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The Amazing Amethyst Geode

If you're interested in learning about amethyst geodes, you've come to the right place! You'll find everything you could want to know about these incredible specimens right here. 

The amethyst geode is one of nature’s most breathtaking and treasured creations.

Rough and uninteresting on the outside, it reveals a magical and scintillating display of glistening purple crystals on the inside when broken open.

Amethyst Geode Pair

Healing With the Amethyst Geode

Amethysts are used abundantly around the world for their healing benefits. From enhancing spiritual experiences and bringing us a sense of calm to improving blood circulation and protecting us from negative energy, the amethyst is one of the most important and versatile healing stones to have on hand.

Amethyst Geode Meaning & Benefits

  • Calms and relaxes the body, mind, and spirit
  • Soothes and stimulates at the same time, creating a relaxed yet alert state
  • Transmutes negative energy into love
  • Works to reduce stress and anxiety
  • Reduces mind chatter for deep meditation
  • Raises our vibration
  • Helps us tap into our intuitive, psychic, and clairvoyant abilities
  • Gives us the ability to access wisdom, insight, and understanding from new levels of perception
  • Assists those who are struggling with overindulgence and addiction
  • Puts negative and evil thoughts at bay
  • Provides protection during travel
  • Offers spiritual protection against witchcraft, black magic, and psychic attack
  • Improves decision-making through enhanced logic and spiritual insight
  • Helps our hormones to work optimally
  • Improves oxygen flow in the blood
  • Assists us with matters of the stomach, heart, and skin
  • Aims to reduce arthritis, tinnitus, and headache symptoms

Amethyst Uses

  • Place your Amethyst Geode next to your bed to help reduce insomnia and nightmares.
  • When your child is experiencing hyperactivity, have him sit next to your Amethyst Geode to help him settle down.
  • Place an Amethyst Geode in an area where you do creative things. The relaxed alert state it provides is perfect for creativity and inspiration.
  • Place it near your entrance to protect your home and cleanse out negative energy.
  • Place one in your office to reduce stress and anxiety caused by work.
  • Meditate next to your Amethyst Geode to put you in the perfect meditative state and to help you access higher consciousness.
  • Place one in the heart of your home to raise your family’s vibration.
  • Place smaller stones on your Amethyst Geode to cleanse them.
  • Sit next to your Amethyst Geode to diffuse anger and negative emotions.
  • Spend time near an Amethyst Geode on a consistent basis when trying to overcome an addiction. 

Discover more about the healing benefits of amethyst here.

Amethyst Geode for Sale

About the Amethyst Geode

In Greece, the word “geode” means “shape of the earth.” Geodes can be round or egg-shaped, and they range in size from less than an inch to over ten feet tall.

Amethyst geodes are hollow rocks that are lined on the inside with amethyst crystals. They are formed when gas cavities occur in lava beneath the earth’s surface. The cavities become filled with liquid that contains silica (quartz) and a small amount of iron.

The iron is what gives amethyst its intoxicating purple color. Over thousands of years, the liquid forms 6-sided pyramids, which are known as crystals.

Learn more about how amethyst geodes are formed here.

Where Are Amethyst Geodes Found?

There are several places on earth where amethyst geodes are found, but the two main locations are Brazil and Uruguay. 

Brazilian amethyst geodes are mined from vast amounts of lava flows in the Parana Continental Flood Basalt Province. These geodes are beautiful and come in a range of colors and sizes.  

Uruguyan amethyst geodes are typically very deep in color and their points are often larger than the ones found in Brazil. When you want the absolute highest quality amethyst geode, this is what you should buy.

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Amethyst Geode Price

Wondering about amethyst geode price? Amethyst geodes come in a wide range of prices due to quality, depth of color, size of crystal points, and overall size and shape. They can sell for anywhere from a couple dollars to many thousands of dollars.

Amazingly, really large amethyst geodes can take a million years to form, and no two geodes are alike!

How incredible to be able to own such a beautiful, one-of-a-kind piece of ancient nature?

Types of Amethyst Geodes

Amethyst Geode Cathedral


Amethyst Cathedral

An Amethyst Geode Cathedral, also known as an Amethyst Geode Church, is an amethyst geode that has been cut in half and then shaped to create a flat base that is filled with metal weights and concrete. 

The resulting shape looks like an arched cathedral.

The inside remains untouched, while the outside is altered for aesthetics and functionality (the edges are sanded and the exterior is painted).

With this shape of amethyst geode, you can enjoy the amethyst crystal clusters in all of their sparkling splendor.

View our Amethyst Geode Cathedral selection here.

Amethyst Geode Slice

An Amethyst Geode Slice is the best way to take in the beauty of all of the layers within the amethyst geode. 

