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Howlite Healing Properties for Clarity, Peace & Divine Connection

INSIDE: Howlite healing properties target our anxious, scattered, fearful thoughts to invite clarity, calm, and compassion into our lives. These stones have powerful energy that can heal our mental, physical, and spiritual bodies and bring balance to move us forward with intention.


If given the task of spending a few minutes writing down anything that comes to mind, we are likely to get a lengthy list started.

Whether our thoughts are disconnected or chains of transitioning narratives, they can quickly fill up our brain space. After all, the average person thinks over 6,000 thoughts in a single day.

When those thoughts are creative, productive, and positive, they propel us forward, helping us find a balance of energy and calm to accomplish our task.

However, we tend to also have worries, emotions, and conflicts that overwhelm our brain and cause negative ruminations. If we let these thoughts take over, they have a tendency to crowd out positivity and clear thinking. Then, we struggle with focus, inertia, and more.

Negativity has detrimental affects on our well-being. It can harm our mental, physical, and emotional health.

Stress, for example, can slow your metabolism, cause ulcers, aggravate skin conditions like acne, and do much worse to the physical body. Mentally, we can develop negative emotions that make us aloof and angry.

It's vital to reconnect with our spiritual wellbeing to balance and improve our thoughts. This step can in turn invite powerful transformations into the body and life in general.

Howlite healing properties are particularly attuned to promote mental clarity, spiritual transformation, and physical balance.

Howlite Tumbled Stones

Howlite Properties & Symbolism

Howlite is a stone that has healing properties that cultivate mental clarity, spiritual awareness, physical health, and focused action. 

This crystal appears as a soft, opaque white stone and contains hydrous calcium borate as an elemental property. Running through Howlite’s bright white color are strands of grey, black, and brown.

Howlite’s markings make it look almost like bleached Turquoise, which is why it is also known as White Turquoise.

There are many other names you may hear Howlite referred to, such as White Buffalo, Sacred Buffalo, Lapis Howlite, Silico Boro Calcite, and Kaolinite.

The Wolf's Howl

A great way to consider Howlite healing properties is to think about the sensations you might experience when you hear a howl from a wolf, dog, or other animal. (No, that isn’t how this crystal gets its name, but it is a handy idea!)

There is something majestic and soothing about an animal howl. It isn’t a threatening call – the call is meant to communicate so that the wolf can gather its pack. Similarly, Howlite has that ability to call forth the energies that you need to heal in a soothing but strong way.

Wolves’ howls might also bring a moment of fear as we know these beautiful creatures have power and ferocity. But let the beauty of the call outweigh your fears.

That’s what Howlite can do. It won’t make your problems disappear, but it will help give you stillness and calm to find awareness and open your mind to the possibilities of change.

The healing properties of Howlite have mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual targets. Let’s explore a few ways that Howlite might be just the crystal to help you heal.

Mental & Emotional Healing Properties

Howlite stones can have a powerful resonance with our thoughts. These Howlite healing properties bring balance to our emotions and relieve stress.

Settles Anxious & Confused Thoughts

Why is it that we continue to let our worries, or that one bad conversation you had at work, continue to percolate in our minds late into the night? Even amidst happy thoughts, the negative creeps in to take the limelight.

White sacred gemstones like Howlite have a special ability to soothe the mind. The soft color is a cleanser to anxiety and confusion.

Howlite healing properties help settle our thoughts and reduce anxiety. By bringing us calm, this stone can put us in a mental state to be able to sort through our thoughts actively but with awareness and steady pace.

Invites Focus & Clarity 

Once you reduce the negative thoughts, stress, and anxiety from your mind, what is left is the mental clarity to focus on what you need to move forward.

The strands that run through Howlite symbolize thoughts and actions that you'll still think about – you don't want to turn off your brain.

Howlite illuminates the possibilities for greater joy and peace so that you can take steps to eliminate the frustration and stress in your life.

This crystal keeps us on track so that we don’t get carried away with ideas and actions that might seem exciting and fun but that have the potential to harm our calm resolve.

Howlite also offers clear vision of the attachments that hurt us so that we can focus on releasing them. It’s a powerful stone to keep with you during etheric cord cutting meditations.

Howlite Stones

Balances Anger & Aggression with Compassion & Understanding

Remember that one bad conversation at work we mentioned? By now, you’ve probably had time to sit during your commute and let your anger boil up with thoughts of what you could have said.

Often times, we hold onto anger and aggression, and sometimes this bursts forth from our inner thoughts into the energetic field around us. People sense it and want to avoid it. 

Howlite’s soothing energy is especially attune to relieving anger and frustration. It helps settle the negative thoughts you might have towards yourself or someone who has hurt you.

Aids in Communication & Expression

By reducing our feelings of aggression and attack, we can approach conflict and difficult situations with a mind of compassion and understanding.

