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For additional information about crystals and healing stones, check out the links and resources below:

Healing Stones Blog - Our blog features tons of information to answer all of your questions about crystals and healing stones. - Directory of organized health information. - Quartz crystals from a wide variety of worldwide locations.

The Wild Rose Dreamers Lodge - Shamanic healing light center. - Crystals for health, wealth, peace, and well-being. - Everything you would want to know about reiki.

Energetic Arts - Reiki, EMF Balancing Technique®, Tachyon Energy, and more.

SpiritFind - A search engine for spiritual sites, includes sections on ascension, channeling, healing, meditation, psychics, and more. Updated daily!

Personal Growth from - is the most complete guide to information about Personal Growth on the Internet.

Crystal Guidance - Sharing the healing power of crystals with crystal tips and prescriptions, gemstone articles, affordable stones for sale, and Reiki healing sessions.

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