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15 Divination Tools to Spark Your Psychic Abilities

INSIDE: To access Divine wisdom, we need to dedicate mindful practice and careful study. By using divination tools, we hone our abilities to recognize and comprehend spiritual messages sent to us by the universe’s wise spirit guides.


Millennia ago, in ancient Greece, a mystical woman was renowned for her prophecies and predictions. She was called Sibyl, or Sibylla, and as the centuries passed, more women were affixed with the title of “sibyl” when they demonstrated the same ability to divine the future.

Throughout history, we have regarded the work of psychics as formative to cultural movements, like entire religions. Take the Prophet Mohammed for Islam or Moses for Christianity and Judaism, for example.

Still, many look at what is divination, and especially the divination tools we can use, with skepticism and disbelief.

By learning more about our psychic abilities to divine, we can appreciate and recognize the power our intuition truly has to guide us and that we actually have the answers within us all the time.

Psychic Stones

What is Divination 

Before diving into some powerful tools to help us hone the power of prediction and intuitive interpretation, let’s come to truly grasp what we mean by divination.

Psychic Abilities for Guidance

Divination at its core involves tuning our own consciousness with the universe’s wellspring of history and knowledge, known as the Akashic Records. It is a type of energetic communication that relies on mindful observation and strong intuition to recognize and extract meaning from symbols.

With the aid of divination tools – like tarot cards, pendulums, and tea leaves – we can direct energy to our aura so that important symbols and patterns present themselves before us.

Psychics and other spirit guides have worked for eons to develop guides that bring some insight to the signs we may ascertain from these tools. However, with steady, patient practice, we can learn to intuit the divine messages we receive.

That is the key to divination practice – to maintain a steady connection with the tools and slowly get to know their powers. 

Accessing the Akashic Records

When we seek information from the universe, it means we want to access the Akashic Records. Although it sounds like an amazing tome, like the Rosetta Stone, we won’t find a trace of written documentation anywhere on this planet.

The Akashic Records refers to an energetic collection of information that exists in an auric field, or an astral plane. It contains the frequencies and flows of everything in the universe – past, present, and future.

So while it isn’t a history, per se, of the galaxies as we might comprehend the recording of actions and events, the Akashic Records contains all of the wisdom and soul insights of everything that has or will ever take place. 

what is divination

15 Divination Tools to Aid Your Psychic Endeavors

The act of divining information truly relies on an open, focused mind. However, using tools to sharpen our senses and intuition can clarify the messages and signals sent through the universe.

Let's look at some of the best tools to help...


The process of dowsing with a pendulum involves a simple contraption – a conical or pointed crystal dangling from a chain. For such a simplistic design, a pendulum has the incredible power to guide us to answers if we pay the time and attention to our spiritual connections and our divining tool.

Pendulums have two ways of operating. We can either hover the pendulum over a paper with yes and no written on it, or we can study the movement of the pendulum and warm up with some easy yes or no questions (like “Is my name Julia?”) to see how it sways or twirls when giving the yes or no answer.

Then, we ask the serious inquiries that weigh on our soul, knowing which movement answers yes and which one answers no. Its answer can help us take the steps forward with whatever issues or challenges we are facing.

Crystal Balls

One of the most iconic, though rarely understood, divination tools is the crystal ball. We so often see references to psychic readers using crystal balls in popular culture, but it is actually a very meticulous and difficult skill that has to be practiced many times before mastery.

What readers actually do when looking at a crystal ball is called scrying – searching for shapes or pictures that appear in the reflective surface. While a shiny crystal ball makes a great tool, other faces like mirrors and water can also be used. The images seen in the surface inspire interpretations that lead to clarity and direction.



From the ancient Scandinavian tradition, runes are small stone blocks or tiles etched or painted with symbols. Of course, we need to understand what the symbols mean, but luckily most rune kits come with a guidebook. 

To use runes, the stones are placed in a pouch, shaken, and poured out. Those face up with the symbols visible hold the answers to our question. An alternative way to use them is to pick a specific number of tiles out of the bag to find the key to interpret. 

Oracle Cards 

The next three divination tools deal with decks of cards, but each type has unique qualities that need to be understood before using them for spiritual guidance.

Oracle cards create a more interpretive deck because they can come with a variety of images, phrases, and patterns. There are no set rules or thoughts around an oracle deck. It’s up to the user to find a deck that resonates with their soul.

To use an oracle deck simply involves drawing a number of cards and taking time to interpret the images or words on the card in relationship to something you need help with in your life. 