By cutting the geode straight through the entire piece without cutting it in half like the cathedral cut, we get to enjoy a glimpse of the entire geode and all of its stunning layers of solidified-liquid.

View our Amethyst Geode Slice selection here.

Rare Agate Rimed Amethyst Geodes

Agate Rimmed Amethyst Geode

In rare cases, agate forms directly inside the outer shell of the geode. When that happens, the outer shell can be removed completely, leaving behind its beauty inside and outside, unlike most geodes whose outer rim is plain rock.

In this case, we also get to enjoy the healing benefits of not only amethyst but also agate.

Browse our selection of Agate Rimmed Amethyst Geodes here.

Amethyst Geodes With Calcite Formations

Amethyst Geode With Calcite Formations

Some amethyst geodes contain calcite formations within them, which provides not only aesthetic interest, but also additional healing benefits.

It offers a cleansing energy that helps us with new beginnings, and it amplified the healing power of the amethyst surrounding it.

View our selection of Amethyst Geodes With Calcite Formations here.

Amethyst Druzy Geode

Amethyst Druzy Geode

An Amethyst Druzy Geode, otherwise known as a druse or drusy, is a clustering of very small amethyst crystals. They almost look like sugar, and because they are so small, they glisten and sparkle more than regular Amethyst Clusters.

Click here to see if we have any Amethyst Druzy Geodes in stock.

Amethyst Geode Cluster

Amethyst Geode Clusters are simply a clustering of amethyst geode crystals. The crystals in a cluster are typically larger than on a druzy. They come in all shapes and sizes. 

View our current selection of Amethyst Geode Clusters here.

Amethyst Geode Cave

An Amethyst Geode Cave is an amethyst geode that hasn't been broken in half, but instead has been opened up to look like a cave. 

Amethyst Geode Caves are pretty rare! See if we have any for sale here.

Amethyst Geode Heart

An Amethyst Geode Heart is an amethyst cluster that has been shaped into a heart. Typically, they are sold on a stand, and they make great gifts for our loved ones.

These heart-shaped crystals serve as a beautiful reminder of how amethyst is able to transmute negative energy into love.

We especially have these available around Valentine's Day, but we just might have one if you check out our current inventory.

View our Amethyst Geode Heart selection here.

Amethyst Geode Table

If you have had the opportunity to see an Amethyst Geode Table up close, you've probably fallen in love with them.  

By taking a large Amethyst Geode Cathedral and placing glass above it, it creates probably what is the most beautiful type of table you can buy. 

It's rare when we get these beauties in stock, but we just might have one if you check out our specialty items here.

Amethyst Geode Jewelry

Amethyst Geode Jewelry

Who wouldn't want to adorn themselves in the splendor of an Amethyst Geode? By wearing Amethyst Geode Jewelry, you'll not only add a sparkle to your image but also be able to enjoy the healing properties of amethyst no matter where you go.  

View our current selection of Amethyst Geode Jewelry here.

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Amethyst Properties

Amethyst Geodes are composed of quartz. Inclusions of iron and manganese provide their beautiful purple color, which ranges from lavender to deep violet. They are typically transparent but can sometimes be opaque. 

The word “Amethyst” is derived from the Greek word “ametusthos,” which means "not intoxicated." In ancient times, it was used to prevent drunkenness and overindulgence. 

Throughout history, Amethysts have been prized and utilized by royals and religious figures. It was considered a precious stone before large amounts were found; therefore, it has since been downgraded to a semi-precious stone.

Amethyst was used in the Bishop's Stone and it was the ninth stone in the breastplate of the High Priest. Egyptians carved them into heart-shaped amulets to be used in burial ceremonies. And in astrology, it was used to bring alignment to planetary influences. 

Birthstone Month – February

Natural Birthstone – Winter Solstice (Nov 21 - Dec 20)

Zodiac Birthstone – Pisces

Where to Buy Amethyst Geodes

Look no further when you want to buy an amethyst geode! We use a grading system to ensure our amethyst geodes are the best in the industry!

Learn more about how to buy amethyst geodes you can trust here. 

Each one is one-of-a-kind, originated from Brazil, and comes with free shipping over $35 and a certificate of authenticity!

Whether you're looking for a small table-top geode or a large amethyst geode you can display in your home, we've got a huge selection of stunning choices. 

We are a top rated, award-winning mineral dealer, offering fine mineral specimens for sale at sensible prices with outstanding customer service. We have a 99% satisfaction rate, we value our customers tremendously, and we take pride in providing an excellent experience.

Browse Our Amethyst Geodes for Sale Here

Amethyst Geodes

Healing Properties of Amethyst

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Amethyst Geodes

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