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Spiritual Meditation: 5 Techniques To Rejuvenate The Spirit

INSIDE: Are you ready to take your meditation practice to a new level? Or maybe you're just starting out? Either way, these tips will guide you to engage in spiritual meditation that rejuvenates your soul.


While the humble roots of meditation can go back to ancient religious traditions across the globe, its practice as an integral element of the spiritual path is closest to Buddhism. Regarded as the spiritual practice adapting to the regions’ cultures, Zen meditation can examine it.

Today, when different cultures adapt to other meditation practices, their association with the inner being remains unchanged.

Although it has been classified differently in through different meditation types, its purpose remains unaltered. As long as it creates inner calm and harmony, its ties to various religious teachings are valid.

Realizing who you are is the most important discovery we can accomplish out of spiritual meditation. It’s how you rediscover your inner peace.

Your perceptions about yourself and the circumstances around you change, and a sense of love and light warms you up from inside out. You realize the eternal truth and start being unbothered about the things that occur or will occur.

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5 Ways to Revive Your Spirit With Spiritual Meditation

If you long for eternal peace to think and see beyond the chaotic and humdrum world, here are five aspects of rejuvenating your spirit through spiritual meditation.

Find a Peaceful & Comfortable Location 

The beginning point to start your practice initiates with the choice of the location. It’s important to find a place where you’re best comfortable. Select an area where the city’s noise (or even your household's noise) doesn't bother you. 

The only thing compulsory here is to consider looking at the surroundings. Ensure it has all the lively elements of Mother Nature. Sounds of birds chirping and an organic setup with greeneries all around are just two examples.

Relax, Loosen Up & Experience 

Whenever you decide to achieve something, you usually begin by executing the plan – don’t you? And after you know your strategies, you follow them in chronological order. In a majority of tasks, planning and executing both should be done in a controlled way.

But simply put, meditation is not something we can achieve by following such a pattern. Instead, it's important to relax and let go of your stress and anxiety. One way you can alleviate anxiety and relax while meditating is by playing puzzle games like a crossword. You can visit the 911 crossword webpage for detailed information.

All you need is to loosen yourself up and dive into the organic and natural process. Be a passive spectator and allow yourself to go with the flow while in the process.

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Accept Your Thoughts But Don't Respond To Them

In an information-run world, it can be easy to get fed with data and stats. These come in the form of breaking news, live updates, and media channels. This results in your mind constantly filling with loads of information.

Your brain also reacts to the content. And the never-ending process continues until you are awake during your sleep. This is the time when your subconscious mind starts working. You react to the thought and get affected by them.

And when you sit and meditate, these thoughts bombard you. The challenge, however, is not only in the way you respond to these thoughts but also in the way you allow them to control your mind.

So, the best way you can rejuvenate your spirit is by letting these ideas seep in as usual. Just do not react to them. Let them come in and let them go.

Murmur A Prayer 

Ask about the best way to control yourself from responding to your thoughts, and the answer often comes in the form of a prayer. You can prevent those thoughts from maligning your tranquil composure.

Utter something that you think can avoid negative vibes. It may be something that makes you happy – a mantra or something based on wildlife.

Keeping your body relaxed and loose, breathe in gradually. Observe the breath, and as the thoughts interrupt your way, do whatever you want to restrict them. Just observe how your body reacts to the breathing process.

As you exhale, utter the prayer you have chosen. Each time you breathe out, murmur it. All you need to remember is to use the prayer as a mode to bring back the attention for noticing the breath.

Transform & Discover The Inner Peace 

The final aspect of performing spiritual meditation that rejuvenates your soul is to observe how your body responds. There’s an intangible connection between your presence or awareness in the current space and your body’s reaction. So get conscious of your surroundings.

Now, observe how your body reacts and attain the connection between your thoughts and the way you breathe. Stay calm as you do this. Now, see the world – open your eyes and sit in that position for about a few minutes. 

Your meditation’s effects should sink in and you should feel the lightness of the body. See how you transform and become less agitated. The last thing is acceptance – accept that your reaction was completely natural.

The Bottom Line 

Through spiritual meditation, you can accomplish spiritual awakening. And performing these techniques will help you discover a balanced self, in addition to inner peace and stillness.

Remember, you can't attain perfection in one day, but you can master the art and techniques of spiritual meditation with time and practice.

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Spiritual Meditation

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