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10 Fascinating Amethyst Cave Facts That Will Make You Go Wow

INSIDE: You've probably heard that amethyst helps with stress and insomnia, but you probably didn't know these fascinating facts about the amethyst cave. Read on and prepare to go "Wow!"

We've written many blogs about amethysts and particularly the amethyst geode, otherwise known as the amethyst cave or the amethyst cathedral. In doing so, we've shared a number of facts that are pretty darn fascinating.

So we thought it was about time that we compile those amazing facts into one article. Check it out and be prepared to be wowed! Here are 10 intriguing facts about the amethyst cave:

1) The Amethyst Cave Can Be Used in Every Area of the Feng Shui Bagua Map

An amethyst cave is one of the most versatile crystals, providing healing properties that support the mind, body, and spirit. That makes it a useful feng shui tool that can be used in every area of the home, office or room.

Here are some examples of how you can use an amethyst cave in every area of the Bagua map (for a more detailed look at this, visit our article: Amethyst Cluster Feng Shui Tips You Need to Know):
  • Career & Life Journey Area - Place an amethyst cave here to improve your meditation practice, boost mental concentration, and ignite a passion for fulfilling your life purpose.
  • Love & Relationships Area - Placing an amethyst cave in this area can provide a calm and relaxing atmosphere, a balance of pleasure and self-restraint, and it can promote loving emotions.
  • Family & Health Area - By placing an amethyst cave here, you can help release blame and guilt, let go of blocks that are hurting your family relationships, and connect with your ancestors of the past.
  • Wealth & Prosperity Area - The energy from an amethyst cave in this area can help you manifest what you desire and make decisions that bring you prosperity.
  • Center & Self Area - Place an amethyst cathedral in this area of the Bagua map to bring serenity to you and the space, and cleanse your energy system to promote wholeness.
  • Helpful People & Travel Area - By placing an amethyst in this area, you'll be able to better tune into your intuition so you can receive the guidance you need to carry you through life with more ease and flow.
  • Children & Creativity Area - Placing an amethyst cave in this area can help cleanse your children and your inner child of negative energy.
  • Knowledge & Wisdom Area - You can place an amethyst geode in this area to bring serenity to the space, reduce stress, increase self love, and improve sleep.
  • Fame & Reputation Area - Place an amethyst cave in this area to improve self-acceptance and confidence so you can shine your unique light on the world.

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2) An Amethyst Cave Helps Promote Weight Loss

It's pretty amazing that just being in the presence of an amethyst geode can help you lose weight, right? The name "amethyst" actually comes from the Greek word "amethystos," which means "not intoxicated," because it is known to provide self-restraint and prevent intoxication.

The same quality that makes amethyst helpful for keeping us sober is the same quality that can be used to help us restrain from things that would hinder our weight loss goals.

In addition to providing self-restraint, amethyst also helps to balance the body's metabolism so that we can burn more calories. It helps balance the hormones, which can lead to weight gain when not balanced. Plus, amethyst has a cleansing and detoxifying quality that can help the body rid itself of toxins that hinder weight loss.

For more information on amethyst and weight loss, check out our article: 15 Amethyst Stone Benefits to Empower the Body, Mind & Spirit.

3) An Amethyst Cave Will Surround You With Love

amethyst and lvoe

Love is the most powerful of all emotions. It creates a positive energy shift in any place, situation, or relationship. It trumps fear, sadness, anger, and any other negative emotion. And it has the ability to make miracles happen.

One of the most intriguing aspects of an amethyst geode is its ability to transmute negative energy into positive energy. Who wouldn't want that kind of power looking out for you, right?

Here's an article that provides more information about amethysts and love: How to Use Your Large Geode for More Focus, Growth & Love.

4) Amethyst Caves are an Interesting Blend of Natural & Manmade

The process of how amethyst geodes are created is fascinating. The beautiful amethyst crystals that form inside of the amethyst cave are natural, but the outside of the geode is partially manmade.

The whole amethyst cave is created out of a bubble that develops inside flows of lava. Over many thousands of years, water carries minerals into the hardened lava cavity, and those minerals (silica and iron) grow into amethyst crystals. Some amethyst caves can be over a million years old and it's quite an amazing process.

From there, the amethyst geode is carefully chiseled out of cave walls. Then they are cut open and cement is added to the outside to reinforce the amethyst geode walls and small repairs are made as necessary. Finally, the crystals are polished and the cement is painted.

We've written a whole article on this process in detail here: An Astonishing Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Amethyst Cathedral.

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5) Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Citrine & Ametrine are Closely Related

If amethyst had a family, clear quartz, citrine, and ametrine would be it. They are closely related and therefore share many of the same qualities and gemstone meanings. Here's how it breaks down:

Clear Quartz - All amethyst is composed of silica and iron. Clear quartz is simply silica without iron. Almost every amethyst cave contains some clear quartz within it.

Citrine - Citrine is amethyst that has been heated. Natural citrine is somewhat rare and has been found in Russia, Dauphine, France, and Madagascar. Heated citrine, which has been heated in a lab, is much more common. Both processes still produce the same result and provide the same benefits. We offer both choices in our online crystal shop: natural citrine and heated citrine. It can be difficult to choose between an amethyst geode or a citrine geode since they both offer such incredible benefits, so we've written a comparison article to help: Amethyst or Citrine Geode: How to Make the Best Choice for You.

