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Spirituality Journey

So, you're on a spirituality journey, and you want discover as much as you can to help you on your way? 

We've got tons of valuable content for you that will do just that!

Here's a compilation of our best articles to help you on your spirituality journey...

Spiritual Crystals

Spirituality & Crystals: How Are They Associated? - Have you been wondering about the link between spirituality and crystals? Let's dive into this intriguing topic and so you can gain all the benefits of both.

How to Use Spiritual Crystals to Empower Your Soul - Spiritual crystals are one of the most powerful tools for awakening the inner spirit. They can help us tune into our intuition, connect to higher consciousness, awaken the kundalini, and improve the mind-body-spirit connection.

Awaken Your Soul With the 12 Best Crystals for Spirituality - If you want to take your spiritual practices to another level, try any of these crystals for spirituality. They awaken the chakras, bring us into altered states of consciousness, and help us access the soul within us.

How to Use Crystals for Spiritual Health & Growth - We often feel more pain on an emotional-spiritual level than we do on a physical field. We need to take care of our spiritual senses in order to grow in abundance. Using crystals for spiritual healing will usher in the necessary energy to find or reconnect with a higher purpose that helps guide us through the challenges of life.

15 Best Metaphysical Crystals and Stones for Your Spiritual Journey - We all come into the earth with a purpose, whether or not we choose to recognize it. For those of us who are ready to set out on a spiritual journey and find true purpose, metaphysical crystals can help guide us along the winding path of divine realms and past lives.  

Building a Spiritual Toolbox: How to Store Crystals for Your Cosmic Workshop - Crystals offer so many rich gifts in our lives, from healing vibrations to gorgeous eye candy! Let's learn how to store crystals to maximize their effectiveness while showing off their beauty and influence on your spiritual life.

How to Open Your Spiritual Chakras With Crystals - Chakra work goes a long way to promote optimal health in body, mind, and spirit. In this article, we'll learn how to open our spiritual chakras to fully recognize our soul connection through divine medicine.

11 Best Crystals for Quieting the Mind So You Can Grow Spiritually - An overactive mind can lead to negative health consequences. Let's discover the best crystals for quieting the mind so you can achieve inner peace and balance.

13 Psychic Crystals: Expand Your Intuitive Abilities - Psychic crystals have the power to open us up to receive spiritual downloads, enhance foresight, and boost psychic abilities. They promote spiritual awakenings, illuminate the path forward, and are powerful tools for cleansing auras and blocking negative entities - and that is just a fragment of their incredible properties. Continue reading to learn more.

12 Clairvoyance Crystals: Improve Psychic Visions & Clairvoyant Experiences - One of the best ways to increase your psychic abilities is to work with healing crystals. The following article highlights the 12 clairvoyant crystals to help you tap into this powerful ability.

10 Clairaudience Crystals: Awaken Your Psychic Powers & Clairaudient Experiences - Clairaudience refers to the psychic ability that manifests in the form of sounds or voices that come from the divine realm. Let's discover the most powerful clairaudience crystals to help you develop this skill and make the most of its potential.

Spirituality Crystals


How to Start Meditating With Crystals: Methods, Steps & Tips - When you start meditating with crystals, it takes your meditation practice up several notches. Discover the different methods you can use, the steps to take, and some extra tips for success right here! 

How to Make Meditation an Everyday Practice, Even if You Have a Hectic Lifestyle - Meditation is one of the best ways to navigate your everyday activities with intention and purpose without losing focus on your spiritual journey. However, we often find excuses not to turn this practice into a habit. These 7 tips will teach you how to meditate every day.

Best Daily Meditation Apps to Cultivate a Consistent Practice - Discover the best daily meditation apps, plus the different types available, the benefits of using these apps, and how to get started to create a daily practice.

How to Get into a Meditative State of Consciousness - Want to know how to get into a meditative state of consciousness so you can easily access all the benefits of meditation? The answer is here for you!

Movement Meditation: What is it, Who is it For & Activities to Try - If you become restless or agitated when you sit down to meditate, moving meditation could be your solution. Let's learn what moving meditation is and how you can use it in your daily life.

Intuition & Psychic Ability

10 Crystals for Intuition & Psychic Ability: Tap Into Your Innate Power - Use these crystals for intuition to enhance your psychic ability and support your spiritual endeavors. They'll help you raise your vibration and tune into Divine consciousness on a deeper level.

