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11 Masculine Energy Crystals to Support Men in Mind, Body & Spirit

INSIDE: Crystals help us tap into different vibrations and currents that invigorate different qualities of our masculine and feminine selves. For masculine energy, certain crystals concentrate on brute strength and proactive thoughts to empower our intentions and dreams.


Centuries of social norms and traditions have instilled ideas of stoic, muscular, fierce manliness when referring to male energy. While these notions resonate for many men, there is much more to this energy and it's important that we bring balance to our yin yang energies.

The World Health Organization has noted that rigid ideas around masculinity may be detrimental to men's health. Studies over many years in communities around the world note that, influenced by social mores, men often refuse or reluctantly access healthcare because disease or ailments can communicate weakness to others.

A better way to approach this topic is to acknowledge the many beneficial characteristics of masculine energy – assertiveness, leadership, strength, protection – alongside and in balance with the feminine.

Take, for example, the Hindu trimurti (triad) of gods:

  • Shiva the Destroyer both creates and destroys through grandiose, booming feats of strength
  • Brahma the Creator, supreme and metaphysical in the triad, exemplifies man’s intense spiritual connection in the universe.
  • Vishnu the Preserver offers fierce protection over the lives of humans.

While the Hindu deific-system is complex, with hundreds of godly avatars branching from this trimurti, these gods offer a glimpse at the balance of divine masculine energy.

Many Hindu dieties are linked in male-female forms, and as Ardhanareeshvara – roughly meaning half-god-goddess – these beings exude both masculine and feminine energy.

Thus, it is important for men and women, to tend to their male aspects and harness their fierce passions through grounded strength.

Specialty Pieces

How to Use Crystals to Bring Out Divine Masculine Energy

Crystals are a great way to mindfully tend your masculinity. Their presence serve as reminders of different intentions you can set to tap in to the divine masculine.

The elemental compositions of different masculine energy crystals radiate with the human body to help develop protective auras and to accentuate certain masculine traits.

Male energy especially resonates from the root, sacral, and solar plexus chakras.

It’s easy to incorporate the use of crystals in your life so that getting in sync with your masculinity becomes a habit:

  • Carry small tumbled stones in your pocket - The crystal energy will still resonate to your body and mind even if you are less mindful about their constant presence with you.
  • Wear crystal jewelry - Men wear jewelry, too – just look at pictures of Shiva, Brahma, and Vishnu! You can find simple bracelets and necklaces, or if you wear suits, get crystal-embedded cufflinks, tie-tacks, and pendants.
  • Keep crystals on your desk, by the bedside, or in your car - Crystals carefully positioned in various parts of the home, office, or other places can purify and protect.
  • Use crystals during meditation, yoga, or other healthy exercises - You can position crystals on a yoga mat or meditation space to help you sync your physical body with your spiritual intentions.

11 Masculine Energy Crystals

Masculine crystals tend to come in dark stones of brown, black, and gold shades. Varieties of these crystals may have bursts of bright colors, too.

Since masculinity tends to be powerful and intense, these crystals help to absorb overpowering energy that can tip us into a negative space.

Let's look at some of them now...

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is a fascinating type of aluminum borosilicate that has iron, magnesium, and other metal impurities, which offer some hints of color to the dark, blackish crystal.

When rubbed or heated, Black Tourmaline gains an electric charge that can magnetize and repel – you can try this with dust particles.

This crystal works in two ways for masculine energy. It can repel negativity and unwanted thoughts, absorbing any stray currents. At the same time it can magnetize positivity and protect the confident strength you have.

In the chakra system, Black Tourmaline corresponds with the root chakra to help you ground yourself in your abilities and feel free and safe from fears. Thus you can serve as a healthy leader moving forward in your life.

Black Tourmaline that is placed through Feng Shui patterns in rooms of rest and quiet protect the positive energy of a home.

Tiger’s Eye 

Tiger’s Eye comes in several forms, commonly as a shade of brown but also in red and blue variants. As a member of the quartz family and an oxide mineral, when exposed to fire or extreme heat, the crystal turns red or blue.

This masculine energy crystal fosters the primal, manly energy that allows you to be brave, decisive, and assertive. As noted, while too much energy that is masculine can be detrimental, it still needs to exist and be celebrated. It is with spiritual harmony that physical strength can be used in positive ways.

Tiger’s Eye has a duality that ignites passion and sexual vitality while also calling forth emotional clarity and consciousness. It helps to nourish your relationships and present you as a compassionate provider. 



Hematite, which is known as the “bloodstone,” has a deep red color that comes from its high iron content. It turns a reflective, metallic black when polished, but it maintains the blood red color inside.

This crystal can be likened to our blood – a filtration and replenishing system for our bodies. Hematite absorbs negative energy and converts it into strength and self-assurance.

It works in subtle ways, in the same way that our pulse steadily beats without our conscious exertion.

In line with the root chakra, Hematite offers clear thinking and logical foresight to use our strengths and abilities in constructive ways. At home, Hematite in the northern areas mapped by Feng Shui can invite progress and success.

