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Feng Shui for Love: Cures & Tips to Attract More Love & Romance Into Your Life

INSIDE: When we practice feng shui for love principles, we invite loving and romantic energies into our lives. Then, the love we desire seems to flow into our lives with so much more ease.


Love is a necessary fuel that keeps our hearts alive. When we're open to giving and receiving love, we are doing a lot for our emotional and mental well being. Love nourishes us on so many levels, and the more of it we invite into our lives, the more it is reflected back to us.

According to a study published on Psychology Today, we can increase our ability to love and attract love by practicing mindfulness.  

Did you know that you can use wisdom and principles of feng shui for love to attract it into your life?

Here are the tips and tricks you need to know...

Before We Start….Know Your Bagua Map

Knowing your Bagua map will allow you to maximize the potential of each corner of your home.

On the feng shui Bagua Map, the Southwest area is typically associated with love and romance, and it is this area of the home that you should pay the most attention to if you want to increase love in your life.

Your bedroom has its own Bagua map, too. So, since this is the most intimate place in the home, make sure you place the bed in the southwest corner.

If your room doesn’t allow it, enrich the space with the right feng shui colors and feng shui decor that will serve to maximize the loving capacity of your space.

The Southwest is connected to the earth element, so do avoid putting metal, fire, water, and wood colors and objects in here. Learn more about the feng shui elements here.

Love Gemstones

Feng Shui Love Cures & Tips

Here are the most important feng shui love cures, tips, and tricks to bring more romance and love into your home and your life...


This can’t be stressed enough. While feng shui does have its rules, it is never immune to the vibration of the homeowner. That being said, how you feel about love will directly reflect on the energy in your home.

Your definition of love and a soulmate is likely different than everyone else's, so think about what love means to you, let that feeling guide you to decorate your space accordingly.

Remember, when you're trying to attract love, the first step to doing so is opening your heart to love by visualizing, daydreaming, and setting the intention. 

Use Red, Pink or White

You guessed it right - to attract love, you can use romantic colors such as pink, red, and also gentle white. These colors symbolize passion, love, romance, and closeness.

Remember one thing - these are fiery colors, especially vivid shades of them, so use them mindfully to decorate the space in combination with white.

Too much red in a bedroom can spark passion, but can also put us into war-like energy. White will allow for pure, unconditional love to flourish. Avoid overdoing black and blues, since these colors will extinguish the passion.

Pair it Up

It takes two to tango, and feng shui for love follows this rule too. To bring more love into your space and enrich your life with romance, pair your furniture.

This will not only create balance in your space and support the energy flow but will create space for a partner you dream of sharing your life with.

You can bring this energy of two into a space by using visual symbols and decor, such as the Yin Yang symbol. This is one of the most powerful feng shui love symbols as it will create a balance of masculine and feminine energy in your space.

Pairing night tables, sheets and lampshades can help create a balance between the two people and create an energetic space where both can love and express themselves freely.

On the flip side, having one bedside table or one decorative armchair creates more single-person energy, making one person (if we are paired up) feel stifled like they don’t belong in the space. 

Visualize Love

Made the Bed and Add Fresh Sheets

Fresh sheets help keep the love fresh and exciting, but they also create space for an authentic expression of love.

To invite in even more love, use laundry softener and essential oils that remind you of romance and partnership. What would your sheets smell like if you were to wake up next to your soulmate?

Additionally, no matter if you are single or partnered, making your bed in the morning and put on fresh bed sheets as frequently as possible to invite freshness and purity into your love life.

To get the best of feng shui for love, avoid having a messy bed, since this messiness will reflect on your intimate life.

Add Symmetry

To bring more stability into your love life and attract long-lasting partnership, rely on the power of symmetry.

The Southwest area of the Bagua map resonates with a square shape, which is an incredibly stable form and will help you ground a relationship that is up in the air. Square-shaped objects help balance our love lives and create a safe place for building a meaningful connection.

Avoid objects with undefined and wavy shapes in this area, as this can invite illusions and dilute the loving energy you are trying to invite into your space. 

Tidy Up

Excess stuff makes for stagnant energy. When the Southwest area is filled with unnecessary or old things, it leaves very little room for fresh energy to come in.

Love is supposed to be light and feel like home, but when stuff blocks the energy flow in this area, it can reflect on the quality of our intimate relationships. Then, instead of nourishing them, romantic relationships can become tense and draining.

This is especially true for the bedroom. Just like we don't want an old, unhappy romance to influence our new love opportunities, we don't want new stuff interfering with our ability to attract love either.

When we practice feng shui for love, it is important to declutter your bedroom closet and give the space some breathing room. When you do, you'll slowly start to notice that your relationships become lighter and more flourishing simply because you got rid of the excess baggage.

