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12 Amethyst Geode Stone Shapes: Which One Speaks to You?

INSIDE:  Stoic and reserved on the outside while dazzling and iridescent on the inside, Amethyst geodes come in many shapes that wow your eyes and spark spiritual energy. With such an array of forms and sizes, you can find an Amethyst Geode stone to fit your personality and aura.


A beloved gemstone from time immemorial, Amethyst has deep links to royalty and regal energy. Its powers lies in offering protection from negative forces, boosting our spiritual insights, and maintaining poise through our experiences.

Formed from air and gas pockets in lava, Amethyst Geodes have a matte rock shell with a hollow interior that houses an array of sparkling Amethyst crystals.

As lava flowed under the earth’s surface, spaces of gas within the molten matter took shape and then filled with liquid containing Quartz and iron. As the lava cooled, these geode pockets remained with mesmerizing crystal colors inside.

The purple hues on the inside of an Amethyst Geode stone lie along a spectrum of color determined by heat and UV-radiation. If heat had surpassed a whopping 500º C, Amethyst would have transitioned into Citrine instead.

Because of divine timing, we now have these beautiful geodes to help tap into our power and rule over our own inner spiritual kingdoms.

Amethyst Geodes

Why We Love Amethyst Geodes

Who doesn’t want to feel like a queen or a king? Amethyst has adorned the crowns of rulers and been bestowed as gifts to deities for ages. We love Amethyst Geodes for how powerful these violet crystals make us feel.

To be honest, at Cosmic Cuts, we’re a bit obsessed with Amethyst Geodes. These immortal gems hold so much information and have truly individual properties and connections.

We explained the formation of these geodes above, but take a moment to reflect on timing...

Amethyst Geodes contain an historical footprint that dates back millennia! When you hold an Amethyst in your hands, you convene with ancient movements of the earth!

No two Amethyst Geodes will match identically. From the gradation of purple to the crystal edges, peering inside these geodes is always an eye-opening, uncharted adventure. Undoubtedly, whatever Amethyst geode stone shape you choose, it will be completely unique to you.

We constantly want to learn, teach, and talk about these mighty stones! We created the ultimate resource for the amazing Amethyst Geode here to help you dig deep into these masterpieces.

Now, let's learn about the many shapes that these geodes come in to fuel your spiritual journey. You will easily discover a spark with one of these. 

All the Wonderful Amethyst Geode Stone Shapes

You can choose Amethyst geodes that formed naturally or ones that have man-made enhancements. 

Yielding to budget, of course, you can find enormous sculptural Amethyst geode stones as well as smaller portable shapes to carry with you all day.

Let's find a shape that attracts your energy and sparks an energetic exchange!

Giant Amethyst Geode

Giant Amethyst Geode

Let’s start with not just big, but giant Amethyst Geodes! Because of the way Amethyst Geodes are mined, some come in huge formations.

By carefully probing through deep lava deposits, miners can find the crystal pockets and then, even more gingerly, chisel out fully intact geodes.

The outside looks like, well, a rock, but cracked open, the inside contains the treasure!

A giant Amethyst Geode stone can easily surpass 6-feet in height and weigh well over 500 pounds! They are definitely meant to radiate powerful energy throughout a home or space and stand as an amazing piece of working, vibrational art!

Small Amethyst Geode

Small Amethyst Geodes

Most people start their Amethyst collections with smaller geodes when we first learn about Amethyst crystals.

Small Amethyst Geodes come in many shapes that we can easily hold in our hands, rest on our desk, or slip in our pocket so that we can carry the energy with us.

They may seem like a minuscule fraction of the size of huge Amethyst Geodes, measuring just a few inches, but they still emit a strong force to offer you personal protection and motivation.

Amethyst Cathedral Geode

Amethyst Cathedral

Within the large and small geodes, you can also choose shapes that impact how you view and access the inner Amethyst crystals based on how the geode is opened.

An Amethyst cathedral is a specific way of opening an Amethyst Geode stone.

Typically, these stones are long and thin. Cutting the geode open along its longest axis results in two halves that offer the greatest exposure to the inner crystals. In this halved shape, the geodes look like the steeple or spire of a church.

Often times, a man-made effect is applied to these geodes after splitting, mainly to preserve the structure of the geode. These effects include sanding and polishing the outer rock, cleaning the inner crystals, and fusing a concrete base with the outer shell so that the cathedral can stand upright and balanced. 

