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How to Change Beliefs So They Stop Ruling Your Life

INSIDE: Our limiting beliefs trick us into thinking we are less capable than we actually are. Learning how to change beliefs helps us achieve a better version of ourselves while building a more fulfilling lifestyle.


Not all beliefs are negative. They help us approach our circumstances cautiously and place healthy boundaries in our relationships and experiences.

However, our limiting beliefs can become a self-imposed prison that holds us back from achieving our true purpose in life

Learning how to change beliefs makes us more flexible and leads us to break free from the negative patterns that hinder our self-development journey.

What Are Limiting Beliefs?

Changing core beliefs is not so simple because we are not fully aware of them. How we approach our experiences and interpret external events depends mostly on the beliefs that are ingrained in our subconscious minds.

Therefore, we don’t question them that often. These conditioned impressions stem from our childhood experiences, leading us to assign specific emotions to people or past incidents. 

These are the foundations of our limiting beliefs.

Our behavioral repertoire expands or narrows depending on them. For example, if you were taught that being a successful business person made you greedy, then you probably won’t challenge yourself in your professional path or accept better business opportunities. 

We think our beliefs make us better people and give us certainty. However, we must understand that our interpretation of things is not fact. Sticking to this idea could hinder our way to success. 

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How to Overcome Limiting Beliefs

Changing a belief can be an uncomfortable process at first, but the rewards we’ll receive afterward make it all worth it.

Here are some simple steps to make changing core beliefs a satisfying experience...

Identify How Your Belief is Serving You 

The first step to knowing how to change beliefs is to stop putting ourselves in victim mode. Our limiting beliefs are there for a reason, usually to protect us from experiencing failure or struggle.

For example, we may cling to the idea that we are not capable of earning more money or being independent at work.

As a result, we don’t embrace new opportunities at work and we blame it all on our limiting beliefs without realizing we are the ones holding onto them.

Changing a belief is more difficult if it serves us in one way or another. So, identify how your belief serves you and ask yourself if it's worth sticking to it. 

Identify How Your Belief is Hurting You

Now that you know the purpose of your belief, the second step in learning how to change beliefs is to identify how it is hurting you.

Think of all the things you could do or could have done in the past if this belief wasn’t ingrained in your mind.

You could take things more lightly, be more spontaneous, or be more daring in your professional path.

Perhaps you could have agreed on that independent project your friends invited you to work on a few years ago instead of sticking to your 9-to-5 office job for fear of uncertainty.

Identifying how your belief is hurting you will encourage you to finally do something about it and prevent it from ruling your life.

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Look at the Belief From a New Perspective

The third step in learning how to change beliefs is looking at them from a different standpoint.

For example, let’s say you believe that you cannot branch out on your own. This may be related to a fear of being independent and responsible for all your decisions.

What evidence supports this belief? Have all the decisions you made in the past led you to failure? Do you depend on others’ advice to make all the decisions in your life?

The answer is most likely no.

You can also imagine telling an insightful work colleague or classmate about your limiting belief. Then, imagine what they would say. You'd be amazed at the great advice you can receive from this strategy.

What are other people doing that makes them more deserving of the same opportunities you don’t feel worthy of?

Thinking about these kinds of questions will help you look at your belief from a new perspective. Challenging their validity will make you realize that beliefs are mere opinions and assumptions.

Look at your belief from a new perspective, and you’ll realize it isn't an immovable truth.

Decide What New Beliefs You Want to Embody

Now it’s time to create alternative beliefs to replace the limiting ones. Sure, you may not be the most daring and fierce entrepreneur, but you are not trying to create the next Apple company. It doesn't have to be as difficult as we make it.

You have a unique set of skills that make you stand out from the crowd. Hone those abilities and look for a unique way to set yourself apart from the rest. You don’t have to be Mark Zuckerberg to be independent.

Naturally, learning how to change beliefs is not a simple intellectual process. You just need to learn to question your beliefs and try new ones to see how it goes.

You can even write down your core negative beliefs, such as “I’m too weak to have my own business” or “having money makes me greedy.” Then, write an alternative next to it, such as “my unique talents and enthusiasm propel my business to success” or “having money makes me more generous.” 

The point of this exercise is to realize that we are always choosing what to believe. We have plenty of options in front of us. External circumstances do not constrain us, in fact, changing our beliefs expands our lives greatly.

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Remind Yourself of Your New Beliefs Often

Learning how to change beliefs is a lengthy process that requires our full attention and commitment to finally overcome them. But it's so worth the effort.

You must be aware of your beliefs in each decision you make. Visualize your life free of these constraints. Imagine all the things you would experience if this belief wasn’t ruling your life.

Besides visualizing these kinds of scenarios, you can repeat your alternative beliefs to yourself or place them around your house, such as on the bathroom mirror, your fridge, or even your screen saver.

Another fantastic option is journaling every day. This will make you identify your limiting beliefs easier and keep them from determining your behavior and destiny.

Final Thoughts

Learning how to change beliefs is a one-way journey that will propel you to become the person you’ve always imagined you would be.

The beauty of this transformative experience is realizing that we don’t have to wait for the perfect circumstances to pursue our dreams.

We don’t have to be prettier, smarter, older, or younger! This inside job transforms how we interpret reality and, therefore, approach life and its beautiful challenges.

You just need to believe in yourself, and the impossible will be within your reach.

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How to Change Beliefs

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