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Sleeping With Crystals Under Your Pillow: What Crystals to Use & Why

INSIDE: With so much going on in the world, it’s no surprise that most of us feel exhausted! It’s vital to recharge and rest with a good night of sleep. Sleeping with crystals under your pillow can calm your mind and relax your body for optimal rest and rejuvenation.


In our busy lives, we often sacrifice sleep for work. Pour that extra cup of coffee because there’s so much to do, right? But we all need to give a little more respect to getting shut eye because the body just might do even more work while sleeping than when awake, and that enables us to maximally function in the day.

During sleep, when we finally release control over our body’s movements and activity, the natural processes that actually have some of the greatest impact on our physical health can truly set in.

Our bodies release all kinds of hormones while we sleep. While many people wrongly judge hormones as controls of female reproduction that can run rampant, every human being has crucial hormones that affect all sorts of processes. 

The hormone melatonin guides our sleep patterns. A hormone from the pituitary gland, it is released mainly during sleep and it helps our body grow and repair. The hormone cortisol lowers while we sleep in order to spike when we wake up and release energy.

An incredibly important protein, cytokine, from the immune system works during sleep to make major repairs on the body from sickness or injuries.

Without sleep, you deprive your body of all of these important processes that keep it physically running, not to mention the mental rest your mind needs from all of the day’s stresses.

What Are the Benefits to Sleeping With Crystals Under Your Pillow 

A first step to tap into all the great benefits of sleep is to, well… sleep!

You can also enhance your sleep experience by sleeping with crystals under your pillow. We recommend using small, tumbled stones at first, but wands and other shapes may prove best for some sleepers.

Also, if you have more serious sleep issues, like chronic insomnia, crystals might alleviate some symptoms. However, it is always a good idea to seek medical advice from qualified doctors in case of more serious physical and mental issues.

Bringing crystals with you when you're away from home is also an easy way to get better sleep while traveling.

Sleep Crystals

What Can Crystals Do During Sleep

We know a lot about the benefits of crystals in our awakened hours, and many of those same benefits transfer to sleep as well.

Some of the best crystals to sleep with under your pillow actually emit even stronger frequencies in the night when left to do their energetic work while you sleep. Most importantly, these crystals help bring calm relaxation so that you can ease into a restful state.

During sleep, your body and mind transfer major energy back and forth with the crystals you use. This energy can work to bring physical relief to pain in your body. It can also cleanse the mind of confusion and bring clarity of thought.

Crystals are especially useful to induce dreams that can impart spiritual messages to help guide you in your life purpose while you are awake.

Three-Step Ritual for Placing Your Crystals

When you decide to introduce crystals to your sleep regimen, start by connecting with crystals that you intuitively feel drawn to. As you regularly use crystals to help you sleep, you can learn more about their properties and tune in to what your body and mind need each night.

Sleeping with crystals under your pillow should include a small ritual to connect with and activate your stones. We suggest these three simple steps:

  1. Hold your crystal(s) and meditate for a minute on how you want your body and mind to feel while going to sleep. Send an intention into your stones.
  2. Place your crystals gently under your pillow. You might even experiment with sacred geometric shapes, carefully choosing patterns that have soothing energy.
  3. When you wake up in the morning, acknowledge the work of your crystals, thanking them for helping you achieve rest and peace.

An important aspect of sleeping with crystals under your pillow is that you schedule time to cleanse them. These crystals absorb a lot of energy and dreams in the hours we sleep, and a build up of all of that will gradually weaken them, making them less potent for your sleep goals.

10 Best Crystals to Sleep With Under Your Pillow

Understanding how easy it is to start sleeping with crystals under your pillow might leave you asking, “Well, what crystals should I put under my pillow then?”

We’ve got 10 great options for you to try. Keep in mind, each crystal can provide very different sleep remedies, and for some people, certain stones have too much energy resonating for restful sleep.


Let’s start with one of the best crystals to sleep with under your pillow and one of our favorite crystals in general, Amethyst

Amethyst’s properties offer calm, balancing vibrations that soothe stress and anxiety to allow you to get to sleep.

Then, as you rest, Amethyst activates your intuition and amplifies your spiritual awareness so that you can receive information as you sleep. When you wake up, you're likely to feel more motivated to take on your spiritual calling.

