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Crystals for Serenity: Gain Peace & Release Anxiety

INSIDE: When you use crystals for serenity, you can experience greater levels of peace and tranquility. Melt away stress, overcome emotional blocks, and enjoy the well-being that comes from serenity.


NIH has found that just under 20% of adults suffer from an anxiety disorder, yet we all suffer from stress and anxiety in our busy lives. When we aren't relaxed and endure too much stress, it affects all aspects of our life, including our health

It’s important that we find ways to balance our energies and release fear.

While yoga and meditation can help reduce anxiety, food, exercise, and humor also go a long way in combating negative feelings.

Becoming more aware of our triggers helps us manage our anxiety, creating space to talk through feelings or create healthy routines to balance stress.

And then there are serenity crystals, which provide us with one of the easiest ways to release anger and ease fears.

These stones dispel negative energy and restore calm, allowing truth and wisdom to guide us. They improve our health and outlook. They also release negative emotions and grounds us, helping us let go of any lingering doubts we may have as we expand and learn how to relax. 

Carry these serenity crystals in your pocket or place them in the bedroom or office. They will help you relax and release negative energy.  

Our Favorite Serenity Crystals

When we find it difficult to relax and release fear or anxiety, there are crystals that can help us be more serene. From soft shades of pink to deep ocean blue hues, these are our favorite crystals for serenity work.


Amethyst crystals promote a sense of calm. They help with our emotional, spiritual and physical well-being, restoring balance and peace to our lives. They can also raise our self-awareness. 

They are useful when working with the Crown Chakra and an overactive mind as they connect with our spirituality and our divine wisdom.

This stone can increase feelings of safety and security, reassuring us that everything comes to us at the perfect time. Amethyst can also be useful in breaking addiction cycles and easing stress. 

Top Tip: Place this serenity crystal under a pillow to prevent nightmares or insomnia. Alternatively, store Tumbled Amethyst stones in the fridge and place them over the temples to ease tension headaches.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz promotes trust and harmony in our closest relationships, purifying and opening our hearts to healing and peace. This Quartz crystal reassures us when we are experiencing doubt, anxiety or grief.

It dispels negativity in our environment, replacing it with loving energy. This serenity stone allows us to forgive others and ourselves more easily by accepting the love that is all around us, boosting our trust and self-worth.

Top Tip: Place Rose Quartz in the south-west section of bedrooms to invite in love and happiness, boosting the overall serenity of your sleeping space.



Not only do Aquamarine crystals improve our communication skills, they also help us process grief, release anger, and reduces stress. This serenity crystal is particularly useful during transition periods, allowing us to embrace change and let go.

When it comes to emotional trauma, this blue crystal will aid us in letting go of old issues, reducing the stress and tension we may feel around unresolved conflicts or issues.

Top Tip: Aquamarine is one of the most powerful serenity crystals. It’s recommended to meditate with this stone for brief periods of time and gradually increase the amount of time.


When we are feeling nervous or worried, when our heart races or our breath shortens, we can be overwhelmed with anxiety. Lepidolite helps us manage our anxiety, stopping it from escalating.

Lepidolite can assist us in focusing on our breath, addressing the source of our anxiety. This healing stone can help us relax and improve the quality of our sleep.

Top Tip: Mediate with Lepidolite before bed or place in near your bed just before bedtime.



This is one of the best serenity crystals to keep negativity away from our lives and for grounding us. When we hold a Hematite stone in our hands, we can immediately feel their cooling and calming effect.

It can boost our concentration and focus with its powerful and strong energy. Feel safe and comforted with this healing stone. It connect to body tissue, the nervous system, and the root chakra.

Top Tip: Hematite serenity crystals can help us overcome addictions. Carry a piece, when in recovery or during trauma work.

Pink Opal

Pink Opal

Pink Opal isn’t just beautiful to look at it, it’s considered a love stone, helping us connect to the Heart Chakra, balancing our emotions and opening our hearts to love.

Known as “The Stone of Resolution,” it can heal emotional wounds and assist us in letting go of fear. This pretty opal releases our anger and doubt. It also works to develop self-worth, allowing us to express our true, authentic self.

Top Tip: Pink Opal is useful for trauma work; hold this gentle crystal to release fear and anxiety.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz helps us let go and ground ourselves, making space for what’s most important in our lives. By making room for new energy to enter, it helps us leave behind limiting beliefs, behaviors, feelings, and memories from the past.

Smoky Quartz helps cleanse and detoxify our mind, body, and spirit. It can assist us in releasing negative energy. It has a dark, smoke-like tint because it absorbs the lower vibrations that are leaving our energy field.

Once we’ve handed our unwanted energies to this serenity crystal, we can reach a higher state of being, where we can connect with joy, positivity and light.

Top Tip: Place Smoky Quartz in your purse or pocket, holding it to feel grounded and stabilized throughout the day.

Blue Quartz 

Blue Quartz

With its calming hue, Blue Quartz protects us from negativity. It has all the properties of Quartz, releasing our fear. It also enhances our expression, thus reducing our anxiety and doubt.

Blue Quartz can boost connections and lift depression, restoring our hope, happiness, and well-being. It connects with the Throat Chakra, assisting with communication, clearing our thoughts and improving concentration. It can also aid our emotional healing, releasing anger.

Top Tip: Use this stone when meditating to protect the aura and boost psychic abilities.



Sodalite’s deep blue hue can help boost communication, encouraging us to express ourselves and trust our judgement. This stone releases doubts, raising our self-esteem.

In ancient Greece, Sodalite was used to boost creativity. It is still used for creative expression and is particularly helpful in brainstorming, bringing new ideas to the table, when we feel stuck or down.

Top Tip: Carry Sodalite serenity crystals in your pocket to raise self-esteem, reduce doubt, and boost self-belief. 


Looking for a stone that promotes relaxation and serenity in all aspects of your life and the surrounding environment? Larimar is the one, releasing fear and doubt, and improving communication.

It also relieves the stress of pregnancy, helping with post-partum depression. It reduces the strain of new parenthood, helps us overcome fears and traumas, and it can cool hot tempers with its cool blue hue. 

Top Tip: Larimar enhances and protects the voice. Laying the stone on the throat boosts the voice, revealing its deepest wisdom.

Final Thoughts

Crystals for serenity are a top choice for anyone who suffers from anxiety or periods of prolonged stress. These stones provide us with a great way to relax, unwind, and release negative energy.

Whether we’re experiencing grief, depression, or major life changes, these healing stones can help empower our thoughts with positivity and a greater self-awareness. 

If you want to invite love into your life, find greater peace, or embark on trauma work, Cosmic Cuts offers a wide range of tumbled stones and geodes to support your development.

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* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclaimer notice here.

Crystals for Serenity

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