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How to Use Crystals for Mental Health: Concentration, Memory & Clarity

INSIDE: Good mental health fosters a focused, clear mind to accomplish tasks and keep your emotions positive and balanced. Crystals for mental health can be used everyday to promote concentration, memory, and clarity. Learn about ways to incorporate our 10 favorite crystals for mental clarity into your life.


In a time when AI (artificial intelligence) is proliferating our homes and habits (we’re talking Alexa, Siri, Spotify algorithms, and other smart devices), the question often arises: when will computers become smarter than the human brain?

Looking at the science, it’s unlikely to happen. The human brain has way more memory capacity and uses a lot less energy. The brain with all its neurons may be able to store 1 petabyte of information – significantly more than the average computer.

Yet even with all that memory space, it feels like sometimes our brains send us an overload alert that screams, “TOO MUCH INFORMATION – it’s all too confusing, and I can’t focus!”

When your brain feels fried, like a computer out of memory space, it becomes difficult to do any task, even those you think don’t use much brain power.

Newsflash: your brain neurons fire subconscious signals all the time to keep your body doing its thing. That’s why mental health has such important applications in all parts of our lives.

To help get your mind back on track, you need to seek concentration, memory, and mental clarity to fine tune your brain's functions.

Using crystals for mental health will help you put your brain to work towards your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Mental Health Stones

Ways to Use Crystals for Mental Health

Crystals are like little human brains themselves. They seem simple enough but are packed with powerful vibrations that we can use deliberately or unconsciously to thrive in the day and night.

Let's look at some of the ways we can use them for mental health...

Meditate With Them

Meditation is a key practice for mind strength, resolve, and balance. Add crystals for mental clarity to a meditation practice, and the benefits are amplified.

You can create a ring or other shape of crystals around you to attract clarifying energy towards you throughout your meditation

The best way to activate your crystal during meditation is to visualize the work of the crystal on your mind and body.

Just as we are often instructed during a guided meditation to picture our breath moving through our bodies, we can do the same with our crystals. Envision their energetic frequencies entering your body and healing you.

Here are some of the best crystals for meditation.

Keep Them With You While Studying, Reading or Writing

A semi-conscious way to use crystals for mental health is to keep them near you in the places where you do challenging brain work or need to find focus.

Setting up crystals on your desk while you study or write or on your bedside table while you read will sharpen your mental capacities to retain information and power through your work.

Hold One While Visualizing it Purifying Your Mind 

Another variation of meditating with crystals that can be done at any moment and anywhere is to let the physical touch of the stone inspire images of purification in your mind.

You can make an energetic connection when you hold your crystal and visualize the vibrations pulsing towards your brain as you take a few moments to breathe and refocus. 

Mental Health Crystals

Place Them on Your Upper Chakras

Your upper chakras – throat chakra, third eye chakra, and crown chakra – have a big impact on your mental facilities. If they are out of balance, you may find yourself making bad decisions, feeling confused, or jumping between erratic thoughts.

Placing crystals for mental health on these chakra nodes can go a long way to unblocking energy and stabilizing your chakra system.

You can choose to do a focused chakra meditation, lying down and resting crystals on the chakra you feel is most affected. Or you can opt to wear crystal jewelry, like a choker necklace with a crystal that targets the throat chakra.

Sleep With One Under Your Pillow

Your computer might have a power button to turn off all the processes at the end of the day, but your brain doesn’t. So even when you sleep, your brain has work to do – so many subconscious and unconscious tasks.

You can help your brain with its mental jobs by placing one or many crystals under your pillow. The healing properties will be absorbed through your head while you sleep.

10 Best Crystals for Mental Clarity 

When you feel clouded in confusion and doubts, using crystals for mental health can clear your energy to make room for alert, focused thinking.

These are 10 of our favorite crystals to bring perspective to keep you motivated and moving...


Amethyst is such a mega-star crystal for mental health. Its versatile energies that radiate in the variable purple hues of the stone helps reduce stress and anxiety so you don’t waste your own energy on worries and negative thoughts.

Amethyst has a dual personality – calming while invigorating. Amethyst brings a sense of stillness so that you can tune into your intuition. It also inspires new perspective so that you can see innovative, creative ways forward.



