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Cosmic Cuts is proud to provide the best and most beneficial variety of cut geodes for sale anywhere in the world. We’ve grown from our humble origins inside our small garage into what we’ve become today: an internationally-recognized supplier of award-winning mineral specimens at sensible prices, so that all can share the benefits of our healing geode stones and crystals. Both online and in our retail crystal shop, we carry a diverse range of large crystals for sale, including the amethyst cathedral geode, an impressive and towering example of the quality geodes we have to offer. Whether you seek to supplement your collection of small gemstones and crystal jewelry or enjoy the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual benefits of a large crystal geode, Cosmic Cuts is the source you can trust. Our retail store is located in Rocky Mount, NC, serving Wilson, Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Wilmington, Wake Forest, and everything in between, where you are free to come browse our rock shop in person.

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