Crystals for Sex and Intimacy

Remove Extra Pillows

More pillows or bed decor means less place for intimacy and closeness. Plus, decorative pillows can confuse our partners, make them feel unwelcome, or make us a bit too relaxed in the love department.

If you're single, placing too many pillows on your bed can keep you in your comfort zone energetically, while having only two helps invite partnership into your life. 

Remove Technology & Work from the Bedroom

In Feng shui, technology is considered distracting, and this is particularly true in regards to feng shui for love. TVs and computers not only emit harmful EMFs, but according to feng shui, they can also distractions us from connecting with our partner.

Having these and other devices in our bedroom can mix energies of work and love, inviting stress, numbness, and boredom, instead of the intimacy we crave and deserve.

Choose Your Headboard Wisely

The headboard is so frequently taken for granted when we are choosing a bed. However, this seemingly aesthetic detail is much more than we think. This element can invite in very stable energy and inspire loyalty in relationships.

This is the part of the bed we can lean on, and because it offers strong support, it can solidify our love life, energetically speaking. The bigger and more luxurious the headboard, the better.

And because the Southwest area resonates well with the wood element, choosing a bed with a wooden or fabric-covered headboard will offer us strong support for developing a healthy romance.

Feng Shui Love Cures

Chose a Bed That is Comfortable For Both

A bed that is too small will restrict the free flow of energy between partners and may even make one partner feel unwelcome.

According to feng shui for love principles, you'll have more closeness, tenderness, and intimacy with a bed that is just the right size for both partners to come together but still allowing room for comfortable sleep.

Conversely, if your bed is way too big, it can create space between partners, and invite emotional distance.

If you're single, sleeping in a single-person bed leaves little space for romance, so make sure you replace it with a twin bed or French bed to invite love into your life. Make sure that both partners can approach their bedside to avoid clashes of energy and frustration.

Keep Crystals for Love in The Bedroom

Crystals like Rose Quartz, Green Jade, Emerald, or Rhodonite can do wonders to invite loving energy into your space. You can keep them under the pillow, under the mattress, or by the bedside.

Crystals for love naturally emit high-vibrational energy that helps remove the limiting beliefs we have about love and relationships. They can help heal our broken hearts and open the heart chakra, helping us manifest genuine love where we can connect with another on a soul level.

A Bedroom Is No Place for Old Memories

Family and friend’s photos, no matter how dear to you, bring out feelings of nostalgia, which can interfere with your desire to attract new soulmate love. The more faces in your bedroom, the less privacy you will have.

According to feng shui for love principles, to invite more intimacy, we need to create space for closeness between two people only.

After all, feeling especially romantic isn’t really associated with photos of family members on the nightstand, no matter if we're partnered or not.

The same applies to journals that keep secrets about old heartbreaks, as these will pull us back into old energy and prevent fresh chi from coming in with new love.

Give Your Bed a Commanding Position

To attract good feng shui and ensure that only loving energy reaches your bed, place it in such a way that puts you and your partner in a safe spot.

A bed that is placed directly across from doors will be directly influenced by incoming energy, both good or bad.

Avoid using mirrors in the bedroom, but if you do, make sure they are not directly facing the bed. This will make energy heavier, and love shouldn’t feel heavy.

Make it Bright, Light & Fresh

Speaking of light energy, similar to the feeling of love, the Southwest area of the Bagua map should always be bright. No matter if it’s natural daylight or decorative lampshades, the light will banish secrets and darkness that awaken fears about love and relationships and make us paranoid. 

Light brings transparency to partnerships, helping to promote honesty, joy, and warmth in our love lives.

Since windows are energetic gateways, to get the best of feng shui for love, open them whenever possible. This will bring in more fresh chi, eliminate stagnation from your love life, and inspire new, loving beginnings.  


Be Mindful of Your Decor

To ignite passion and desire, take the time to choose scented candles for the bedroom. Candles represent a fire element, and this will help bring back the spark with your partner if it has been lost.

If you are single, scented candles and incense can help you attract the type of partner you desire. Choose a scent that particularly reminds you of love, as this will naturally invite in more romance.

Choose artwork that depicts romantic scenes. If you are a more contemporary or minimalistic type of person, opt for paintings and artwork that are symmetrical or paired.

Avoid pieces that have blue and too much black, as this can bring in heavier emotions that make it hard to enjoy the present moment with your partner. 

And last but not least, since the Southwest area resonates well with the earth element, make the best of it by adding plants in this area. Healthy green and exotic plants, and particularly fresh flowers, can help ground the existing relationship and inspire you to cherish what you have with your partner. And this works if you are single, too!

If you're hoping to fall in love, putting fresh red roses or white flowers in the bedroom can set up the perfect stage in your home for that to manifest.

Final Thoughts

Use these feng shui for love cures to change the energy in your home so that it supports your desires for love and romance. You're sure to see that when you do, your own energy follows suit, allowing you to manifest the love you desire. 

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* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here.

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