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Kundalini Awakening: What it is & How Crystals Can Help

INSIDE: By studying the etheric flow of our chakras, we are likely to come head-to-head with our kundalini energy. Through kundalini awakening, we can attain the apex of spiritual manifestation, enlightenment, and divine consciousness.


A part of our brain can react to unconscious influences and our deep rooted, unexpressed beliefs. Unconsciousness isn’t always a bad thing, but it can keep us from accessing our true spiritual potential.

By understanding kundalini energy flow, we can gain consciousness in our spiritual truths and begin to manifest them in our physical world. 

A kundalini awakening acts like the process of emerging from sedation, anesthesia, or a coma. In unconsciousness, our brain disconnects thoughts and feelings into distant fragments, but as we come to consciousness, brain activity flows together again to make sense. 

We need to gain consciousness of our kundalini energy. Through meditative processes and kundalini crystals, we can channel the process to make sense of the myriad beliefs, experiences, and desires we hold in the context of a great spiritual revelation. 

Chakra Stones

What is Kundalini Energy?

Kundalini energy resides in everyone’s spiritual realm. Most often, it is personified as a coiled snake wound 3.5 times around the base of the spine at our root chakra. 

This “Serpent Power,” another name for what is kundalini energy, can be hard to describe in our material, physical world. It is very much an experience that transports us from merely understanding our physical and mental energies to fully realizing our spiritual and unconscious truths.

Thus, kundalini energy, in its dormant state, contains our potential for enlightenment and divine understanding. In order to access it, we must undergo a kundalini awakening experience.

Kundalini energy travels through the sushumna nadi, an energetic channel that runs along the spine, almost like an etheric spinal cord.

As the kundalini uncurls from the root chakra, it moves up the spine, through each of our chakras, until it pierces the crown chakra to emerge and cloak us in awakened energy.

When kundalini energy has completed its ascent through the chakras, you will reach a state of transcendence. Kundalini activates and cleanses every chakra for its maximal spiritual benefit and transports you to a higher consciousness. 

This energy will illuminate your unique spiritual path and give you the courage and stamina to travel it.

Kundalini activation is an intense journey that we should explore slowly and carefully. The information that follows will help you to better understand kundalini energy and the powerful experience that comes with kundalini awakening.

Understanding Kundalini Energy

Signs of Kundalini Activation

If the kundalini awakening experience happens, how will you really know?

Kundalini activation can occur in different ways, which we’ll discuss below. But keep in mind that it might manifest in different sensations throughout the body, and no two people will have the exact same journey.

Many describe a tingling current that they feel almost like an electric shockwave up the spine.

Most often there will be some sort of spinal sensation, such as warm and cold winds shooting through the sushumna nadi. Your body can also produce intense heat during a kundalini awakening. 

You might experience vibrations pulsate through your extremities, your arms, legs, fingers, toes, and to your head. Some people report having divine visions or paranormal meetings during the process.

Following an experience, you will feel an emotional high, but this may come with mixed energies. On the one hand, you'll find ecstasy and pure joy, but this can also invite lower depressive states as our enlightened, energetic body comes into balance.

A by-product of awakened kundalini energy is voracious sexuality. Kundalini energy fuels our desire to create our spiritual life, and sexual passion is an ingrained embodiment of creation. 

Tumbled Stones

How to Initiate the Kundalini Awakening Process

The kundalini awakening process should be approached and handled with extreme sensitivity and care. Of course, for some, it happens spontaneously and naturally without any concerted effort to channel kundalini energy flow.

In that case, a person has most likely spent time balancing and supporting their chakra health simply for the benefits of a healthy, flowing energetic system. Because their chakras are well-tuned with positive energy, kundalini energy naturally unwinds – it wants to awaken and release.

For others, kundalini awakening needs to be a practiced, guided experience. Consulting with an expert in kundalini energy and chakra healing will ensure that you safely undertake this spiritual process. That way, you'll learn what to expect because, for some, the process can be uncomfortable.

Chakras that have blockages can cause major issues if kundalini energy tries to flow through them. Blocked kundalini energy realized in the middle of the process has seriously compromised people’s health.

Kundalini Awakening

How to Use Kundalini Crystals

Once you feel prepared and ready to undergo the kundalini awakening process, there are ways to enhance the experience and mitigate any pain or discomfort. 

There are various meditation approaches that people practice to tap into kundalini energy, and incorporating kundalini crystals can offer protection and sharpen the energy of each chakra. 

A great way to use crystals is through a body layout meditation, placing crystals that correspond to the 7 chakras on each of the chakra’s nodal space.

Holding crystals that more generally commune with kundalini energy can help it more smoothly break through each chakra. 

Carrying crystals with you after a kundalini awakening can also aid in your reintegration into the physical realm after such a major spiritual transformation.

The crystals below have incredible resonance to what is kundalini energy.



Named for its snakeskin-like appearance, Serpentine has the potency to arouse kundalini energy. It possesses a strong relationship to the Serpentine Power.


Larimar, which usually activates the throat chakra, has the ability to protect you during an energetic awakening. This blue stone with white channels running through it visually invokes clear channels of energy coming together as a spiritual whole.

Larimar will help make sure that your kundalini energy carries you on a safe journey to spiritual enlightenment.

Red Jasper

Red Jasper

A strong crystal for your root chakra, Red Jasper offers dual energies: grounding power to root into your spiritual beliefs and vital strength to complete the experience.


Another crystal tied to the root chakra, Garnet plays a slightly different role than Red Jasper, although it also facilitates motivation and focus.

Garnet has the ability to charge both the root and crown chakras, so it has a powerful ability like a ship’s captain to steer your kundalini energy through the calmest flow.

Shiva Lingam


Shiva Lingam


Shiva Lingam are special stones that come from one place on earth – the Narmada River in Western India. These stones are treated as Hindu symbols of the Lord Shiva’s passion and creative center.

Shiva Lingam focuses on the lower chakras to bring physical manifestations of kundalini energy, like sexual appetite for creation.


Kyanite is another crystal that can protect you during this process. It provides a strong bridge between our deep physical chakras and upper mental chakras and can thus bring all of the chakras into alignment.

A wonderful aspect of Kyanite is its unique quality to dissolve away negative energy and clarify the system. This is crucial during an awakening of kundalini energy as negative energy can compromise the passage of spiritual intuition and manifestation. 

Final Thoughts

You should take plenty of time to meditate on the idea of interacting with your kundalini energy. Make sure you know your chakras and have a sense of your spiritual truth.

Kundalini awakening brings with it immense spiritual insight. But deep spiritual work isn’t always easy, fun, or comfortable. Using crystals during your process can help make the journey less bumpy.

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself exhausted and fatigued afterwards. It’s a sign of the hard work that you have invested in finding spiritual truth and balance in your physical life form.

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* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here.

Kundalini Awakening

Awakening the Kundalini

How to Awaken Kundalini Energy

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