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We've grown from our humble beginnings inside a one-car garage in 2013 to international notoriety among avid collectors. Though we are located in Rocky Mount, North Carolina, we make the world's highest quality geodes and crystals accessible worldwide through our online shop.

Hi, I'm Michael Harrison

I am so happy to be able to provide you with easy access to the world's most beautiful and beneficial specimens. It is out of a pure passion for sharing the healing power of crystals and stones that our company has flourished.

About Cosmic Cuts & Our Crystals

Cosmic Cuts is a top-rated, award-winning mineral dealer and crystal shop offering fine mineral specimens at sensible prices. We have a 99% satisfaction rate, we value our customers tremendously, and we take pride in providing an excellent experience.

Whether you are looking for a small gift or a lasting heirloom, our selection offers the perfect crystals and minerals for you.

We offer a large variety of crystals and stones because we understand that each stone speaks to each person differently. I prefer large amethyst geodes, and you'll often find me meditating next to one. Many people, on the other hand, love small tumbled stones and carrying them in their pockets. 

Every crystal and mineral that is purchased from our online crystal shop or our retail location comes with a letter of authenticity. They are 100% natural and of the highest quality available, or we wouldn’t sell them!

Metaphysical Products

Our Mission

Our mission has three facets to it:

1) Accessibility & Quality

2) Customer Service & Value

3) Health & Healing Transformation

We have built our reputation by exceeding our customers’ expectations of quality, value, and service time and time again, and by consistently providing ease of access to the highest quality, rarest, and most precious mineral specimens, crystals and stones the world has to offer.

All of that would be for naught, however, if we weren’t making a difference. Crystal healing therapy has a powerful effect that can transform the way we live, and we’re so grateful to be able to provide the world with some of the best tools for health and healing.

Payment Plans

To ensure that all of our customers are able to purchase the crystals and minerals their hearts are set on, we have opened up several different payment options.

Our Service Area

Our online crystal shop is of course open to the world and we offer free shipping on every single order no matter the purchase amount!

Our retail metaphysical shop is located in Rocky Mount, NC, servicing Wilson, Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Wilmington, Wake Forest, and everything in between. Make an appointment to visit us!

Our Shipping & Return Policy

Everything on our website and in our retail metaphysical shop ships free within the U.S if your order is at least $35. All items 70 lbs. and under ship within 24 hours. All other items will ship within 3 business days via pallet. We have years of experience with handling these items, and we ensure that your crystal arrives in mint condition. In cases of large items, please include a phone number so the freight company can schedule delivery.

All items are 100% insured and expertly packed in top quality shipping materials. Returns are accepted for practical reasons. Buyers are responsible for filing insurance claims.

International Shipping

Please include a phone number for the duty entry process. All international shipping prices are calculated automatically when you place your order online, but you are welcome to contact us directly for more precise shipping quotes.

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Our retail metaphysical shop is located in Rocky Mount, NC, servicing Wilson, Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Wilmington, WakeForest, and everything in between. Make an appointment to visit us or browse our comprehensive online selection.

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