Mantras to Remove Negative Energy
Mantras to Remove Negative Energy From Your Mind, Body & House

To stop negative thoughts, try reciting some mantras to remove negative energy. Let's discover how to put an end to the negativity cycle by bringing in positive energy with this simple method.

Moon-Charged Water
Mystic Moon Waters: Your Essential Guide to Moon-Charged Water

An incredible relationship exists between the moon and all of the water here on earth, whether it's in the ocean or in our bodies. Let's discover what there is to know about moon-charged water and its many benefits and uses.

North Node and South Node of the Moon
North Node and South Node of the Moon: The Keys to Finding Our Life Purpose

North Node and South Node in Astrology give us cues about our soul mission and the path we are meant to take in this lifetime. They are the keys to spiritual growth, outgrowing old patterns, and finding our true purpose. Let’s learn more about what these important points mean in a natal chart.

Crystals for Back Pain
12 Best Crystals for Back Pain: Natural Grounding Relief

Try these crystals for back pain as a natural solution for the physical and emotional suffering caused by this ailment. You might be surprised by the results!

Spiritual Signs You Are on the Right Path
11 Spiritual Signs You Are on the Right Path

As much as we would like to be in a constant state of bliss and happiness, we can't help but feel confused and lost at times. This article reveals the spiritual signs you are on the right path.

Writing Morning Pages
Writing Morning Pages: Unleash Your Creativity With This Practice

Have you heard about writing morning pages and you're wondering what it's all about? Let's dig in to the benefits and how to engage in this transformative practice now!

Eighth House in Astrology
Eighth House in Astrology: Exploring the Depths of the Human Psyche

The eighth house in astrology rules several aspects of our lives, including shared assets, death, and rebirth. It is linked to the depths of the human psyche and plays an important role in personal transformation and maturing. Let’s discover what makes it so important in a natal chart, and how you can master your 8th house challenges.

Best Crystals for Introverts
12 Best Crystals for Introverts: Ease Your Anxiety & Balance Your Energy

Introverts have a rich imagination and a sensitive inner world. They just need some extra help expressing their ideas and recharging their energies after socializing. Let's discover the best crystals for introverts and how to use them to enjoy a more balanced social life.