Am I Psychic? Here Are 13 Telltale Signs You Are! - Connecting with others telepathically, being able to see and feel things others can’t, as well as picking up on energy and other people’s emotions are all signs of higher sensory abilities. If you're wondering, "Am I psychic?," then read on to discover if you are!

4 Main Types of Intuitive Abilities & How to Strengthen Them - Intuitive abilities manifest in unique ways within every individual. It’s up to you to harness the gift of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and claircognizance. Use these tips to learn how to strengthen your intuitive abilities.

How to Become Psychic: Our Best Tips for Developing Your Intuition - It can be hard to suspend belief about whether we have psychic abilities or not. When you begin to explore your inner spiritual abilities, you quickly understand the complexity and reality of metaphysical experiences. Getting in tune with how to become psychic will lead you to deeper spiritual realms and allow you to use your abilities for your true soul purpose on Earth.

How to Expand Your Consciousness: 12 Tips You Can Try Right Now - A desire to expand your consciousness is a desire to live a more mindful, and more fulfilling life. Let’s find out how you can actively elevate your mind in small, powerful, and effective ways every day.

Understanding Clairvoyance: What is it, What Types Are There & Am I Clairvoyant? - Do you feel connected to the spiritual realm and you're wondering, "Am I clairvoyant?" Let's explore what it is, the types of clairvoyance, and how to determine if you possess this psychic ability.

Understanding Clairaudience: What Is It, What Types Are There & Am I Clairaudient? - Clairaudience is the ability to hear the messages of your spiritual masters. If you feel connected to the divine realm, learn more about the different types of this ability and how to recognize if you are gifted with it.

Understanding Clairsentience: What is it, What Types Are There & Am I Clairsentient? - What is clairsentience? This psychic ability involves feeling and sensing subtle energies or emotions. Are you wondering, "Am I clairsentient?" Let's find out!

Understanding Claircognizance: What is it, What Types Are There & Am I Claircognizant? - Claircognizance is a powerful psychic ability that allows people to intuitively know information without any apparent logical reason. This article describes what types of claircognizance there are, as well as the signs that can tell you if you are claircognizant.

Understanding Clairgustance: What is it, What Types Are There & Am I Clairgustant? - Clairgustance is a unique yet powerful psychic ability that allows us to sense otherworldly information through the sense of taste. Let's explore the different types of clairgustance and gain valuable tips to help you know if you are clairgustant.

Understanding Clairalience: What is it, What Types Are There & Am I Clairalient? - Clairalience is a unique psychic ability related to the sense of smell that gives us insights about certain people, places or situations without a logical explanation. Let's learn the types of clairalience and answer the question, "Am I clairalient?

Symptoms of Third Eye Opening: What to Look For - Look for these symptoms of third eye opening so you can know when your consciousness is rising. The process can be fun and exciting, but is not without its hardships.

How to Tap Into Your Intuition: 10 Ways to Become More Intuitive - Our intuition, or sixth sense, is our most faithful inner compass that has the potential to align our actions and decisions with our higher self. Here are 10 valuable strategies on how to tap into your intuition so that you never stray from the path of your heart.

What is Subtle Energy & How to Sense It - There is a vibration of energy that transcends the limitations of the physical body. Let's explore the answers to, "what is subtle energy?" and "how to sense subtle energy."

A Beginner’s Guide to Astral Projection: What is it & What Does it Feel Like? - Astral projection is an out-of-body experience that can help you communicate with the spiritual realm. This article will explore the nature of this experience and give you practical tips on how to engage in this practice.

Spiritual Awakening & The 5th Dimension

How Spiritual Awakening Works & What Crystals and Healing Stones to Use - We are experiencing a global shift right now, often referred to as The Great Awakening, the 5th dimension, the Age of Aquarius, and spiritual awakening. Here, you'll discover how it all works and the 9 best crystals and healing stones to get you through.

How to Use the Metaphysical Properties of Amethyst to Enter 5th Dimension - There's a lot of talk right now about the awakening and ascending into the 5th dimension, yet many of us struggle to understand how to do it. The metaphysical properties of amethyst will help you!

