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How to Use Crystals For Massage Therapy & Acupressure

INSIDE: You can use crystals for massage to greatly enhance the results and benefits of any massage or therapeutic treatment. Learn which crystals to use and how to use them right here!


Massage is not only about loosening up tense muscles and relieving localized pain.

As a matter of fact, Science Daily has published interesting research about the effects of massage on the body. It found that those who had routine massages not only had improved immune responses over time, but massage had also improved their endocrine system functioning.

We use it as a form of self-care routine, to treat ourselves with some well-deserved relaxation. Along with essential oils and incense, crystals can also play a significant role in amplifying the effects of massage.

If you want to learn more about the benefits and the how’s and why’s of using crystals for massage, you're in the right place.

Benefits Of Using Crystals For Massage

Crystals are a powerful source of high-vibrational energy. They act as both cleansers and protectants against harmful vibrations. Every crystal has healing properties that can help release stagnant energy located in specific areas of the body, mind, and spirit.

When combined with a massage, crystals help eliminate root causes of unpleasant symptoms, be those neck and back pain or chronic fatigue and tension.

Crystals and healing stones are powerful mineral formations with strong frequencies that help naturally recalibrate our nervous and endocrine systems. They are an important part of holistic medicine, working to dissolve any type of discomfort or pain we are experiencing, whether it's mental, spiritual or physical.

When we're in direct contact with their vibration, crystals help adjust the electrical currents in our body, harmonizing the circulation of oxygen, blood and energy. Crystals work directly with our energy, and can help detoxify and remove accumulated stress.

With that being said, using them before, during or after a massage can help boost the positive effects of a massage. Combined together, these two act as a powerful healing duo that affects our whole body, helping it to heal and regenerate.

Pain Relief Crystals

What Are the Best Crystals to Use For a Massage?

Every crystal has healing properties that target the mental, emotional and physical issues that affect the quality of our lives. There are two ways you can choose a crystal for this purpose:

  1. Choose those that are generally calming and grounding, as this will put you in the right alignment for a massage and magnify its benefits.
  2. Use a crystal that specifically targets mental or physical symptoms.

Generally speaking, when choosing crystals you really can’t go wrong as all crystals are healing. If in any doubt, here are some crystals for massage therapists that you too can use and benefit from.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is the ultimate healer, working to alleviate tension and pain through the cleansing of our energy field. It helps boost the immune system and relax us during a massage. It can be used to amplify not only the effect of a massage, but also the effects of other crystals used during the treatment.

This is a multi-use crystal and can be used both on the body, around the body or placed in water for a water massage.



Lepidolite is a great anti-stress crystal, and is a perfect match for anti-stress massage. It magnifies the effect of a touch during a massage, which is incredibly healing for those struggling with stress, excessive worry and depression.

Lepidolite helps us get more in touch with our spiritual and physical bodies, and when combined with a manual massage, it can have particularly soothing and calming effects.


Sodalite is another great anti-stress stone that does wonders for balancing the hormones and relaxing the body. It has a peaceful effect, and when combined with lymphatic drainage massage, it can help restore the body's natural balance.



Amazonite is one of the best crystals for massage, especially when it comes to promoting good general health. This crystal speeds up the recovery process, aids in healing sports injuries, relieves muscle pain and helps us establish an emotional equilibrium.

It is particularly helpful for those who feel their emotions are taking a toll on their health. Amazonite is a multi-faceted stone and can be particularly useful during and after a massage for prolonged positive effects.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz has a powerful detoxing effect on the body; therefore, it can help eliminate any form of toxicity stored in the body. Its frequency is incredibly relaxing and grounding, which makes it a perfect crystal to use before a massage to feel more centered. Use it during a massage to relax the body.

Smoky Quartz will help relieve physical issues, but it will also help you feel the benefits of a massage with your whole being. 



Chrysocolla removes negative energy from the body and helps balance hormone production of the thyroid and adrenal glands. During a massage, it can help stimulate the circulation of energy and blood throughout the body, helping it to reach essential focal points in the body.



Hematite is a great stone for stabilizing and improving our health. It is soothing for painful areas on the body and works to eliminate any form of stress, including that from mental or stress physical exhaustion. Hematite is also detoxifying, which makes it a perfect spa crystal for detox massage.



Amethyst is a balancing stone that creates an equilibrium between the mind, body and soul. It is perfect for a relaxing massage, but can also be used for more specific therapeutic purposes, helping to deliver oxygen to all the cells in the body.

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline helps us feel the benefits of a massage stronger. When used on the body, it absorbs toxic, negative vibrations and alleviates the effects of muscle, and emotional pain that affects our health. This way it acts as a deep cleanser, helping relax muscles and boost the immune system.

Black Tourmaline creates an energy shield around the body, so it can be used after a massage as a form of energetic prevention.

Zebra Jasper

Zebra Jasper

Zebra Jasper is a great crystal to use during and after a massage. It works wonders for those who struggle with constant fatigue and soreness. Zebra Jasper is energizing, but also has a relaxing effect on muscles, helping to prevent spasms and eliminate tension in the body.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is nurturing and will make a massage even more pleasant. During a massage, it helps remove unhealthiness that exists in a relationship with our own body and ignites self-love, which is crucial for any healing process. 

