Symptoms of Third Eye Opening
Symptoms of Third Eye Opening: What to Look For

Look for these symptoms of third eye opening so you can know when your consciousness is rising. The process can be fun and exciting, but is not without its hardships.

Consciousness and the Quantum Mind
Consciousness and the Quantum Mind

This article talks about the quantum mind or consciousness, a set of hypotheses stating that our mind can affect the material world. Therefore, the physical plane is not the primary element of reality, and we have the power to transform our physical experience.

Crystals to Protect Your Aura
10 Crystals to Cleanse & Protect Your Aura

Crystals are astonishing spiritual devices. They hold countless healing abilities, depending on the type of crystal. Some crystals emit extremely high vibrations, making them exceptional aura cleansers, the perfect solution to protect your aura.

How to Change Beliefs
How to Change Beliefs So They Stop Ruling Your Life

Our limiting beliefs trick us into thinking we are less capable than we actually are. Learning how to change beliefs helps us achieve a better version of ourselves while building a more fulfilling lifestyle.

How to Heal With Crystals
How to Heal With Crystals: Understanding Crystal Healing Power

There are many ways to heal with crystals but most people aren't aware of them. Let's dive into crystal healing power and all the different ways we can tap into it for a positive benefit.

Types of Clairvoyance
Understanding Clairvoyance: What is it, What Types Are There & Am I Clairvoyant?

Do you feel connected to the spiritual realm and you're wondering, "Am I clairvoyant?" Let's explore what it is, the types of clairvoyance, and how to determine if you possess this psychic ability.

Shopping for Natural Loose Emerald Gemstones Online
A Guide to Shopping for Natural Loose Emerald Gemstones Online

Shopping for loose Emerald gemstones online? Here's what you need to know so that you get the highest quality stones that are authentic and within your budget.

Tenth House in Astrology
Tenth House in Astrology: Your Path to Success & Recognition

Career, legacy, and status are important pieces of the life puzzle. The tenth house in astrology is the key to gaining insight into how we grow, discover, and follow our professional path, and how we take societal roles.