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Spiritual Meaning of Numbers: How to Notice Nature’s Mathematical Code

INSIDE: Everyday in our lives, we give importance to numbers – whether as signifiers of time, money, or age. Contained in these numerals, however, are messages sent from the divine. Read on to learn about the spiritual meaning of numbers…


It’s common parlance – especially in those moments when the check has arrived at the end of dinner with a group of friends – to attest, “Oh, I’m so bad at math!”

According to the 2018 Cambridge International Global Education Census, though, mathematics is a student body favorite, at least among those polled in ten countries. Whether or not we’re good at math, we clearly have a fascination with numbers and an understanding of their intricate formulae and logic. 

But in reality, numbers and mathematics serve as a universal language. No matter where in the world we land, we can make some kind of meaning by counting or mimicking numbers.

Yet the meaning of numbers as a universal language lies even deeper than some international form of nonverbal communication as they contain a spiritual link to nature conveying messages from the spirit world. 

The Correlation Between Numbers & Nature 

The interplay that helps us translate nature into numbers and recognize numbers for their true nature rests in both scientific logic and divine messages.

Let’s explore how the spiritual meaning of numbers arises in formulas, energies, and geometries in nature.

Spiritual Gifts


In science class, we learned that sound travels in waves. Anything around an object that has projected or produced a sound can impact how those waves travel and what noises we hear. Sound comes from an energetic exchange and motion.

Thus, everything in the world emits a sound, even though the waves may not register our human hearing. The sound holds a message or directive.

For example, the motionlessness of fish in the water actually gives off an echo from an organ in their body called a swim bladder. Its size determines the tone of the sound, which may be experienced by other organisms and definitely by sonar technology.

Imagine the sound of wind, thunder, and water. When we take time to listen to nature, we experience emotions and often find mental clarity. If we wanted, we could take a measure of the sound these things make and find a number that corresponds to a decibel level, but we don’t need to because we recognize the power of sound. 


Likewise with light. We see the amazing colors of nature because of light waves, measurable lengths of varying values that determine a spectral node. Yet we also know that we understand much more than ROYGBIV when we see color.

We classify colors as warm and cool, recognizing a deeper essence to a wavelength.

The fish in the water? When they travel in large numbers to form a shoal or school, they rely on the shifting light and colors they create together to confuse predators and on their organized geometry to let protection take shape. 

So in just two basic ways, we can envision how everything in the world has a unique mathematical signature that includes the way they absorb lightwaves, the sounds they make, and so much more. It’s an individual spiritual vibration.

While these numbers may be hard to compute, what isn’t is the meaning we can derive from our basic Arabic numerals, 0 through 9. 

spiritual meaning of number 3

Meaning of Single Digit Numbers

Let’s start with the single digits to garner the spiritual meaning of numbers. When we understand some basic messages, we can divine much more from other numeric codes and equations.

Number 0

In appearance alone, the number 0 displays a perfectly closed circle, a sign of endless possibility. Its measure of nothingness actually contains immense power as the womb of creativity. The potential nested in 0 has no limits. 

Number 1 

The number 1 stands tall and proud, signifying our own individualistic strength and power. Focusing on 1 allows us to connect to our higher self and recognize the intrinsic measure we give to our worth.

Number 2

When we combine one individual with another, we can access deep spiritual meaning of number 2. This number combines the gifts of two spiritual beings in a balanced partnership. It represents the two modes of yin and yang united together in cooperation.

Number 3

Number 3 encapsulates the realms we can access and control within ourselves – mind, body, and spirit. By embracing the number 3, we put these realms into motion in a harmonic rhythm.

Number 4

Adding to our mind-body-spirit connection, the number 4 gives the stable base of space and place. When we build a sacred home to nurture and protect our aura, we gain strength, awareness, and understanding. 

Number 5 

The spiritual meaning of numbers contains symbolism of the five elements of nature – earth, water, air, fire, ether. The number 5 encompasses this meanings to instill the sense of a free spirit in complete commune with the world. It heralds in manifestation.

Number 6

The number 6 contains wisdom and vision. Concentrating on the message from number 6 can bridge us with our psychic seeing abilities (clairvoyance).

Number 7 

Speaking of the spiritual meaning of numbers, we may recognize the number 7 as a particularly important number in faith and religion, especially Christianity. However, its significance permeates all sorts of divine beliefs. It especially represents chakra energy that when balanced between our bodies and the cosmos can link us to the divine.

Number 8

The number 8 may seem to share a lot of meaning with the number 1, but it has a supremely resonant connection to infinity. Just turn it sideways! The number 8 informs us of the infinite wisdom, abundance, and blessings we can attain when we truly tap into our selves and spiritual gifts.

Number 9 

Finally, what does number 9 mean spiritually? As the ultimate numeral, it demonstrates our culmination of knowledge. It guards the universal well of wisdom and guidance that allows us to reach consciousness. 

What Do Triple Digits of the Same Number Mean?

Some people refer to these numbers as angel numbers, but no matter what we call them, triple digits of the same number pack major significance. Most likely they appear before us at random times but frequently – like on a clock, receipt, or timer – carrying divine messages we need to focus on.


Kicking off the spiritual meaning of numbers in threes, 111 indicates that our inner work is paying off. We’ve grasped our intuitive nature and are so close to unleashing our full potential in the world.


The numbers 222 connect to our sense of balance. When this combination creeps up often, it means we need to reestablish harmony and equilibrium in our lives.


The spiritual meaning of number 3 referred to the auric triad of ourselves: mind-body-spirit. When we have triple 3s, we receive the message that we need to bring this trinity back in sync and prioritize our connection with the divine and our spirit. 


Seeing a pattern with three 4s means that we’re on track with what aligns our soul with the universe. It’s a sign to remain steadfast in our spiritual pursuits.


The numbers 555 tell us to pay attention to what we need and be willing to let go of the extra baggage. It awakens a period of release which can be painful but freeing when we emerge.

111 Angel Numbers


In the scope of the spiritual meaning of numbers connected to religion, 666 has a fairly unpopular position. However, it is not a combination to be avoided or ignored, no matter what context. The number 666 does represent a low frequency and communicates that we must take action to heal and energize our spirits. 


On the other hand, 777 has a popular connotation. The number 777 means we’ve embarked on spiritual awakening and have intuited the path we need to travel in order to truly evolve as a soul.


The number 888 includes the spiritual meaning of number 8, our infinite potential. This triad of 8 appears in order to encourage us to continue in our work and our exploration because our gifts are needed in the world.


As with number 9, the three 9s mean a culmination of our journey. We’ve accessed the divine knowledge we sought and have discovered how we fit into a grander purpose.

What Do Consecutive Numbers Mean?

When we notice consecutive sequences of numbers (like 123 or 789) happening often in our lives, this is a message from the divine to perk up and listen!

Concentrate on the sequence and work with it. Perhaps add the digits together until you land on a single digit and notice its meaning. Our spirit guides want us to learn, but we do have to do some work to get to the answers.

Final Thoughts 

There’s no need to fear numbers. We’re taught to worry and fret over number combinations that make up prices or grades or speeds. However, when we return to the natural mathematics that builds the world around us, we can find the incredible spiritual meaning of numbers.

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Spiritual Meaning of Numbers

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I have been seeing number combos but not the normal kind. The first and last of three are the same but the middle is different. What would that mean?

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