18 Spiritual Awakening Signs & Symptoms to Watch Out For - For people interested in living intentionally or connecting with divine consciousness, a spiritual awakening is inevitable. Though it can be a difficult journey, spiritual awakening signs will help lead you bravely towards the invaluable gifts of purpose and clarity that come through this process.

How to Find Your Purpose: 8 Ways to Find Fulfillment & Meaning - We get up everyday, ready to tackle daily tasks and busy schedules, but it doesn’t always feel fulfilling. That’s because it doesn’t fuel our true spiritual purpose. Learn how to find your purpose with these tips so you can direct your life with intention and joy.

9 Ways to Successfully Navigate Your Spiritual Pilgrimage Through Life  - Starting a spiritual pilgrimage can be one of the most wonderful and also one of the most intimidating things we do in their lives. But to increase our likelihood for success in this test called life, it's important. These tips will help.

Understanding the Dark Night of the Soul: What is it and What Are the Symptoms & Stages - The dark night of the soul refers to a phase in our spiritual journey that brings us to a collapse in our sense of purpose. Let's explore the symptoms and stages of this essential aspect of spiritual awakening.

Raising Your Vibration

How to Raise Your Vibration Instantly: 17 Techniques You'll Want to Try - When you know how to raise your vibration, you can change your mood and your circumstances for the better. Try these 17 vibration-raising methods and see how they affect you!

A Brief Guide to Understanding Auras & Personal Energy - This guide to understanding auras and personal energy will help you better realize the intricacies of your own auric field and how to best commune with it.

10 Crystals to Cleanse & Protect Your Aura - Crystals are astonishing spiritual devices. They hold countless healing abilities, depending on the type of crystal. Some crystals emit extremely high vibrations, making them exceptional aura cleansers, the perfect solution to protect your aura.

Cutting Energy Cords: Why You Should & How to Do It - As we go through life, we form energetic attachments to people and things. When those connections feel negative, cutting energy cords can restore us and make room for more positivity in our lives.

13 Signs of Negative Energy in a House: Is it Time to Cleanse Your Home? - If home is where the heart is, are we giving it the care and attention it needs to help keep us healthy? Learn about the signs of negative energy in a house so that you know when to purify it.

How to Clear Negative Energy: 12 Immediate Solutions - Why carry around the heavy burden of negative energy and let it dominate your aura? Learn how to clear negative energy and transform your home and personal space into a sanctuary of positivity and abundance.

8 Abundance Rituals to Help You Attract Everything You Desire - Whether you want a certain bank account balance, a gaggle of friends, or a fit body, abundance means something different to everyone. Calling on the universe through abundance rituals can aim prosperous energy at manifesting your desires.

5 Ways to Improve the Flow of Positive Energy in the Home - When you learn how to improve the flow of positive energy in the home, you'll find that you feel more uplifted and happy as well! Try these tips to get started today!

How to Get Rid of Bad Karma With Crystals: Protect Your Spiritual Legacy - No matter how rich of an estate you may amass in this lifetime, your greatest legacy rests in what kind of karma you leave behind. If you work on how to get rid of bad karma in your life, you'll ensure your spirit enriches and inspires the future forms your soul may take.

5 Space Clearing Rituals to Balance Your Energy & Manifest Your Dreams - If you want to invite new adventures and greater abundance into your life, you need to make sure you have room! Space clearing rituals ensure that you rid yourself of cluttered energy and material things to make room for what you want.

Energy Cleansing Rituals to Renew Your Body, Mind & Spirit - Want to free yourself and your environment from negative energies? These 7 energy cleansing rituals are the perfect way to get you started. Try a new one every day!

How to Eat Higher Vibrational Foods for Health & Spiritual Awakening - In addition to nourishing our body, the foods we consume also profoundly affects our soul and our emotions. By nourishing your body, mind, and spirit with higher vibrational foods, you can cultivate the vitality that is essential for living a life of purpose and joy.

How to Heal Karma: 11 Methods to Try Right Now - Bad karma can make you feel stuck or insecure in facing life's challenges. This article will give you the right tools to understand how to heal karma and regain control of your destiny.


Grounding to the Earth: What It Is, Why It’s Important & 4 Simple Methods - We seldom stop to think about our most stable, permanent relationship on this planet – our connection to the earth. Grounding to the earth requires that we take stock of our ties to nature so that we can enjoy its incredible healing and protection.

