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How To Use Crystals for Brain Health: Increase Focus, Memory & Intellect

INSIDE: Wondering how to use crystals for brain health? This guide will teach you all the ways stones can help as well as different ways to use them. Read on to learn all about it.


Crystals have been known to heal the mind, body, and spirit in just about every culture since the beginning of time.

Used for their ability to shift frequencies, healing stones are becoming more and more popular in today’s day and age, as ancient knowledge continues to be uncovered and passed down. 

The way that the atoms and molecules move within each crystal are said to emit healing vibrations that resonate with different parts of a human’s mind, body, and spirit.

Crystals directly affect our energies on all levels - mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual - guiding us towards better health when used with proper intent. 

Crystal healing is sought after for various reasons, ranging from relieving anxiety to aiding in weight loss, stimulating awareness, and even improving brain health.

If you struggle with bad memory, lack of focus, or brain fog, there are many reasons to look into crystals for brain health.

Tumbled Stones

Benefits of Crystals for Brain Health

While crystals are undeniably beautiful on the outside, their true beauty lies inside. With their ability to transmute negative energies, they work to promote positive, healing vibrations. 

When used with intention, you can program certain crystals (don’t worry, we’ll tell you which ones!) to work specifically for your brain.  

Because the more you use them, the more your brain will pick up their vibrations, and in turn, your frequencies will begin to shift in an incredible way. 

Some aspects of brain health that crystals can help with include...

Clarity & Concentration

If you find it hard to navigate your desires and concentrate on exactly what you want, crystals like Clear Quartz and Selenite can help you overcome that.

Clear Quartz and Selenite are high vibrational and versatile stones. Known as “master healers” and “perfect stones,” they promote mental clarity and concentration.

Programmed as such, both of these crystals work to amplify your intention, emit healing vibrations to enhance focus, and erradicate any remaining brain fog.


Poor memory is often a side effect of brain fog and lack of focus. Pyrite and Hematite are great crystals to opt for when working to enhance your memory. 

Pyrite helps to improve memory and recall by directly stimulating the intellect. It allows us to knock down barriers to so that we can understand things on a much deeper level. 

Hematite, also known as “the stone of the mind” is one of the best crystals for enhancing memory, focus, and balance all at once. A powerful grounding stone, it works to keep us level-headed while evoking deeper thoughts, stronger memory, and also helping with vertigo.

Crystals for Higher Knowledge


Vertigo is the sensation of things moving around you when they’re not. It can feel like the world is spinning and, at its worst, like you’re caught in a vortex. This causes dizziness and a lack of balance, among other side effects. 

Explained above, Hematite is a powerful grounding and balancing stone for the mind, making it a must have when dealing with vertigo. 


Crystals are amazing when it comes to using them as tools for knowledge. Their healing properties have the ability to open up the brain to absorb higher frequencies, thus attaining higher consciousness.

Stones like Lapis Lazuli and Sodalite can help with this, as they have been known to assist in gaining knowledge, wisdom, and a higher vibrational state. 

Using Clear Quartz and/or Selenite in conjunction with one or both of these crystals will amplify and accelerate the healing you receive.

Mental Health

Rose Quartz and Lepidolite do wonders when it comes to mental health.

Rose Quartz radiates a gentle, nurturing energy that promotes love on all levels, easing away any worries, stresses, or anxieties. It is the stone of universal love and serves to remind us that we are loved no matter what. 

A powerful stabilizing stone, Lepidolite emits a calming energy and is useful when working with anxiety, mood swings, or emotional trauma. This beautiful lavender crystal is rich with lithium, which is found in medicine used to treat mood disorders, such as depression and bipolar disorder. 


Using Brain Health Crystals For Best Results

There are many ways to use crystals, but here are our favorite 3 ways to use them for promoting brain health...

Program Them

When you program your crystals before using them, they work at their highest function to serve you in a custom way. 

To program them, simply hold a crystal in your left hand, since your left side is your receiving side.

Take a few deep breaths to center yourself.

Start to think about the crystal's energy and how you want to use that energy to help you. Visualize it, and allow yourself to feel the emotions you would feel when the intention comes true. 

Then, speak it into existence. Tell the crystal exactly what you would like it to do for you, in love and light, and end by expressing gratitude.

Carry Them With You

It won’t do you much good to program a crystal and then place it in a corner, never to look or think about it again.

After you program a crystal, it is recommended to carry it around with you so that you can infuse it with your energy, and vice versa.

Tumbled stones are great for this purpose since you can put them in your pocket, wallet, or purse.

Place Them Under Your Pillow

Placing crystals under your pillow is very beneficial for the brain, as the crystals will be able to work to shift your subconscious while you sleep.

Crystals like Amethyst, Lepidolite, and Rose Quartz promote soothing and stabilizing energies, which make for a great combination to keep in the bedroom and under your pillow. 

Throw a Clear Quartz into the mix, and watch how your frequencies begin to change!

Final Thoughts

We hope these brain health tips provide insight and value on your crystal healing journey!

Be sure to cleanse these crystals regularly, at least once a week, so that you don’t risk holding on to any negative frequencies that they absorb. Simply burn some sage or palo santo, and allow them to reset.

How to Use Crystals for Health

* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here. 

Crystals for Brain Health

How to Use Crystals for Brain Health

Brain Health Stones

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