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Mercury in Signs: What is your Unique Style of Communication?

INSIDE: Mercury in signs tells us about our authentic verbal and non-verbal expressions. It can tell us a lot about our cognitive abilities, our desire to learn, our style of learning, and our inborn skills and abilities. Let’s discover what makes each of the 12 Mercury placements so unique…


How we memorize things, how we communicate, and how we learn new skills differs from person to person. After all, no mind is the same, and that’s what makes us all extraordinary.

According to Very Well Mind, the style of learning and the way we approach new knowledge plays a key role in how quickly we forget new information, but so does the time of learning. Astrology associates our cognitive abilities with one particular influence, and that is the planet, Mercury. 

Mercury is so much more than the retrograde planet everyone blames when things go wrong. It is a planet of intellect, communication, learning, and skills. It represents our logical mind and is an important part of our astrological makeup.

Here's what you need to know about Mercury, and the meaning behind each Mercury in signs...

What is Mercury in Astrology?

After the Sun, which represents our identity and ego, and the Moon, which is all about the subconscious and emotions, comes the planet of intellect, communication, and mind - Mercury.

One of the five personal planets, it plays an important role in understanding our personality and how we consciously operate in the world. Never too far from the Sun, It is usually placed in the same sign as the Sun or one sign before or after the sign that the Sun is placed in.

It is a fast and changeable planet that can change signs every 15 to even 60 days, depending on whether it goes retrograde in a sign or not.

Next to the planet of love, the God of War, and the Lord of Karma, Mercury usually and unjustly gets overlooked. This is not a flashy planet that can tell us how we love or how assertive we are, yet it is a planet that serves to help us voice our love and our opinions.

What is interesting about Mercury is that it is neither a negative nor a positive influence on its own. Its nature and how it affects one’s life will very much depend on the placement of Mercury in one’s chart. 

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Here is what this interesting planet is all about...

It Represents Communication

Before anything else, Mercury in signs represents verbal, written, and non-verbal communication. This is the planet that corresponds with the Throat Chakra and expression.

Mercury is the planet of social media, the internet, and the travel of information. It is very much linked to the global tech changes we are experiencing, the era of cellphones and Instagram. Mercury is all the likes, shares, subscribes, stories, and gossip around us.

It represents our communication style, the transfer of information in general, how we voice our opinions, and how we connect with others intellectually.

Mercury rules speech and language and is a crucial element in understanding one’s rhetoric abilities. It also represents lies, trickery, misinformation, and verbal manipulation. 

It Represents The Mind & Skills

Mercury not only rules speech but also the mind and the intellect. This is the planet that, more than any other, can show us our special talents and skills. Mercury is a student of astrology, always learning new things, and so it represents our practical knowledge and our learning style.

It represents the thought process, the logical mind, and the ability to find a link between cause and consequence. It rules our memory, cognition, perception, and everything else that has to do with human consciousness and the rational mind.

It also has to do with mental brilliance, the ability to bargain, convince, and trade. Because of that, Mercury in the signs is also associated with wittiness and cunningness. 

Mercury in the Signs

It Represents Analysis & Details

Ruling Virgo and Gemini, Mercury represents all types of analysis. It represents truths, especially scientific truths, facts, and established laws of science we learn about in schools.

Mercury is associated with charts, lists, books, and anything that describes things in detail. Because it deals with details, it represents processes, from beginning to end, be those technical processes or developments of ideas.

It deals with matters of practicality, organization, and also efficiency. It is associated with abstract thought, curiosity, and the desire to understand how things work. 

It Represents Movement & Change

After the Moon, Mercury is the fastest planet in astrology, and therefore it is no wonder that it rules change and movement. Mercury in signs symbolizes not only the transport of information but also the actual means of transport, be those cars or planes. It rules short trips, short travel, and is also associated with trade and local tourism.

This is the planet that is associated with everyday practical changes, such as changes of jobs, place of living, or buying new things, depending on which house it transits. 

What are Mercurian Qualities?

When someone has a lot of Mercury aspects in their chart, is a Gemini or Virgo rising, or has a lot of planets in those two signs, we can say that that person has a lot of Mercurian qualities, depending on the nature of aspects, the house Mercury is placed in, and the zodiac sign Mercury is found in.