12 Best Crystals for Grounding, Comfort, and Balance - If you are lacking a feeling of centering and balance in your life, crystals for grounding are just the thing you need. Their frequency promotes a strong connection with earth energy, and they are comforting and calming.

8 Grounding Exercises for Ultimate Balance & Stability - In today’s society, it's easy to feel disconnected from reality. By adopting grounding exercises into your weekly routine, you can remain in the present moment and walk confidently in this physical realm. Let's discover how!

Spiritual Protection

Psychic Attack Symptoms & Protection: Know How to Guard Yourself - A psychic attack is an invasion of our energy and life force. It drains us, blocks the free flow of positivity into our lives, and its effects can even be physically felt. Let’s uncover what makes it so harmful and what you can do to protect yourself from this negative energy.

11 Fall Spiritual Cleansing Rituals That Will Renew Your Mind, Body & Spirit - Restore yourself through spiritual cleansing and start the fall season by tapping into your highest potential. There's no better time than now to start fresh!

7 Spiritual Protection Techniques That Will Safeguard Your Ascension - If you are struggling to face inner challenges and embrace spiritual growth with greater ease, you're not alone. Here are 7 spiritual protection techniques to create a shield of positive energy around you.

Smudge Sticks

Crystal Grids

How to Make a Crystal Grid: Steps, Tips & Best Practices - Crystal grids provide a beautiful way to display crystals while also serving an energetic purpose. From simple designs to intricate patterns, the rules of crystal grids are very flexible! Read on to learn how to make a crystal grid.

Crystal Grid for Protection: Shield Your Spiritual Aura - Suits of armor went out of style a few centuries ago, but that doesn’t mean we can’t protect ourselves from all forces around us. Crystal grids for protection empower us to face our fears because the universe will guide and lead us towards our purpose. Read on to learn how to create one for yourself!

How to Create a Crystal Grid for Abundance: Best Crystals & Simple Steps - Whatever you want (money, love, time in nature, wealth) you can attract it when you invest time and intention into what you desire. A crystal grid for abundance is a tangible tool that actively works to attract your desires in simple steps by securing an incredible energetic aura around you.

How to Make a Crystal Grid for Healing: Support Your Healing Journey - Life is a beautiful journey made out of experiences that expand our consciousness and develop our spirit. However, going through painful incidents can make it hard for us to embrace them with confidence and optimism. Build a crystal grid to heal your emotional wounds and manifest valuable experiences in your life.

Smudge Sticks & Altars

How to Smudge With Sage and Palo Santo & Why You Should - Discover how to smudge with sage and palo santo to bring balance to your personal energy and the space around you. Learn the benefits of smudging and the steps for how to use a smudge stick. 

How to Manifest Your Deepest Desires With a Spiritual Altar - There are physical tools we can use to spark the law of attraction, and an altar is one of them. Discover how to create a spiritual altar that will help you manifest all of your deepest desires.

Pendulums & Divination

How to Use a Pendulum: A Concise Yet Comprehensive Guide - Pendulums are tools that can help us make decisions, foresee the future, and heal our mind, body, and spirit. Learn how to use a pendulum in this concise yet comprehensive guide.

6 Different Ways to Use a Spiritual Pendulum to Improve Your Life - There are many different ways to use a spiritual pendulum to enhance your life, and we're going to go over the most common ones in this article. Keep reading to discover the best methods for you!

Dowsing With a Pendulum: What It Is, How It Works & How To Do It - Dowsing with a pendulum digs deeps into our spiritual aura to reveal our intentional path and purpose. Whether with a beautiful crystal pendulum or some other homemade design, you can learn how to access divine messages and to trust the answers they carry.

15 Divination Tools to Spark Your Psychic Abilities - To access Divine wisdom, we need to dedicate mindful practice and careful study. By using divination tools, we hone our abilities to recognize and comprehend spiritual messages sent to us by the universe’s wise spirit guides.

What is Divination With Stones vs Lithomancy? - There are two divination practices that are often confused as equal: divination with stones and Lithomancy. Join us as we break apart their similarities and differences.

How to Use Runes: 8 Ways to Read Runes for Divination - Wondering how to use runes? This powerful spiritual tool can help you shape your life once you learn some of the ways to read runes for divination. Read on to do just that!

