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How to Clear Your Aura & Be in Control of Your Personal Energy

INSIDE: Learning how to clear your aura will empower you with methods for physical, mental, and spiritual healing when things around you seem to weigh you down. Discover the best methods right here!


When things just feel off and nothing seems to work out for us, it can be more than a bad day or bad luck. It might be a sign that your aura has dimmed from the weight of negativity it has been exposed to.

If you don’t care for your aura, you can lose the aura's protection, which is essential to ward off bad energy and can invite in even worse manifestations of it than “just feeling off.”

Our auras don’t keep us from experiencing emotions, including anger and pain. In fact, sometimes to truly heal from traumatic events or past auric damage, we have to allow ourselves to feel and process.

By bringing your aura into its whole, complete state, you give yourself the best armor to take on life, let new people into your orb, and keep your values and intentions rooted and in control.

Sage Smudge Sticks

What the Aura is & Why Aura Cleansing is Important?

Before learning how to clear your aura, it's important to understand the importance of the aura in the first place.

Solidifies a Spiritual Essence

We've talked at length about the energy nodes along the spine known as our chakras and we've even discussed chakras that go beyond our physical body.

Now, imagine a halo of light or prismatic color surrounding your entire body that emanates your essence, your spiritual glow. This is your aura, and when it is strong, it keeps you safe from evil intentions and energy that doesn’t serve your higher purpose.

By cleansing your aura, you offer gratitude for the spiritual practices and beliefs you have developed through the influence of divine guidance.

Offers Mental Healing

As you’ll see below, how to clear your aura looks a lot like other methods of self care. We know that self care provides significant mental health benefits, and this becomes abundantly apparent when we work on our auras.

Some signs that our aura needs help come from feelings of depression or listlessness. We understand from our spiritual practices that we should seek intentional joy and vitality in life on earth, so when our emotions seem rife with negativity, anger, and sadness, we need to take action. 

Cleansing our auras gives us the space and time to reestablish balance in our emotions – it’s good to experience challenges and obstacles to learn from but not to have them overpower the goodness in life.

Aura Cleansing

Helps Hone Physical Awareness

Just as our mental state can signal problems in the aura, there are physical signs as well. This makes sense because a compromised mental state leaves us unable to motivate ourselves to take the best care of our physical health. 

Most commonly connected to depression, anxiety, and other compromising mental-emotional states are the sensations of fatigue, irritability, and lethargy. When we notice these as our predominant states when we wake up in the morning or try to carry on our day, we have to check in on the state of our aura. 

As we know, mental health feeds into physical health, and vice versa. If we don’t address the problem in the aura, our physical wellbeing can face even more serious effects, like a weakened immune system that leads to major illnesses.

As we learn to heal our auras, we also grow a greater connection with the physical states in our body to be ready and able to nurture it back to health when it needs our attention most.

How to Clear Your Aura: 8 Different Techniques

Now that we understand the integral role the aura has in maintaining our complete wellbeing at every level, let’s discuss a few techniques that have big auric healing power...

Meditate With Crystals

One of the best methods for knowing how to clear your aura is through meditation, which may already be a part of your spiritual ritual. Combining meditation with powerful crystals takes the process up a notch and can truly target the aura to make sure we treat any auric wounds.

  • Amethyst works wonders to help us bridge our crown chakra with our aura and the chakras located within it.
  • Smoky Quartz has a potent ability to shift negative energy out of our aura and into the earth to be neutralized, meaning that energy will no longer exist in a threatening form but rather as a positive vibe for better energy.
  • Selenite has a luminous sheen that gives off a high vibration, supporting whole body healing.

When meditating with crystals to heal the aura, we want to concentrate on positive thoughts and of sending love to ourselves. A great way to let the healing energy continue to resonate for some time is to build a crystal grid using these amazing crystals.

Take a Sea Salt Bath

Sea salt has a way of conveying our active action of cleansing while soothing the aura in the process. In ancient traditions, people believed that sea salt had the ability to purify black magic and deflect the evil eye.

By submerging in a sea salt bath, our entire body becomes encompassed by the healing balm of this natural mineral. We can imagine the salt washing over not just our skin but the glowing orb around our body, exfoliating away the negative gunk and relaxing our mind and soul to rejuvenate and emerge from the tub whole again. 

Diffuse Essential Oils

The aroma of essential oils like lavender and pachouli can be a gentle means for how to clear your aura. We know that sage smudging helps cleanse spaces and our bodies of stale energy, and we can think of diffusing essential oils in a similar way.

When we diffuse essential oils, whether by heating a diluted oil-water mixture or a more passive method like using reeds, the scent of the oils and sometimes the mist conduct a similar flow of energy to refresh the aura into a more alert and awakened state. 

Aura Cleansing Music

There are myriad ways to use sound to treat your aura. Ringing bells or sound bathing introduces high frequencies that can shake up the energy of your aura and move out the low frequencies in exchange for good vibes.

Another way to incorporate sound that can include sound baths and ringing is to listen to music specifically composed with auric healing in mind. You can find hours of music online that you can play as you rest and meditate or as you exist in your home space.

We really like this track, which includes over 3 hours of beautiful sacred geometry to focus on as well! If you prefer more natural sounds of bells and chimes, this 30-minute piece has incredible visuals and gentle rings.

Reiki, Shiatsu & Other Bodywork

Reiki and Shiatsu have origins in Japanese healing techniques and involve the sense of touch to detect areas that need healing. Reiki uses a method of letting our hands detect places of pain and to let our awareness of it deliver soothing energy and relief. Shiatsu relies the fingers and thumbs to place pressure on certain points of the body to clear energy blockages. 

Using these methods as well as other forms of bodywork and massage can really focus your efforts on how to clear your aura because they specifically integrate the physical body with our spiritual essence.

Energy Clearing

Repeat an Aura Cleansing Mantra

When you experience early signs that your aura may be in distress, you can use mantras to cleanse and repair. Any mantra that helps affirm our beliefs, faith, and intentions can have positive effects on the aura.

By repeating a phrase that resonates with you, you fill your mind and crown chakra with that feeling and let it reverberate into your surrounding aura.

Use the Power of Visualization

Similar to meditation, and at times used in conjunction with one another, visualization allows us to see the healing work happen, like an X-ray or MRI scan of our aura. There are many ways to do visualization exercises and different images to put in mind.

Some people prefer to visualize while also doing something symbolic of their musings. For example, you can take a shower, and while standing under the warm stream of water, see the water dissolving away patches of stuck energy on your aura and its glow returning around you.

While seated in meditation, you can imagine a ball of fire burning away bad energy and leaving pure happiness unscathed. Watch the ball enter your body through your crown chakra and pass the entire length of your physical body before tracing your aura around your body. If you don’t want to think of fire, visualize light shining over your body, illuminating every inch of your external, internal, and spiritual bodies. 

Ground Yourself to the Earth 

Another incredible method for knowing how to clear your aura is to find grounding and rootedness. While we tend to think of our auras as cosmic orbs that surround the body, we actually receive so much divine energy from our connection to the earth.

Pursuing grounding practices that plant your feet on the ground and return you to the present moment to live now can have wonderful healing effects on your aura. 

Final Thoughts

We recognize our auras as a shield of armor to protect the precious spiritual treasure we have harvested in divine communion. While we know the immense power of the aura, we also must recognize that it won’t always keep us from pain and suffering because that is part of the process of growth.

If you know how to clear your aura, you are prepared not only to weather challenges and obstacles ahead but also to emerge with abundant grace and joy to share with others in this world.

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* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here. 

How to Clear Your Aura & Be in Control of Your Personal Energy

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