Here are the Mercurian qualities in a nutshell... 

Positive Mercurian Qualities

Well-aspected Mercury has the gift of gab, is intelligent, sharp-minded, witty, and a great communicator that everyone loves talking to. It has the ability to reach masses via speech, and the ability to influence others.

It has incredible rhetorical abilities, great learning skills, and incredible memory. It is usually multi-talented, truthful, and has the ability to see people for who they truly are, isn’t a manipulator nor is it easily manipulated, and easily sees through deception and lies.

Someone with strong Mercury often has excellent technical skills and bargaining skills, is super logical, and has the ability to easily solve problems.

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The Shadow Side of Mercury

The more negative side of Mercury in signs plays out in various forms. It can be argumentative, addicted to debates, dishonest, and distrustful of others. Negative mercury is also cunning, but it is far more prone to manipulation and trickery than positive Mercury.

It is either super-talkative, never listening to what others have to say, or too closed-off and shy in expressing thoughts. Negative Mercury can make one prone to accidents, indicate nervousness, a restless mind, or mental health problems, such as depression or anxiety.

It can still be smart but have trouble learning and applying what is learned, and has a short attention span and trouble with memory.

Mercury in the Signs

A planet of communication and analysis, Mercury rules two signs, Gemini and Virgo, and can show its fullest, most organic potential when placed in these two signs. It not only rules the sign of Virgo, but this is also the sign of its exaltation, as it is in fall in Pisces and debilitated in Sagittarius, which are contrasting energies to Virgo and Gemini.

Let’s see what your Mercury sign says about you…

Mercury in Aries

When a warrior sign that’s ruled by fiery Mars meets the planet of communication, we get a feisty spirit that has no trouble voicing its opinions. People with Mars in Aries are bold and honest communicators that have very little tolerance for nonsense and don’t like wasting tier words. They are straight-to-the-point communicators and are not that interested in abstract terms.

Because Aries is a Martian sign, they can also be fast communicators, sporty folks, fast drivers, argumentative, and easily fired-up in communication, especially when something is important to them.

Because of its Martian influence, this Mercury in signs can also have great technical and mechanical skills.

Mercury in Taurus

Far more gentle in their approach than the previous, people with Mercury in Taurus don’t like arguing - unless someone really pushes their boundaries. They are practical, sometimes shy communicators, who like communication to be easy-going and lighthearted.

Although they sometimes don’t say much, they like expressing themselves through actions rather than empty words. Because Taurus is a Venus-ruled sign, they can be quite artistic, poetic, and have a great talent for creative expression, music, and the written word.

They may be slower to learn new things but are also slower to forget, as once they master a skill, they become incredibly good at it. 

Mercury Ruler of Speech

Mercury in Gemini

Being in its rulerships, Mercury in Gemini brings incredible oratory abilities, sharp intellect, and a huge thirst for knowledge. People with this Mercury placement are fast learners who are very interested in figuring things out.

They are independent thinkers who know how to use their wit. They are very cunning and effective communicators with rich vocabulary. They are sociable folks who like to communicate, share ideas, debate, and are usually multi-talented people with plenty of interests.

Those with Mercury in Gemini are great at gathering and sharing information, often being the most informed folks in their group of friends.

Mercury in Cancer

Mercury in Cancer is one of the Mercury in signs placements that simply knows how to get under someone’s skin. This Mercury is loving, welcoming, and usually soft-spoken, but is not always very direct and open with new people.

People with this Mercury have no trouble expressing their emotions, be it through words or non-verbal means and art. Like the water, these people are fluid when it comes to their attitudes, always open to hearing the other side of the story. 

They are very personable communicators, and probably the first ones to ask you how you’re doing. Their communication changes with their mood, and you’ll be able to easily spot internal changes they go through on their faces or by the tone of their voice, which is why they are masters of non-verbal communication. 

Mercury in Leo

Mercury in Leo is a theatrical, descriptive communicator that easily engages its audience. People with his placement are excellent storytellers, charismatic, and gregarious.

With this Mercury, even the simplest communication about the weather can turn into an extravagant story, and these people are the factor that usually brings light and joy to any conversation. They are communicative, usually have a lot of acquaintances, and have great persuasion skills.