Ametrine - Ametrine is a mixture of amethyst and citrine. It creates a very balanced and harmonious blend of each crystal. Ametrine is also very rare and has only been found in the Anahi mine in Bolivia so far.

6) Amethyst Relieves Stress in So Many Ways (We've Come Up With 16)

amethyst and stress

Amethyst is known for relieving stress, but most people don't realize how many ways it can do so. We've come up with 16 different ways it relieves stress, plus 10 ways to use amethyst to relieve stress in our article called, How to Use Natural Amethyst to Crush Stress. Here's a glimpse at them here:

  1. Amethyst balances the emotions
  2. It releases negative emotions
  3. It improves our moods
  4. It gives us patience
  5. It makes us peaceful
  6. It makes us strong
  7. It improves thoughts about ourselves
  8. It reduces depression and assists with addictions
  9. It reduces migraines and tension headaches
  10. It cleanses the aura
  11. It transmutes negative energy into love
  12. It promotes a healthy nervous system
  13. It reduces insomnia
  14. It reduces electromagnetic stress
  15. It improves meditation
  16. It increases motivation

7) There are 5 Qualities That Determine Amethyst Value

There are many people selling amethyst geodes online these days, but there aren't many who are selling high-quality specimens. Understanding what constitutes amethyst value is essential in making sure you are purchasing an amethyst cave that will provide the healing qualities and beauty you are seeking.

Here are five things to look out for when purchasing an amethyst cave:

  1. Darker colored amethyst
  2. Thin walls
  3. Well-formed and larger crystals
  4. Good symmetry (left and right side is like a mirror image if you draw a line up the center of the cave)
  5. Somewhat free of drill holes, cracks, and defects 

But it's not as cut and dry as that and its rare that you will find an amethyst cave that has all of those qualities. That's why we use a grading system at Cosmic Cuts that ensures all of our amethyst geodes are high quality. You can check it out here: How to Easily Buy Geodes You Can Actually Trust.

8) Amethyst Stimulates the Crown & Third Eye Chakras

amethyst chakra

Amethysts are highly spiritual stones, so it makes sense that they would stimulate the most spiritual chakras in the body. Just being in the presence of a large amethyst geode can improve your connection to higher consciousness and assist you with your spiritual journey.

Meditating with amethyst helps clear the mind and opens up your intuition. It can help you cleanse the negative energy from your body and your personal energy field to enjoy a better union with spirit. These effects can also be felt by carrying small tumbled amethyst stones in your pocket on a daily basis to tune yourself to the amethyst's spiritual energy.

To learn more about using amethyst for chakra healing, check out our article, How to Use Crystals for the Best Chakra Healing. And this article from our friends at MindBodyGreen will help you determine if your upper chakras need stimulating.

9) There are Many Ways You Can Use an Amethyst Cave (We've Compiled 21)

An amethyst cave or cathedral can be used in so many ways to improve your life. In a recent article about giant amethyst, we came up 21 unique ways, but there are probably many more than that. Here's a summary of them:

  1. Use an amethyst cave to cleanse other crystals
  2. Use it to enhance your meditation practice
  3. Hold family meetings next to an amethyst cave to improve the outcome
  4. Amplify your intentions with an amethyst cave
  5. Cleanse your food and drinks with an amethyst cave
  6. Sit next to one when you are sick to recover faster
  7. Place struggling plants and sick pets next to it
  8. Soothe a colicky baby next to an amethyst cave
  9. Be near it when you need to relieve stress
  10. Keep your computer or electronics next to it to reduce electromagnetic smog
  11. Practice yoga next to an amethyst cave for enhanced results
  12. Write in a journal with your amethyst for deeper insights
  13. Enjoy a romantic dinner next to an amethyst geode for deeper feelings of love
  14. Use amethyst for feng shui in your home or office
  15. Rest next to an amethyst cave for improved sleep and relaxation
  16. Have a child sit next to an amethyst cave to help them calm down
  17. Curl up with a book next to your amethyst geode to enjoy a calming energy
  18. Use it to cleanse objects that are holding negative energy
  19. Pray next to an amethyst cave for guidance and advice from higher consciousness
  20. Sit near your amethyst cave to help you make a tough decision
  21. Place an amethyst cave in any room that needs uplifting

10) Amethyst Geodes Primarily Come From 2 Places

Before the 19th century, amethysts were considered precious stones because they were just as rare as emeralds and rubies, but they are now considered to be semi-precious stones because of the large deposits of amethyst geodes that were discovered in Brazil.

Today, most of the amethyst geodes in the world come from Brazil and Uruguay. Brazil has the largest selection of high-quality amethyst geodes and Uruguay has the darkest-colored amethyst. We offer both Brazilian amethyst and Uruguayan amethyst on our online crystal shop.

An amethyst cave is an intriguing specimen that continues to delight and amaze people from every walk of life. We love sharing fascinating facts like these with our valued readers and customers. And we want to hear from you too! Please share any interesting tidbits you've learned about amethysts in the comment section below.

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* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. This article may contain affiliate links. Please read our full disclaimer notice here.

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