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Our Mission:

Here at Cosmic Cuts, we excel at providing accessibility to the world’s rarest and most precious mineral specimens. We believe in redefining the industry standard with a tailored customer service experience. We have built our reputation by exceeding our customers’ expectations of quality, value, and service time and time again. Among our customers include members of Hollywood, museums, universities, and yoga ashrams. Whether you are looking for a small gift or a lasting heirloom, our selection offers the perfect mineral specimen for you. Crystal healing therapy has a powerful effect on transforming the way we live, and we want to share this truly amazing experience with the world.

We want to thank you for becoming a part of our Cosmic Cuts family.

About us :

Cosmic Cuts is a family owned and operated precious stone and jewelry business, located in Rocky Mount, North Carolina. Cosmic Cuts was created and built on a foundation of love for the world’s best and most significant stones and minerals. Cosmic Cuts excels in a business where the highest qualities are coveted, sought after, and acquired for our clients. We have secured a reputation by consistently providing our customers ease of access to the highest echelon of imported specimens.

From our humbled beginnings inside a small one-car garage, to international notoriety among avid collectors, our provenance of quality and service continues to grow, propelling us into a streamlined success. Allow Cosmic Cuts to assist you by cultivating a new and inspiring theme for your home or business. Learning about crystals for healing and balancing your life is a total gamechanger.


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