Nothing like a rainbow to bring a moment of awe, pause, and inspiration. Fluorite comes in a vast rainbow of colors and has an amazing elemental structure that makes it glow under ultraviolet light!

Rainbows don’t just flash in the sky – they come with the flow of rain and slowly dissipate away. Fluorite crystals for mental health help you go with the flow, calmly riding the up-down intensity of complex decisions and mental pressure with a positive, steady perspective.

Also called the genius stone, Fluorite piques our memory to hold onto important, useful information. It encourages us to develop structure and organization in our habits.


The harmonizer stone or stone of intuition and logic, Sodalite helps us through difficult times by keeping our thoughts rational and focused.

This blue stone, laced with hints of yellow, green, grey, pink, or white and black patches, washes away distractions so you can hold your attention on new paths ahead. Sodalite gives inspiration and creativity and improves your memory. 

Smoky Quartz 

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz may look foggy – clear with wisps of brown clouding the stone – but it will absolutely defog your mind!

This stone has incredible grounded energy to bring your emotions and thoughts into balance. When your mind is balanced and centered, you'll be protected from feelings of overwhelm and confusion that get in the way of concentration. 

These crystals for mental health boost rationality and energize us to take on important tasks at hand. They also reveal your true inner potential as we look towards tackling major goals.


Kyanite’s blue tone streaked with white, indigo, green and black gets you to dig deep into your intuition. It allows you to examine the real mental obstacles that are holding you back. It enhances your memory and logic as well. 

Kyanite produces a shift in our perspective. We can let go of self-destructive habits that make it seem impossible to accomplish the things we truly need to do.

Blue Quartz 

Blue Quartz

This blue stone sometimes has bands of minerals like tourmaline, dumortierite, or riebeckite that creates deeper blue patterns. Its energy washes us with peace so that we relax and release fear, anxiety and stress. 

If you suffer with a hyperactive brain, Blue Quartz is an essential crystal. It helps us organize and order our thoughts that tend to escape down illogical roads. 

Blue Quartz facilitates clear communication so that we can articulate what it is we need to focus on and how we can move ahead with flexibility and calm.

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye comes in several varieties. The stone, a brown crystal with stripes of varying hues, has a particularly strong aura that helps align our spiritual calling with our everyday choices.

In its blue variety, also called falcon’s eye or hawk’s eye, Blue Tiger’s Eye soothes our emotions. Instilling tranquil energy, this crystal for mental health alleviates stress and anxiety around a situation so we can find the root cause of our feelings and come up with creative solutions.

Blue Apatite

Blue Apatite

Sometimes we have a hard time remembering things because we already have so much on our minds. Blue Apatite are great crystals for mental health because they help us deal with the baggage we hold on to.

Blue Apatite comes in shades of blue with flashes of green and gold that can connect us to deep spiritual chakras. It is a crystal that accesses many levels of consciousness so that we can recognize past lives and let go of guilt that we're carrying around. 

It breaks through these limiting emotions that obstruct our way to success and powers our self-confidence to be able to change and live with clarity and intention.


A colorless, shimmery soft stone of milky fibers, Selenite is the namesake of Selene, Greek goddess of the moon. Looking at a shard of Selenite is like looking to a perfect source of light.

Selenite crystals for mental clarity purify the all of the chakras to bring them all into harmony. This allows you to release inhibitions and concentrate on your intentions.

Selenite has the power to connect us with spirit guides that help raise our consciousness and gain greater happiness and abundance.

Tiger Jasper 

Tiger Jasper

Even though tigers usually have stripes, Tiger Jasper has reddish brown spots on a pinkish brown stone. But spots or stripes, this crystal packs serious tiger vibes of strength and stability.

In the midst of stress and overwhelming situations, Tiger Jasper invites steady, relaxed energy to slowly make choices and take action. It breaks away self-defeating doubts and our perceived notions to reveal our true needs and the choices we have in front of us.

Final Thoughts

These crystals for mental health can offer us powerful energy and vibrations to keep your mind on track. 

We use external hard drives, flash drives, and cloud storage to help our computers' memory. Why not let crystals help our brains get rid of the data we don’t need – bad thoughts, doubts, negativity – so it can work optimally to promote positive mental health?

Amethyst Geodes

* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here. 

Crystals for Mental Health

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