Mineral Specimens Over $1000

Mineral Specimens Over $1000

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    Amethyst Geodes

    Large Amethyst Geodes are one of the most powerful and versatile healing stones in existence, and it doesn’t hurt that they are absolutely stunning. They work to balance our energy fields so that we feel calm yet alert at the same time. The energy of an Amethyst Geode provides us with protection from negative energy, and it optimizes our intuition and intellect, the perfect combination for decision-making and wisdom.

    Amethyst Chakra

    When we balance our chakras, we alter our health, our consciousness, and our relationship with the world. Amethyst resonates with the energy of the Crown and Third Eye chakras. This means it can help us to open ourselves up to Divine guidance and tap into our intuition. Amethyst is a spiritual stone that can help us clear the mind in preparation for meditation, cleanse negative energy, and put us on a path to enlightenment and wise insights. 

    Amethyst Feng Shui

    Through the science of Feng Shui, we can improve the energy in our environment so that it supports us in more positive ways. Crystals are one of the most important tools used in Feng Shui. Large Amethyst Geodes bring fire energy into a space. They are often placed in the South area of the Bagua Map, which is otherwise known as the Fame & Reputation area. Placing an Amethyst Geode there will boost your status in your family and in the world.