Howlite does a number on our internal thoughts and our individual actions, and it facilitates healing between us and those in our lives. It allows us to communicate with gentleness and to be clear about our emotions. 

Don’t forget self-love and compassion – Howlite fortifies your ability to offer the same forgiveness to yourself.

Physical Healing Properties of Howlite 

We tend to forget how integrated our mental and physical bodies are. When stress, confusion, and emotions take over, we will start to feel its physical pain.

Howlite healing properties work to mitigate the physical discomfort and imbalances brought on by negative energy.

Helps Relieve Pain

As we mentioned above, Howlite aids in reducing anxiety and stress, so for people suffering with anxiety disorders or stress-induced illnesses, this crystal can augment medical treatments to offer relief from physical symptoms.

If you experience tense muscles (sore jaws are a tell-tale sign of stress), it is vital to relax and release if you want to feel better. Howlite helps to increase your calming energy so that your body has the chance to rest and heal. 

Even after a hard day at work or any type of physical labor, Howlite’s cool touch can release pain and tension so that muscles can relax and cramps can stretch out.

Howlite for Stress

Promotes Calcium Absorption in the Body 

Howlite’s elemental make up of calcium means that it can help your body absorb more of its needed calcium. It brings balance to calcium levels and urges the flow of proper nutrient distribution throughout the body.

Ailments like osteoporosis and other bone-related conditions can improve through Howlite’s healing properties.

Encourages Healthy Habits

Since Howlite works so well to relax muscles and fortify bones, it has an overall effect of boosting your mindset towards better physical health.

Howlite healing properties can reveal significant improvements in the condition of your skin as stress leaves your body. It is also a great crystal to fight insomnia.

When negative energy build up and blocks disappear, your body has better circulation. This in turn strengthens your endocrine system to arm you against future illnesses.

By fostering clearer thinking and calm with Howlite, you can implement more positive behaviors and habits into your routine and transform into your healthiest, most vibrant form.

Chakra & Spiritual Healing With Howlite

As a crown chakra stone, Howlite has a powerful connection to the divine universe and consciousness.

Howlite healing properties improve spiritual awareness to guide you on a path of truth and open-mindedness.

Connects Us With the Divine

The crown chakra, the region at the top of the head and brain, opens our relationship to divine power and higher consciousness. 

Howlite works on the crown chakra to increase the energy flow between our individual spirit and that of ethereal beings.

Using Howlite to connect with the divine universe allows us to begin to clarify and articulate our own truths and values. Howlite has a powerful ability to help align our truths with the spiritual relationships it reveals. 

Induces Spiritual Hibernation 

When we're young, we're taught that hibernation for bears and other animals is a long winter sleep. Sometimes we forget the important part of hibernation – its work to keep the body healthy and nourished during rough seasons.

Spiritual hibernation is similar, but it is not a passive state. Howlite can help bring you into spiritual hibernation by bringing into balance calming energy and transformative inspiration.

We need a calm mind to be able to envision our divine truth and purpose. After establishing a strong grounding belief, we can take purposeful action to invite spiritual awareness into our everyday intentions.

Howlite facilitates these inspired insights while maintaining the level-headed energy we need for the our spiritual marathon.

Chakra Balancing Stones

Opens the Mind to Non-Judgment

Coming into communion with the divine can challenge our existing patterns and thoughts. This can be a hard process to stomach as we face our reality. But it is critically important work for positive well-being.

Howlite invites open-mindedness in the face of great spiritual awakening. It combats our doubts and fears so that we can gently consider what matters to us on a divine level.

Sometimes spiritual insights run counter to what we thought we wanted. Using Howlite healing properties as you explore your higher consciousness will give you the tools to release judgment of yourself and others and begin to follow your truth.

Metaphysical Uses for Howlite

To harness these powerful healing properties of Howlite, try these easy ways to incorporate this crystal into your daily life.

Wear Jewelry Embedded With Howlite

Its constant presence in your energetic space will provide healing, soothing, protective vibrations all day.

Connect Howlite to Parts of Your Body That Are in Pain or Tense

Take the time to lie down, settle into stillness, and hold Howlite against your skin wherever you feel discomfort in your body. The coolness of the crystal can bring physical relief while its elemental properties can work deeper under the skin. 

Keep Howlite in a Central Place in Spaces of Importance to You

Howlite healing properties will attract wisdom and clear thinking in this area so that you can access important visions for your future.

Final Thoughts

Howlite gifts us with the ability to handle the thousands of thoughts that run through our brains everyday.

We want to celebrate the beautiful possibilities that our minds can imagine, but we run the risk of overwhelm and confusion. Howlite healing properties offer us the clarity, peace, and divine connection that we need to thrive with positive energy.

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* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here.

Howlite Healing Properties

Healing Properties of Howlite

Howlite Healing

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