14 Types of Divination: Gain Access Into the Future With These Fun Methods - Honing our psychic gifts can increase our awareness and help us lead a more spiritual life. Join us as we explore the different types of divination to make them part of our daily experience.

The Ultimate Guide to Reading Candle Flames: Understanding Fire Divination - Want to take the art of divination into the realm of fire? Reading candle flames is an ancient technique that can help you divine answers about your life. Read on to learn all about candle flame reading!


Spiritual Healing & Self-Care

13 Daily Spiritual Practices That Will Improve Your Life Today - There are simple ways to bring spirituality into our daily routine and enhance our connection with Universal Consciousness. Let's dig into 13 spiritual practices to maintain a life that is aligned with your Divine purpose. 

5 Metaphysical Healing Techniques to Strengthen Your Mind, Body & Spirit - By practicing metaphysical healing techniques, you can strengthen the health of your mind, body, and spirit without the unwanted side effects that always come with Western medicine. 

11 Spiritual Self Care Ideas to Ignite Your Inner Spirit - Spirituality comes in many forms for different people, often through religion or ideas of the divine. Cultivating spirituality really means to commune with yourself and your spirit to understand what values and truths most resonate with your everyday living. By practicing spiritual self care, you can gain greater peace and passion in your actions, thoughts, and desires.

Crystals and Acupuncture: How To Utilize Both In Tandem - Are you curious about how you can use crystals and acupuncture together for your well-being? Read on to learn all about the meridians, the elements, and where crystals fit into the mix. 

How to Clear Your Aura & Be in Control of Your Personal Energy - Learning how to clear your aura will empower you with methods for physical, mental, and spiritual healing when things around you seem to weigh you down. Discover the best methods right here!

How to Remember Your Dreams: 9 Tips to Try Today - We can experience so much through our subconscious during sleep, but dream recall is often elusive. By learning how to remember your dreams, you can tap into the messages that lie waiting for you there.

What Does Modern Spirituality Look Like? - Unlike years ago, many of us are looking for personal meaning in spirituality, away from strict religions and conventional practices. Let's look at modern spirituality and how to implement it in our daily routine.

How to Use Crystals for Energy Healing - Spiritual masters have used crystals for energy healing since the beginning of times because they have a unique vibration and properties that make them great allies to our healing journey. Let's learn about how to use energy healing stones to enjoy a more harmonious life.

Why Different Music Frequencies Affect Our Moods and Spiritual Connection - Different music frequencies affect us in different ways depending on the chakra they engage. Read on to discover how to alter your mood and spiritual connection with music.

Healing With Frequencies: 6 Powerful Solfeggio Frequencies for Healing - The Solfeggio scale has been forgotten and re-discovered many times throughout history. Hopefully, this most recent boost in familiarity of healing with frequencies is here to stay/ Let's discover the answer to “What are solfeggio frequencies?"

Healing With Spiritual Writing: Understanding Writing as a Spiritual Practice - Have you been considering writing as a spiritual practice? If you love writing, it's one of the most rewarding things you can do. Let's dive into this fun topic. 

12 Ways to Explore Spirituality With Your Dog - Our dogs can be much more than just the best friend that is happy to see us when we come home. There are so many ways to bond with your pup. Try these tips to help you enjoy a more spiritual life together.

How to Perform Spells With Crystals for Protection, Love & Money - Many people consider crystals to be magical as they can help us enhance our intentions and desires. Let’s explore a handful of crystal spells to help you create the happiness, love, and prosperity you desire.

An Essential Guide to Caring for Your Spiritual Health - Looking to level up your spiritual health? Try these tips to get your spirituality in tip top shape so you can feel more joyful, relaxed, and fulfilled.

How to Have Past Life Regression Experiences - Many of our current fears and talents stem from the situations we lived in another lifetime. Past life regression experiences can help us become more aware of ourselves and reach our true potential.

How Angel Numbers Work & What They Mean - Our spiritual masters send us messages through symbols and patterns of numbers. Learning how angel numbers work and how they can direct us to our life purpose while strengthening our spiritual path.

Crystals and Angelic Numerology: How to Benefit From the Synergy - Discover the profound connection between crystals and angelic numerology. Unearth spiritual growth by delving deeper into this mystical synergy today.