Although a little dramatic, stubborn and with a tendency to sometimes blow things out of proportion, their charm seems to always help them get their way.

Mercury in Virgo

Being both the sign of Mercury exaltation and rulership, out of all Mercury in signs, Virgo is the placement where Mercury wants to be the most.

People with Mercury in Virgo are intelligent, to-the-point communicators, incredibly logical, and analytical. There is nothing that their eyes can’t spot. There is no skill that these folks can't pick up, as they are usually very dedicated to learning, often excelling in whatever skill they begin.

While Gemini is more concerned with communication and sharing of information, this sign of Mercury rulership is all about thinking, analysis, and introspection.

Mercury in Virgo also gives a great eye for detail, making these folks natural-born detectives and truth seekers.

Mercury in Libra

Mercury in Libra is the most diplomatic of them all. Not only is this the sign of justice and fairness, but because it is an intellectual air sign, it gives great intellect and great discerning ability.

People with Mercury in Libra are excellent communicators, very friendly, and able to make anyone feel comfortable. They bring out the best in people, and because of their ability to see two sides of the same coin, they are great at giving advice and helping others find the middle ground.

Self-aware and balanced, they don’t like offending others, and they are always carefully picking their words. They often have a talent for the design, interior decor, or the arts, but also the law. 

Mercury in Scorpio

Mercury in Scorpio is suspicious but sharp. People with this Mercury in signs placement have a natural tendency to question everything and are actually quite good at understanding deeper, underlying issues and cues others may miss.

Although not always too expressive, and mysterious to those who don’t know them well, they love deep conversations and are not big fans of small talk.

Mercury in Scorpio likes things to be precise, they communicate on point, and don't have much tolerance for sweet-talkers or superficial connections.

Because of their Plutonian and Martian influence, this placement can be great for detectives, investigators, surgeons, or other professions that require digging deep into the heart of the matter.

Mercury in Sagittarius

Mercury is debilitated in the fun-loving, expansive sign of Sagittarius. Although quite philosophical and with a deep desire to experience life, Mercury in Sagittarius people are more focused on the present moment and are not so interested in digging deep into the heart of the matter.

This Mercury in the signs is more about expansion and hands-on experience than an unnecessary analysis that makes life complicated, but their experience can often make them natural philosophers.

They are interested in the information they deem to be useful right here and right now. Because they are always on the go they can have a short attention span, be forgetful, or easily space out, always exploring new ideas and leaving old ones behind.

Mercury in Capricorn

Mercury in Capricorn people have an aura of authority and wisdom around them when they speak. There is something highly professional and respectable about them, and even when they are with friends having fun, they seem like they are secretly plotting to conquer the world.

Although they don’t always say much, they are dedicated to their values, and will proudly voice their opinions. They seem wise beyond their age and are naturally mindful of their words.

This Mercury in signs is great with practical knowledge and computers, and they usually have incredible technical and problem-solving skills.

Planet of Change

Mercury in Aquarius

In the last air sign, Aquarius, Mercury has a chance to blend the old and the new, innovate, and test knowledge. Sociable, open-minded, and able to give fresh perspectives, Mercury in Aquarius people are often great scientists and innovators who have a broad spectrum of knowledge.

They are objective and know how to detach themselves from both internal and external influences. This helps them see things for what they are and then give innovative solutions and suggestions.

Similar to Mercury in Capricorn, these folks also have an aura of wisdom around them and are great teachers and students.

Mercury in Pisces

Similar to Mercury in Cancer, Mercury in Pisces has a soft and warm approach to communication. Pisces is the sign of Mercury’s fall. People with this placement would rather get lost in imagination, creativity, and improvise their way through life, rather than be consumed with analysis, details, or facts.

They are incredibly creative, but can frequently get lost in their thoughts, and forget important things. They are more the artist type who likes to communicate through abstraction and are more connected with the laws of the Universe and spiritual knowledge than practical things and scientific laws. 

Final Thoughts

Mercury placement offers a lot of insight into how we communicate and learn. More than anything else, it gives us important cues about how we can improve our communication and better understand how we approach new information. It also helps us become more mindful of how we relate to others on a day-to-day basis, how we listen, and how we speak.

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Mercury in Signs What is your Unique Style of Communication

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