Different Ways to Use Crystals Before, During & After Massage

There are many ways to use massage crystals. Here are some of our favorites...

Use Them Before a Massage to Get Centered

Before a massage, use cleansed crystals to clear out energy and prepare your body for a massage. Crystals work to detox your aura and make your energy centers more open to all the of benefits a massage offers.

Grounding crystals, such as Bronzite, Hematite, Unakite Jasper, and Red Jasper will help calm you, and eliminate anything that isn't serving you.

Place Them on a Person’s Body as You're Massaging Them

Crystals are often used for chakra balancing, in which they are placed on Chakra centers on the body to help realign the person's energy system. Similar principles can be applied during a massage.

By placing healing crystals on a person's body, we stimulate the flow of life force energy and target specific areas that need stimulated healing. This will have a calming and grounding effect on the person, as it will activate their energy centers responsible for an inner reset.

You can keep them on the body for as long as you'd like, as long as it feels right. Some therapists that work with crystals recommend keeping them on the body for 20 to 30 minutes, but the best guidance, especially if you're doing a home massage, is to simply listen to your body.

If you're using crystals for massage at home, try two or three different crystals at most. Using more than that, especially if you're sensitive to energy, will potentially overstimulate you or you may not be able to feel the full effects of each crystal placed on the body. 

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Use Tumbled Stones to Massage the Area

Using tumbled stones or crystal massage wands is a powerful way to eliminate tension from critical spots. By intentionally putting measured pressure on the spot, we dissolve accumulated stress and work with pressure points.

These spots and muscle groups play an important role in healing and relaxation. Thanks to the power of crystals and acupressure, we can relax muscle groups and alleviate pain, but also directly raise the vibration of the area we are massaging. 

For a more professional, therapeutic type of massage with crystals, having knowledge about pressure points, muscle groups, and joints is essential. However, we can also use tumbled stones and wands ourselves, simply by listening to our body and applying moderate pressure where it feels right.

Place Them Around the Person Being Massaged

Crystals have a powerful effect on a person during a massage even when they are not placed directly on the body. More so, using gemstones such as Hematite, Black Tourmaline, or Snowflake Obsidian can help keep any interfering energy from coming into the massage room.

We can place them directly on the massage table around the person, or simply organize them in the room. This will help the client to relax and cleanse the energy in the room, producing a calm and healing atmosphere.

Crystals can also be arranged to form sacred geometric shapes, which will further help the person realign and reboot energetically. This can stimulate kundalini energy and help remove blockages that stand in the way of healing.

Do a Bedtime Massage With Crystals

Using crystals for massage before going to bed will help relax you, ensure healthy sleep, and prepare you for an upcoming day. You can do a full body massage for stress release, or focus on a particular body part. 

Before falling asleep, choose a tumbled stone that calls to you the most. Sit or lay comfortably on your bed and start massaging your body from the feet upward using gentle spiral and circular motions.

As you are doing so, try to be fully mindful and focus all of your conscious attention on the movements you make and how that makes you feel. When your feet feel relaxed, slowly move upwards and massage the calves, then the thighs, and so forth until you reach the top of the scalp.

The same technique can be applied when massaging a singular spot. For this purpose, it can be helpful to know the healing properties of different crystals, as some may be more potent for a particular issue.

When in doubt, use any of the grounding and calming crystals you have, such as Clear Quartz, Hematite or Amethyst

crystals for massage therapists

Do a Foot & Palm Massage With Crystal Beads

For this massage, use crystal beads or small tumbled stones. Put them in a warm wash bowl and soak your feet. You can add essential oils to the mixture as well.

However, be mindful that not all crystals can be soaked in the water. To be sure if a crystal is suitable for water massage, check our How to Care For Crystals Guide.

If a crystal isn’t in a loving relationship with the water, simply place them in a wider dry wash bowl and massage your feet by moving them back and forth and making small circular movements. This will help stimulate the blood flow and relax tense muscles after a long day. The same can be applied to palms.

You can also use a chain of beads and gently roll them over the specific area on the body. This will help you relax, while also improving circulation and helping with water retention in the body.

Crystal beads and tumbled stones help stimulate energy circulation and will help draw in positive vibrations and recharge spiritual energy.

Use Crystals for Aftercare

Massage improves our overall well being, and crystals can help keep us in that balanced state for longer amounts of time. For personal wellness, it’s advised to use crystals that will keep you relaxed for a prolonged period. For this purpose, you can use the same crystals you used to prepare yourself for a massage to stay grounded. 

Once the message is over, sit with a chosen crystal in your hand with closed eyes. Allowing the energy of the gemstone to flow through your body will help you be fully aware of the new, refreshed state you're in. Not only that, but it will help attract more positive energy that is a match to your newfound sense of inner harmony.

Final Thoughts

By using crystals for massage, you can greatly enhance the benefits you'll receive from a massage. When using them with clients, they will be able to get greater results from your body work. 

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* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here.

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