.

This is a highly idealistic placement. While their dreamy nature can help them connect with others to create art, they can be prone to developing illusions. It can be helpful to develop a sense of groundedness and come home to oneself to avoid getting lost in daydreams.

Pluto in the 11th House

Powerful and intense, Pluto in the 11th house in astrology natives value quality over quantity in interpersonal connections. Purpose-oriented and gifted with the ability to see through the facade, they easily bust through the false presentation of individuals, groups, and doctrines. They are not afraid to be the black sheep and are mentally resilient to outside pressures. 

Pluto in eleventh house in astrology people aspire to become powerful and independent. These are strong-willed individuals who can take no for an answer and stay true to their hopes and ideals.

Pluto brings uncomfortable truths to light, and they are both admired and respected for this, but they are also feared and rejected. In the community, they are the ones that bring depth and transformation, and they demand reform.

They gravitate towards deep individuals and prefer meaningful connections and loyalty over superficial acquaintances. Friendships are profound and intense, and they enjoy pondering difficult subjects and talking about what matters. Nothing is taboo, so they openly discuss topics others are afraid of.

They usually see through people and are not easily swayed by what's on the surface, so they pick friends wisely. Being powerful themselves, they often attract other powerful individuals who can help them evolve and transform.

There can be a danger of seeing the world in a "me versus others" light and separating oneself from the group. It is essential for these people to recognize that there is no power struggle or competition and to direct their focus on what brings people together, rather than what brings them apart.

Final Thoughts:

The 11th house gives us clarity about what motivates our social behavior and what feeds our hopes and dreams. This is the house we look to when we want to understand how someone relates to a group and how they build friendships. Learning about these matters can help us embrace our role in society, and inspire us to develop and use our gifts to change not only the world but also our future.

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Eleventh House in Astrology

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