Amethyst is also known to bring physical relief and muscle relaxation that releases pain and headaches, and it helps deter nightmares.



Fluorite brings mental clarity, cleansing the mind of negative, distracting thoughts that can keep you awake at night. During the night, it works to detoxify and restore your positive aura.

Sleeping with crystals under your pillow can invite amazingly lucid dreams. Fluorite has strong frequencies that can help you enter into deep sleep faster so that you can access these dreams and begin manifesting ideas to implement in your life.

Smoky Quartz

Another great aspect of sleeping with crystals under your pillow is their protective energy to ward off bad dreams and nightmares. Smoky Quartz especially vibrates positive frequencies that release stress that hinders sleep.

Smoky Quartz placed under the pillow emits grounding, relaxing energy, and it works to ease you into nourishing, rejuvenating sleep.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz also works wonders during sleep. It's an incredibly cleansing stone because it has no mineral inclusions (hence its completely clear color) and is considered pure.

This purity helps clear a space for divine consciousness and understanding to appear while you sleep.

Clear Quartz also works with the properties of other crystals and amplifies their power. Thus, you should use Clear Quartz carefully in partnership with other crystals while you sleep so that you don’t become overwhelmed by their energy.

Rose Quartz

There’s one more Quartz variety we want to talk about – Rose Quartz. Known as "The Heart Stone," Rose Quartz brings love and peace while you sleep. These feelings work to heal emotional turmoil and manifest tranquility over worries and doubts.

If you share a bed with an intimate partner, then sleeping with crystals under your pillow can resonate good energy to them as well. Rose Quartz can help strengthen your intimate bond and improve the way you interact with and approach the relationship.



Lepidolite, like Smoky Quartz, can target nightmares and protect us through the night from evil thoughts and fears that try to steal our restful hours.

With its abundance of lithium, Lepidolite also protects against an overabundance of electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs), a common culprit against sleep in our bedrooms from mobile phones and other screens. 

While it helps block EMFs, allowing us to disconnect from the distractions of others, it enhances our ability to communicate with spirit guides through dreams and positive visions. 


When sleeping with crystals under your pillow, don’t be surprised if you fall into deep REM. Howlite can work wonders to calm the stress and anxiety that keeps you awake and help you understand things from a place of deeper consciousness. 

By relaxing and slowing your mind, Howlite opens pathways to subconscious discovery through our dreams.

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline

Similar to the work that Lepidolite does, Black Tourmaline balances the electromagnetic frequencies that you bring into your room with electronic devices.

It does a lot more too. During sleep, your mental and emotional defenses are often relaxed, which can allow some pretty dangerous negative thoughts and feelings to flood in. Black Tourmaline works to block this negativity and release any negativity you’re holding onto from the day.

Black Tourmaline works to purify all the chakras and your general aura while you sleep. It eases you into REM quickly so it can set to work on your frequency. 



When asking, “What crystals should I put under my pillow?” if your mind jumps to Selenite, then your intuition is correct!

Selenite is such a powerhouse of a crystal, but because it is thought to contain the liquid light of spirit, you might not necessarily think of it as a crystal for sleeping. 

But that’s the thing, even though it radiates light energy, this brings calm over your senses. It’s like a reset for your entire system, realigning the chakras, cleansing your aura, and purifying your thoughts and emotions. 


Labradorite is an awakening stone, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t great for sleep too. Sleeping with crystals under your pillow like Labradorite helps recharge your energy so that you wake up with vitality, prepared to take on the day.

Labradorite transforms all of our experiences from the day into useful lessons that find balance in the body and mind and protect us when we wake up.

Final Thoughts

While we try hard during the day to control our feelings and actions, in reality we know that subconsciously, our emotions, spirit energy, and thoughts can go places all on their own. It’s the same during sleep too.

Sleeping with crystals under your pillow can help steer your subconscious actions in a positive direction to bring calm, soothing vibes to your bed so that you wake up ready to conquer any adventure ahead.

Amethyst Geodes

* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here.

Sleeping With Crystals Under Your Pillow

Crystals Under Your Pillow

Sleeping With Crystals

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