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Healing Properties of Green Jade for Luck, Love & Authenticity

INSIDE: Invite love, health, and wealth into your life with the healing properties of Green Jade! Not only can this stone provide protection, it can also allow you to become a stronger, more authentic version of yourself. 


This gemstone has an abundance of history and has had a major impact on people’s lives for many centuries. The healing properties of Green Jade is a long list that offers plenty of benefits for everyone to obtain.

It is the perfect stone for overcoming fear, improving relationships, and conquering goals. Let’s take a closer look at the healing properties of Green Jade and how you can acquire them! 

Green Jade Properties & Symbolism

This stone is highly protective and has been used in weaponry since the earliest primitive people. Green Jade is an ornamental mineral that has been used for healing, protecting, and preserving people’s lives for centuries. 

It is a mineral aggregate, composed of Jadeite and Nephrite minerals. Jade comes in a wide range of color variations, including pink, purple, red, black, brown, and green. The most popular is Imperial Jade, which is a deep green. 

The healing properties of Green Jade symbolize peace, serenity, and purity. Additionally, this crystal is known to bring in good luck, happiness, and friendship. It is the zodiac birthstone for Taurus and is especially helpful for those looking to fulfill their desires.

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Mental & Emotional Healing Properties of Green Jade

The healing properties of Green Jade are perfect for those struggling to find calm amidst the chaos. We all need to find stability and harmony in our everyday lives, which can often be a challenge.

Here's how Green Jade can help with emotional stability and finding inner peace...

Resolves Guilt

Guilt is an emotion that affects us all at some point or another. This feeling can weigh on us heavily and make us rethink our choices.

The healing properties of Green Jade provide security and harmony, which is essential for settling guilt. It helps guide us to the right decisions, all while calming our minds from anxiety and fear

Banishes Negative Thoughts & Feelings

This crystal is not only peaceful and serene, it is highly protective as well. Green Jade healing properties keep us protected against negative thoughts and feelings that can inhibit us from living in the moment.

It is a useful stone when fighting off attacks from negative energies that can cloud our judgement and make us second guess ourselves.

Soothes Nerves & Worry

Green Jade is an all around positive stone; it helps soothe nerves and relieves us from anxiety. The healing properties of Green Jade allow us to take a step back, process, and proceed with courage. It breaks down the road blocks that hinder us from living freely. 

Promotes Authenticity & Confidence

In today’s society, living a true authentic life can be difficult. There is constant pressure to look a certain way and live a specific lifestyle. 

With Green Jade, you can live as your true self and embrace the world with confidence. Not only does it promote self-esteem, it attracts the right people and opportunities, which are beneficial to living prosperously. 

Physical Healing Properties of Green Jade

Green Jade also comes packed with physical healing properties. It is a very versatile stone that not only promotes overall health, but also offers cleansing and preventative benefits. It keeps us safe inside and out while inviting in only the best energies. 

Here are just some of the physical healing properties Green Jade can offer you.

Protects Against Illness

Due to Green Jade's purifying abilities, it is great for protecting against all types of illnesses. Carrying a piece of Green Jade during flu season, or even while traveling, is a great way to shield yourself from sickness. It keeps the body balanced and strong while also rejecting negative energies from entering. 

Supports Healthy Joints & Bones

This crystal is especially helpful for aches and pains related to bones and joints. It has major restorative properties that assist with pain removal to areas all over the body, especially the hips.

Additionally, Green Jade can promote the skeletal and cellular systems' ability to re-bind and heal themselves.  

Settles Bacterial & Viral Infections

Bacterial infections occur when harmful germs get inside the body. These infections can affect any part of the body and lead to pneumonia, meningitis, and food poisoning. Not only are these painful but they can sometimes be life threatening.

The healing properties of Green Jade help protect and clear the body from these types of infections because of its cleansing abilities. 

Supports Adrenal Glands, Spleen & Kidneys

Green Jade is a great cleansing stone. It keeps all the organs and glands running in tip-top condition by removing toxins and providing balance of important fluids.

This crystal enhances the body’s filtration and elimination organs in order to keep our overall health in excellent shape.  

Chakra Healing Gemstones

Chakra & Spiritual Healing Properties

The chakras are energy points all over the body that bring balance, order, and good vibrations into our body and aura. It is important to keep our chakras aligned in order to fight off harmful emotions and to keep our physical bodies healthy. 

The healing properties of Green Jade resonate deeply with the heart chakra, making it beneficial for obtaining stability, love, and overall well being. 

Provides Companionship, Love & Trust

All relationships go through ups and downs, but Green Jade can help provide companionship, love, and trust. Whether it is self-love or restoring a relationship, this crystal comes to good use.

It invites happiness in not only family and business relationships, but also personal and romantic ones. Additionally, it allows us to open our hearts with unconditional love and understanding.

Protects Against Deceit & Harmful Energies

It is no wonder why the healing properties of Green Jade have been used for centuries as a protective stone and in weaponry. Wearing Green Jade not only protects against deceitful energies, it also allows the wearer to obtain the highest good. 

Promotes Abundance

Green Jade is a stone of abundance. No matter what you need — wealth, success or love — this crystal can help you reach these personal goals. When used in affirmation work, or even by carrying a piece around with you, you can turn your dreams into a reality more easily.

Healing Properties of Green Jade

Metaphysical Uses for Green Jade 

The healing properties of Green Jade are easy to obtain simply by carrying a piece around with you or keeping it close by. Use this stone as your good luck charm or keep a piece next to you while journaling in order to process and better understand yourself. 

Additionally, you can use Green Jade in Feng Shui. Place this stone in the kitchen or in a child’s room to promote healthy interaction, as well as protection from negative energies. Bringing a piece of Green Jade into your office or your wealth corner will encourage abundance and affluence! 

Final Thoughts

This stone is the total package — it is protective, attractive, and most importantly, loving. The healing properties of Green Jade can benefit almost any part of our lives. And there's always room for positive energy, peace, happiness and health. 

Wear it, carry it with you, or place it in your home to obtain the healing properties of Green Jade! 

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* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclaimer notice here.

Healing Properties of Green Jade

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