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Red Jasper Healing Properties for Stability, Stamina & Passion

INSIDE: Red Jasper healing properties are powerful and extremely beneficial. This stone brings us physical energy, a calm sense of stability, and a fiery passion for life. Keep reading to learn more!


Are you crystal-curious? One of the most fundamental crystals is Red Jasper. Technically a part of the Quartz family, this gorgeous stone packs a punch all its own.

With Quartz being among the farthest reaching minerals on earth, there are very few areas in the world that Red Jasper cannot be found. The easy accessibility and wide range of positive effects make it great for both beginners and seasoned experts.

Here's some background on this high-energy stone…

What is Red Jasper?

Though a variant of Quartz, the metaphysical properties of Red Jasper is quite different. This stone carries a strong and feisty energy, excellent for making the wearer feel confident.

However, it will not just be the owner that reaps the benefits. This stone’s high energy helps bring courage and tenacity not only to its user, but to everything and everyone around it.

Red Jasper is a great option if you're looking for power and intensity, but don’t be intimidated by this fiery crystal! While its high vibrational energy makes it great for risk-taking and boosting self-assurance, it is predominantly a stone of protection.

It is most connected to the root chakra, which is responsible for our physical sense of safety and security. Many carriers have used it to ward against liars, thievery, accidental deaths, and even demonic possession.

Another benefit is that Red Jasper is an excellent muse. This mineral stimulates each side of the brain by inspiring both creativity and problem solving.

Red Jasper Tumbled Stones

Red Jasper Healing Properties

While all of these benefits are desirable, we wanted to gather all of the amazing ways that Red Jasper healing properties can be used for both mental and physical ailments.

It's a balancing stone, working to keep you feeling both humble and empowered.

It also increases physical strength and stamina and assists in rebuilding broken confidence and a weakened sense of self.

If you're looking to achieve any of the following positive effects, try adding Red Jasper into your crystal collection and allow its positive energy to do its work! 

Improve Your Physical Strength 

If your physical strength has been weakened recently due to lack of exercise or health problems, introduce yourself to the healing properties of Red Jasper. Carry it with you or wear it on your person and feel it helping you grow stronger with each passing day.

You don’t need to be recovering from an illness or returning from a gym sabbatical to feel the benefits of this stone, however. Bring it to your next weight lifting session and let the Red Jasper healing properties guide you to your best performance.

Give Your Stamina a Boost

If you’re a runner, treat yourself to some Red Jasper healing properties and carry the stone in your pocket as a lucky charm. This stone has been shown to increase stamina in activities that require physical and mental endurance, including sports and academics.

If you have a big race coming up or need to pull an all-nighter for a final exam, keep your Red Jasper stone nearby. It will help to reduce your fatigue and exhaustion so you can complete tasks to the best of your ability.

As a bonus, most activities that require stamina will also benefit from some of the other healing properties of Red Jasper, including its calm and steady presence, grounding abilities, and close relationship with inner peace and happiness.

Increase Your Self-Esteem

Red Jasper is a grounding crystal with serene properties, but give this passionate red stone a chance and watch it turn up the heat. If you have been feeling yourself getting bogged down by the constant pressure of society, Red Jasper healing properties can help to lift you back up.

When you start to question your choices and important decisions, carry this stone with you. It helps you to maintain faith in your convictions and trust your gut instinct.

It also encourages boldness and is recommended to keep near you when taking big risks or pursuing new dreams and ambitions. Let this stone help embody you with empowerment and control.

Reduce Tension & Stress

Red Jasper healing properties are known for their ability to bring peace and calm to the owner. Keep it in the places where you feel the most stress, like your office or in your car while driving in traffic, and let the tension melt off of you.

If you've had a tough day at work or arguments with your partner, take some time to lay with this stone directly on your root chakra (the base of your spine) and let it work its magic. Just a few minutes of quiet meditation should have you feeling like a weight has been lifted.

Another great way to feel these positive effects is to take a long walk in nature while wearing Red Jasper jewelry or carrying a Red Jasper tumbled stone in your pocket. Fresh air combined with the positive vibrations of this stone should have you feeling refreshed in no time. 

Help Stabilize Your Root Chakra 

Your root chakra is located at the base of your spine. When neglected, this chakra is prone to becoming hostile and over-aggressive. If left untreated, it can cause you to become reactive to friends and family members, which can damage close relationships.

If you've been feeling particularly nasty and argumentative towards others, your root chakra could be the cause. Red Jasper healing properties are often used to stabilize this chakra and reduce the combative feelings it can cause.

Yoga sessions involving Red Jasper can help balance the root chakra and even simple meditation with the stone placed directly on the base of your spine can help.

Final Thoughts

It is a great deal easier to prevent something from happening than it is to heal after it has already occurred. Since Red Jasper healing properties are aimed to protect you, start carrying it with you now!

Wear it as jewelry, carry it in your pocket, or keep it on your desk and feel the security of this powerful stone as it watches over you and keeps you safe. Keep Red Jasper nearby and it will be actively working to heal you each and every day.

Red Jasper’s healing properties work to heal us from both emotional and physical issues. It is a highly powerful stone that allows us to be in control of our personal power, so start using it today to reap its benefits!

How to Use Crystals

* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here. 

Red Jasper Healing Properties

Healing Properties of Red Jasper

Red Jasper Healing

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