How about a giant Amethyst Cathedral Geode? The Empress of Uruguay – an almost 8-feet, 5,000-pound geode – is considered the world’s largest Amethyst cathedral!

Amethyst Geode Cave

Amethyst Cave

Another way to access the Amethyst crystals inside a geode is to open up a portion of the outer shell of the geode so that you can look inside.

In this case, rather than splitting a long geode in half, a piece of the geode is cut out that penetrates through to the crystals. This creates a hole like the mouth of a cave, hence the name Amethyst Geode Cave.

Geodes with rounder structures may be shaped as caves because their form enables an easier view of the crystals inside without fully opening up the lava pocket.

Tall Amethyst Geode

Tall Amethyst Geode

The Amethyst Cathedral is an example of a tall Amethyst Geode, but cathedrals also come in many different shapes.

Tall Amethyst Geodes can reach immense heights between 60” and 75” or they can be much smaller. The liquid inside of the gas pocket may have created curvy sides, bulbous tops or bottoms, and other interesting shapes.

Heart Shaped Amethyst Geode

Heart-Shaped Geode

Amethyst geodes can also be shaped into forms that resonate with you. The heart-shaped geode is created from a piece of geode with an Amethyst cluster that is then sanded into a heart.

Heart-shaped Amethyst geode stones typically come in smaller sizes so that they can be mounted on a stand or hand-held.

This shape symbolizes Amethyst’s incredible power to help us harness our spiritual calling in order to spread love to others.

Large Geode Slices

Amethyst Geode Slice

While cutting Amethyst geodes length- or height-wise offers open-face views of these incredible formations, you can also get them in Amethyst Geode slices.

Large Geode slices are cut through the geode, keeping the outer rock shell intact so that you are left with a circular view of the entire geode.

From this angle, it is possible to see the gradation of Amethyst colors. You can imagine how the layers formed from the crystal-mineral liquid solidifying. It’s like counting rings in a tree trunk – there’s a whole history of time in an Amethyst slice.

Amethyst Druzy

Amethyst Druzy

If what you love most about Amethyst is its shimmer, an Amethyst druzy might be the shape you like best. A druzy is a cluster of tiny crystals that look almost like rock candy sugar (though probably taste less sweet and satisfying).

In their tiny sizes, each crystal in the cluster has its own sharp edges that catch light. Therefore, clustered together, they sparkle more than regular Amethyst crystals. 

Amethyst Geode Cluster

Amethyst Cluster

A size up from an Amethyst druzy, Amethyst Geode clusters still contain a tight group of Amethyst crystals. However, in this form, the component gems are usually larger than they are in a druzy.

These clusters may not twinkle like a druzy, but these Amethyst Geode stones, which come in many shapes and sizes, display the diverse shades of violet that the crystals can take on.

Amethyst Points

Amethyst Point

There’s also great vibrational value in Amethyst crystals with more abstract shapes. The inner pieces of the Amethyst Geode stone are the Amethyst points.

Amethyst points refer to crystals in their natural, prismatic forms. They have angular edges and often come to a sharp point. This happens because of the way the liquid in lava pockets “dripped” into form as the temperatures cooled and hardened the crystals.

Amethyst Bonsai Trees

Amethyst Bonsai Tree

Another shape you might consider actually includes a collection of small Amethyst Geode crystals arranged together in a symbolic shape.

The Amethyst Bonsai Tree typically has an Amethyst Geode base, although it can be made of a more simple material like wood or metal or even a different type of crystal.

Extending from the base, a man-made trunk grows and branches form. Entwined to the branches and forming the leaves, are lots of tumbled or natural Amethyst crystals which are held together with copper wire.

Amethyst Tumbled Stones

Amethyst Tumbled Stones

And finally, there is the Amethyst Tumbled Stone. This is the handiest of all the amethyst geode stone shapes as they are small, smooth, and portable. 

Polished to have a very shiny, smooth surface and shaped into the shape of a small stone, these little crystals can be placed in a pocket, displayed in a bowl with other stones, or placed on the body during meditation.

Final Thoughts

Amethyst Geode stones contain such empowering qualities borne from the stunning Amethyst crystals deep inside.

Discovering all the different ways these stones come packaged, by nature and by humans, will fill your senses with the majestic spirit of the Amethyst.

Take time to find what shape most inspires you, and don’t be surprised if you find yourself starting a unique, multi-form collection.

Amethyst Geodes

* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here

Amethyst Geode Stone Shapes

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