7 Daily Habits To Boost Your Spirituality - Many of us want to develop spiritually, yet we struggle to bring it into our everyday lives. With these tips, you'll be on your way to living a spiritual life daily.

9 Spiritual Questions to Ask Yourself for Spiritual Growth - A spiritual journey has the opportunity to be an enlightening and transforming experience, but it can also be a difficult and stressful one. Before embarking on a spiritual path, it is critical to ask oneself certain spiritual questions to ensure preparation for the road ahead. 

How to Heal Relationships the Spiritual Way: 8 Tips to Try Today - Looking for some practical and spiritual tips on how to heal relationships? So if you're going through a rough patch, know that with these tips, there's a light at the end of the tunnel.

Sacred Geometry & Symbols

The Spiritual Meaning of Sacred Geometry Shapes & Platonic Solids - The sacred geometry shapes and platonic solids are everywhere and in everything. Let's discover what they are, how they affect our lives, and just how sacred they really are.  

Healing With Sacred Geometry: Reach Your Full Potential With Divine Patterns - Healing with sacred geometry is one of the most natural and powerful ways to engage the mind, body, and spirit. Try these techniques and start enjoying the many benefits today!

Flower of Life Meaning & Symbolism: What It Is & What it Can Do For You - The Flower of Life shows pleasingly symmetrical designs that you can endlessly trace to find new patterns and overlaps. Within these intricate shapes, the Flower of Life meaning can infuse spiritual symbolism into your life.  

Finding Peace and Rejuvenation in Metatron’s Cube Meaning - To take a firm step towards divine communication, Metatron’s cube helps us interpret divine messages sent from the universe. We can explore how to contribute harmony and transformation to the world as we cleanse our spiritual aura with Metatron’s cube meaning.

Understanding Divine Lotus Meaning: Spiritual Symbolism Across Cultures 7 Timelines - One of the most ubiquitous symbols, the beautiful lotus flower has significance across many cultures and religions. Lotus meaning connects to ideas of spiritual enlightenment, cycles of rebirth, and self-realization. Read on to learn more!

Sacred Geometry in Nature: 10 Examples of How Everything is Connected - Sacred geometry in nature shows up in various formations, including hurricanes and snow. Everything around us is in perfect order. The Universe we live in is full of synchronistic geometry, ranging from tiny molecules to entire galaxies. Let's learn more about it!

12 Spiritual Symbols and Meanings for Protection & Healing - Throughout our days, we sometimes need reminders of our intentions, our communities, or our divine beliefs to keep us motivated to move ahead. Spiritual symbols offer important messages to aim us towards our higher purpose and to protect us on life’s journey.

Merkaba Sacred Geometry: How to Activate Your Star Tetrahedron Light Body - The universe has a funny way of balancing things in nature. The Merkaba sacred geometry symbol is a Divinely orchestrated geometric shape that has the power to help us become more balanced, get back in touch with spirit, and find enlightenment when we most need it. 

Tetrahedron Sacred Geometry: Ignite Your Unique Spiritual Power - Elemental shapes help divine messages take form in our conceptual minds. Tetrahedron sacred geometry opens our mind, body, and spirit to embrace our spiritual intentions and apply our individual gifts to a greater purpose.

Spiritual Meaning of Numbers: How to Notice Nature’s Mathematical Code - Everyday in our lives, we give importance to numbers – whether as signifiers of time, money, or age. Contained in these numerals, however, are messages sent from the divine. Read on to learn about the spiritual meaning of numbers.

The Fibonacci Sequence Explained: Spirituality & Mathematics All in One - The Fibonacci Sequence is a series of numbers in which each digit comes from the sum of the two previous ones. This article talks about this famous symbol through history and explains its importance.

Pyramid Symbolism: History, Sacred Geometry & Meaning - Many lifetimes of knowledge went into building those huge, mysterious triangles of Egypt, but few know of the thousands of other pyramids around the world. And even fewer know of the sacred math and pyramid symbolism encoded into the placements and dimensions of these structures.


How Manifestation Works: Understanding the Law of Attraction - Mastering the law of attraction is the key to aligning with the Universe so you can create the life you desire. Let's discover how manifestation works and how to use it to take the reins of your life and transform the course of your destiny.

