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Natural Carnelian Stone

  • Enhances motivation, determination, and courage
  • Improves public speaking in both eloquence and confidence
  • Attracts prosperity, resources, and success
  • Supports physical training and exercise
  • Promotes good blood circulation
  • Supports healthy metabolism

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The natural carnelian stone is a captivating gemstone that brings warmth, passion, and energy to its user. Known as the stone of motivation, it provides an extremely empowering and positive force that sets good things in motion and rejuvenates the mind, body, and spirit. 

Carnelian Properties

Carnelian has a glass-like appearance that is translucent and comes in various shades of orange and red. It is a variety of chalcedony, which is a type of quartz. In ancient times, warriors wore carnelian to bring them physical strength and courage. In the middle ages, alchemists boiled carnelian to activate other chalcedonies crystals.

Birthstone Month – August (historic)

Carnelian & The Sacral Chakra and Root Chakra

Balancing your chakras can improve consciousness, health, and one’s relationship with the world. Orange carnelian resonates with the energy of the sacral chakra, and red carnelian resonates with the energy of the root chakra. Balancing the sacral chakra with orange carnelian can help boost the body’s life force and improve the information flow between the body and mind. It helps us enjoy pleasurable experiences more fully, and shows us how to be flexible. By using red carnelian to balance the root chakra, you’ll feel more energetic, passionate, secure, and powerful in your sense of self.

The Feng Shui of Carnelian

Feng Shui is the Chinese system of philosophical laws that govern spatial arrangement and the harmony and flow of energy within a room or building. Crystals work in powerful, yet subtle, ways to attract desired energy and strengthen your personal energy field. Place carnelian in rooms where you want the energy to be high. Placing carnelian stone in the south area of the home or room will improve your reputation and standing in the family or your community.

Natural Carnelian Stone Benefits

  • Enhances motivation, determination, and courage
  • Improves public speaking in both eloquence and confidence
  • Provides good luck by attracting prosperity, resources, and success
  • Ignites feelings of passion and love
  • Promotes good choices in life
  • Protects against internal or external anger, resentment, and abuse
  • Aims to protect the home from theft, fire, storms, and accidents
  • Supports physical training and exercise
  • Promotes menstrual health and fertility
  • Rejuvenates our life force by promoting good blood circulation
  • Supports healthy metabolism

Ideas for How to Use Tumbled Carnelian Stones

  • Carry carnelian with you to help you stop procrastinating.
  • Place a carnelian stone in your pocket and in your child’s pocket to improve the love between the two of you.
  • Meditate with your carnelian gemstone to help you understand how to manifest your dreams.
  • Athletes have been carrying carnelian stone for centuries to improve their physical strength and abilities.
  • Architects, builders and construction workers can use carnelian to help them perform their jobs and guard them against accidents with tools.
  • Singers often use natural carnelian stone to improve their voice.
  • Men can carry their carnelian stone in their pocket to end a mid-life crisis.
  • Women and men often benefit from using orange carnelian to help encourage pregnancy.
  • Journalists and public speakers can use carnelian to improve their speaking ability.
  • Sleep next to your carnelian gemstone to rekindle the passion in your relationship.

* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here.

At Cosmic Cuts, our natural carnelian stones for sale promote motivation, warmth, passion, and positive energy. Explore our tumbled carnelian collection to discover the benefits for yourself!

Natural Carnelian Stone
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