Angel Cards

Angel cards come from oracle cards but with specific images of different angels and spirit guides on them. Thus, we make meaning based on what the angels connect with or represent.

Whereas divination, in general, can seek answers about our past actions, our present intentions, and our future plans, angel cards are usually future-oriented. They are most useful when we need guidance on directions or actions to take moving forward. It's like we let the angels look ahead for us and try to send us messages to keep us on track.

Tarot Cards

Tarot cards also convey information about the future, but they tend to provide us with a more holistic view of how our current actions may influence our future. Tarot decks have 78 cards, always with the same characters (though rendered artistically different depending on the deck).

The reading process, called Taromancy, involves drawing cards, reflecting on the stories and lessons behind the character and message of the card, and then interpreting how it fits into your individual story.

It can take a while to learn how to do a tarot reading for yourself, so in the mean time, you can try free online tarot.


Dowsing Rods

Another popular cultural motif, dowsing rods have often been depicted as water detectors, finding underground mineral springs. They do much more though in the realm of divination.

With two rods or sticks held lightly but steadily in hand, dowsing rods will naturally cross into an X when they enter the aura of a strong spirit. In this space, we can focus on meditating and asking for spiritual guidance in the hopes of accessing hidden knowledge and messages.


Turning to another ancient system, the I-Ching comes from China and uses yin-yang energy to help make meaning. Whereas I-Ching coins used as far back as 2700 BC showed the symbols for yin and yang, today we can use any coin to harness the I-Ching method.

We simply have to assign each side of the coin with either yin or yang. Then, tossing the coin 6 times, making sure to take note of what side faces us when it lands each time, we receive a sort of code for our hexagram number. Using a guidebook, we can find an interpretation of what that number means in reference to our question.


It’s fitting to follow the I-Ching with another divination tool reliant on numbers and shapes. Numerology looks for meaning in numbers, helping us recognize spiritual signs in the world around us when certain numbers present themselves to us.

We can also learn about our life number, a very specific numeral associated with our birth that can help guide us in our intentions and purpose. Consulting with an expert in numerology and natal charts is the best way to ascertain your life number.

Automatic Writing 

This next method is quite similar to some journaling techniques for manifestation. With automatic writing, we sit down, pen and notebook in hand and spiritual question in mind, and just start putting to paper the thoughts that come up.

While at first it may seem like a jumble of unrelated threads, when we read over them and study them, we may find some incredibly revealing thoughts that have been resting deep in our minds.


A divination tool we find useful to pair with our vast collection of crystals is astrology. Relying on the position of the stars at any moment, astrology tunes us into nature and the universe. We can receive answers that firmly root us in our present state because the cosmos is constantly in motion around us.

Sage and Palo Santo


Similar to scrying with a crystal ball, we can look for symbols in the smoke given off by smudge sticks or incense. We don’t recommend using just any smoke for divination, but rather prepare a space and the tools you plan to use through a cleansing meditation before you dive into a reading. 

Animal Messages 

Stars are one element of nature that contains messages, but animals can also serve as divination tools. Many believe that humans have natural inclinations towards certain animals, which is how we come to know our spirit animals.

There are card decks and books that can provide us guidance from animal messages. Another way to divine from animals is simply by paying attention to the creatures that seem to frequently cross our paths. For example, if spiders seem to pop up around you often, it may be a message to tap into your creative spirit. 

Opening a Book at Random 

Bibliomancy is divining from books. This may be one of the simplest, most accessible tools for even the most inexperienced divination readers.

By taking any book that resonates with you, close your eyes, open the book to a random page, and place your fingertip onto the page. When you open your eyes, read whatever word and sentence your finger has landed on. Spend time gleaning meaning from this particular message.

Tea Leaves

A final divination tool with roots that traverse many cultures is tasseomancy, reading tea leaves. This process uses special teacups to interpret the markings left by tea.

First, we freshly brew and drink loose leaf tea, leaving a few drops of liquid along with the tea leaves in the base. Then, by swirling and turning the cup upside down, when we look again, we will find patterns and maybe even images created and left by the tea leaves. These help us find meaning to questions we have in our lives.

Final Thoughts

Divination tools can be a wonderful pathway to getting in touch with your spirit and soul, but we need to be mindful in how we use them. By learning different methods and finding those that seem to give us the clearest guidance, we can come to better understand how our spirit guides want to communicate with us so that we can more openly receive their messages.

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* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclaimer notice here.

15 Divination Tools to Spark Your Psychic Abilities

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