10 Manifestation Rituals: Start Creating the Life of Your Dreams - One of the quickest ways to manifest your greatest desires is by taking habitual action that aligns with your manifestations on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Here are 10 manifestation rituals you can adopt today to bring you closer to your deepest desires quickly.

Journaling for Manifestation: 7 Techniques to Get Abundance Flowing - Journaling for manifestation unleashes the flow of abundant expression for what we desire to cultivate in our lives. Bring your thoughts out of your head and into this world by putting pen to paper. Then, watch the wonderful dreams swirl in your mind.  

What Are the 7 Laws of Attraction & How Can They Change Your Life? - The 7 laws of attraction have a big impact on our lives and by understanding them, we can enjoy more happiness. Let's discover what they are & how to work with them.

What Do Synchronicities Mean & How Do You Interpret Them? - Synchronicities are the occurrence of related events that don't have a logical explanation. Let's answer the question, "What do synchronicities mean?" and discover how to interpret their messages.

Galactic Musings

How to Know if You're a Starseed: 13 Signs You Might Be One! - Starseeds are spiritual beings embodying humans on earth to help guide humanity to divine awakening and enlightenment. There are many starseeds among us, and you might be one! These 13 signs can show how to know if you’re a starseed.

What Starseed Am I? Discover 19 Types of Starseeds - If you feel like there’s a part of you from out of this world, it's possible you're a starseed. Starseeds are other-worldly spiritual auras that inhabit human forms to guide the Earth towards new dimensions. Get in touch with your origins as you learn about the different types of starseeds.

Native American Spirituality

What is My Animal Totem? How to Find & Connect With Your Animal Guides - If you're asking yourself, "what is my animal totem?" that's your animal guide calling out to you! Here's a guide for how to find your animal totem, so you can benefit from its wisdom.

17 Native American Gemstones to Bring You Closer to the Earth - Crystals are perhaps the most popular token of New Age lifestyles and practices, but they're nothing new in ancient healing systems. Native American gemstones display the deep histories of crystals and spiritual healing in indigenous communities. Read on to learn about some of their most powerful stones!

Spirit Animal Meanings: Understanding Animals You're Drawn To - Spirit animal meanings can play a significant role in our lives. Read on as we explain what these animals could be trying to tell us when they make themselves known.

Other Aspects of Spirituality

What is the Collective Unconscious & How Can Understanding it Help Us? - The collective unconscious refers to a deep segment of our psyche that connects all thoughts and behaviors of humankind throughout history. Uncovering the images that lie within can help us better understand our behaviors and beliefs to direct them towards a more fulfilling life.

8 Unmistakable Signs You Are on the Wrong Path - Sometimes, our gut feeling can fail, and we don't realize that we are moving away from our true purpose in life. Here are a few important signs you are on the wrong path so you can get back on track.

11 Spiritual Signs You Are on the Right Path - As much as we would like to be in a constant state of bliss and happiness, we can't help but feel confused and lost at times. This article reveals the spiritual signs you are on the right path.

Aura Color Meaning: Interpreting 13 Different Colors in the Energy Body - An aura can say a lot about a person, their emotions, and what they are going through. Let's dive into this intriguing subject and learn all about aura color meaning.

Consciousness and the Quantum Mind - This article talks about the quantum mind or consciousness, a set of hypotheses stating that our mind can affect the material world. Therefore, the physical plane is not the primary element of reality, and we have the power to transform our physical experience.

Spiritual Gift Ideas & Metaphysical Products

Gifts for Spiritual People: 20 Ideas They'll Love - Perfect gifts for spiritual people are always those that resonate with them on an energetic level. To help you find the gift that will delight and impress the one you're browsing for, we've prepared this detailed spiritual gift guide, including 20 ideas they'll love.

Best Spiritual Gifts for a Loved One - In recent years, more and more people are recognizing the many benefits of healing stones and crystals. In fact, nearly a quarter of adults in the United States now describe themselves as spiritual, rather than religious. Support your friends and family members on their spiritual journey with our guide to some of the best spiritual gifts for a loved one. 

Metaphysical Self Care Products for a More Spiritual Life - Are you looking for some metaphysical self care products to help you live a more spiritual life? This guide is what you need! Read on to discover the products that will work for you.

Spiritual Gifts

* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here.


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