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What to Look for When Hiring A Personal Life Coach

INSIDE: Are you considering hiring a life coach? If so, you might not know where to start. Use these tips to know what to look for when hiring a personal life coach.


A life coach can help you look at your goals and take the right steps to make them more achievable. But before you select a mentor, make sure they align with what you set out to do.

Here are some qualities to look for in a coach. 

A Coach That Listens to You

This sounds a bit overrated, but a good personal life coach mentor actually listens to what you have to say without judgement.

When you're able to express your ideas and the coach isn't judgmental, this will lead to a more fruitful discussion. Additionally, it'll show that they value your words and will take the time to understand you.

They Adapt to Your Needs

Every person is different, and a personal life coach mentor will begin to understand how to help you best. Here are some reasons why a coach is useful:

  • Identifies the best way you learn
  • Finds out how to maximize your potential
  • Understands how to best communicate an idea
  • Knows your personality and the things that make you tick

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They're Passionate

A life coach that doesn't believe in you is someone you don't want around you. A good mentor is very passionate about working with you to meet your goals and they put a pep in your step. They genuinely want to help you out and aren't just in it for monetary gain.

They're Authentic

Do a background check to see if they're really who they say they are and that they really have coaching credentials.

This makes them a bit more vulnerable to show that it's a two-way street between the mentor and mentee on each end. When you're able to reach this level of trust, it'll help you both go further.

They Hold You Accountable

While a coach isn't a drill sergeant, they make sure you're heading in the right direction. If you have a list of what you want to achieve, they want to ensure that you check each thing off to show that you're taking steps to achieve your dreams.

In return for what they're giving you, be sure to be on time for each session to show that you appreciate the value that your personal life consultant offers.

It takes time to find a good life coach who cares about your general well-being, not just a payday. When you have a mentor to help you step things up to another level, it can maximize your value in different aspects of your life.

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* This is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here. 

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