Smoky Quartz

While the previous masculine crystals come in dark colors, Smoky Quartz has a translucent depth with brown wisps that happen from exposure to aluminum and natural underground radiation from granite deposits.

Smoky Quartz has symbolized power for centuries, for example, as a common ornament on Scottish daggers. It is especially meant to invite mental clarity and thought in times of uncertainty and decision.

This crystal directs negative thoughts and vibrations away from you and back to the earth to be neutralized. This means that Smoky Quartz helps to transform what is negative into positive.

Again focused at the root chakra, Smoky Quartz provides grounding resilience to empower you to carry on independently or as a leader. In Feng Shui, using Smoky Quartz near an entry point offers protection and attracts good fortune.



Sometimes called Fool’s Gold, Pyrite’s golden shine comes from iron sulfide. When struck against something hard, it can spark and help ignite fire.

Pyrite lives up to its bright, burning appearance. It represents wealth and prosperity, and using it to enhance masculine energy amplifies positive energy and confidence.

In line with the regions of the solar plexus and sacral chakra, Pyrite works to ward off fear and hesitation and to instill open thinking and clarity. This motivates you to take action towards your goals with pleasure and gratitude.

As a tool in Feng Shui, Pyrite can protect a space as well as feed healthy relationships.

Red Jasper 

Red Jasper, the Stone of Protection, has been a staple tool for traditional healers since ancient times. It protects the healer while also working on the person being healed.

The red color of this crystal attracts passion to you. As passion grows, your fears dissipate so that you can whole-heartedly act and live presently.

This masculine energy crystal has links to kundalini energy that boosts the libido for healthy, emotionally-fulfilled sexual connections.



Garnet is a powerful crystal that promotes vitality and transits multiple realms of the physical and emotional body. It is most popularly seen in its deep red to brownish-red form, known as Almandine Garnet.

Like Smoky Quartz, Garnet uses negative energy as an ingredient to send forth positive currents. Therefore, it has been called the Primordial Fire, or the creation of all that is.

Garnet facilitates emotional balance and creativity to stabilize your mental thoughts so that you can focus on your relationships and build strong intimacy.

Traversing between the root chakra and crown chakra, Garnet’s energy helps restore your entire being into balance. Placed in the southern region according to Feng Shui, it brings success.


Made of magnesium and magnesium iron silicate, Bronzite protects and arms you. It can take negative energy aimed towards you and reverberate it away back towards the source.

In a way, Bronzite works to strengthen and protect you while teaching those around you who might negatively influence you that you have the power to resist and overcome.

Bronzite is a symbol of courage and stability, helping you take focused actions that best use your strengths to get through challenges.

Acting in the root, sacral, and solar plexus chakras, Bronzite dually grounds and ignites us in action. In the home or workplace, it promotes hope and growth through Feng Shui arrangement.

Black Onyx

Black Onyx

Black Onyx is a type of Quartz known as Chalcedony. It serves like a lighthouse, illuminating a path through the dark.

The masculine energy from Black Onyx helps dispel the darkness and negativity so that you can envision a new path forward into the light. Like the lighthouse, it provides a protective aura that revives your strength to keep going.

At the root chakra, Black Onyx brings balance to our own personal power and self-confidence. It offers similar power in Feng Shui to places of rest and reflection.


Serpentine comes in various shades of green, from dark to grey, and can have traces of red, brown, yellow, and white within it. This crystal draws forth mighty aspects of divine masculine energy.

Hearkening to the symbol of the snake, Serpentine’s energy slithers through the mind and body to dislodge blockages. This brings clarity of mind so that you can better tune into your consciousness and kundalini energy. 

Diving into these deep recesses of thought can present past traumas and wounds, and Serpentine works to heal these sensations. Whereas other stones convert negative to positive, Serpentine works at the same time to extinguish negativity and invite in positivity. 

Important to the crown chakra and divine consciousness, Serpentine also can work like Garnet to cleanse and align the entire chakra system. In Feng Shui, Serpentine can sit as a centerpiece to the home for spiritual balance in the family.



Shungite has been called the “Miracle Stone” or “Stone of Life” because it contents nearly all of the minerals in the periodic table. This grey-black stone also contains the unique carbon fullerenes, which are hollow globular molecules that give it antioxidant properties.

Shungite is thought to have come from a meteorite, and researchers earned a Nobel Prize in chemistry for discovering the properties of fullerenes in this crystal.

All of these powerful elemental forces mean that Shungite serves to purify the masculine energy within us. It brings all the echos of the divine masculine in harmony for maximal physical, mental, and spiritual fortitude.

Central to the root chakra, Shungite revitalizes masculine strength. It's also a central crystal in Feng Shui and can bring transformation and security to the home.

Final Thoughts 

Masculine energy allows us to draw on our fierce abilities to conquer and overcome life’s challenges.

The use of masculine crystals steadies our power and force in line with emotional stability and reflection. In this way, masculinity serves to push us forward with confidence and drive.

How to Use Crystals

* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here.

Masculine Energy Crystals

Masculine Energy Stones

Crystals for Masculine Energy



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