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Healing With Sacred Geometry: Reach Your Full Potential With Divine Patterns

INSIDE: Healing with sacred geometry is one of the most natural and powerful ways to engage the mind, body, and spirit. Try these techniques and start enjoying the many benefits today!


Our body and mind function as an integral system. According to the British Mental Health Foundation, researchers have found that one in twenty physically manifested health issues are a direct result of mental health problems.

Because of this, a lot of effort has been made to incorporate various healing practices into improving one’s wellbeing.

Holistic and alternative healing play a major role in that scenario, and for a valid reason. After all, we are not only conscious creators made of blood and flesh but at our core, we are energy.

Everything around us, including ourselves, is made of finely defined energetic patterns or geometry that we can use for improving the quality of our lives.

Interested in learning more about healing with sacred geometry? If so, this page is the place to be. 

Why Is Sacred Geometry So Important For Our Healing?

Sacred geometry is the essence of everything around us, including both materialized and immaterialized things.

In some cases, we can see it’s a beautiful manifestation in the 3D, in formations such as snowflakes, leaves, or crystals.

But a lot of the time, sacred geometry is the invisible force that drives the world. Each of the shapes carries a powerful frequency that has a healing and soothing effect on our whole being.

In these formations, we can find peace, work with them to release stress and tension, and even stimulate deep spiritual awakening.

What makes them so powerful is that sacred geometry is also an integral part of us, so we are essentially working with something that is familiar to us. Sacred geometry is like a genetic code, a form of energetic DNA that shapes our very being.

These shapes work with the energy, patterns, and thoughts that are the root cause of unpleasant mental or physical symptoms. Through them, we are always connected to the Divine and everything that surrounds us, materialized or not.

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How Does Sacred Geometry Healing Work?

The truth is, nowadays, being imbalanced and stressed every day is far more common than being in a state of equilibrium and peace. Sacred geometry is used in a healing practice to help us reconnect with the spirit and nature to bring balance back into our lives.

This works on all levels of our existence, affecting the physical body, emotional body, rational and irrational part of us, our emotions, and our spiritual body.

Divine geometric coding holds keys to a happier, more fulfilling life. This coding is installed in us, naturally, but through conditioning and exposure to toxic vibrations, we lose touch with this natural aspect of ourselves.

Becoming more conscious of it through healing means that we will be able to harmonize our relationship with ourselves and others. It also means that we will get access to great insights and wisdom, which were always offered to us but were unable to be accessed. 

Think of it as oxygen. We need oxygen to live, but we can’t necessarily see it per se. Like oxygen, we need to be interconnected with the world around us, and we do so by incorporating sacred shapes into our daily routines and healing practices.

These sacred shapes are visual tools that help us connect with the source of energy in the most natural way possible. This healing approach reaches the root cause of issues by purifying our energy field and strengthening our connection with the Universe.

Sacred Geometry for Healing

Benefits of Healing With Sacred Geometry

How do we know healing with sacred geometry works? This is a common question. After all, we are working with something that can’t be felt or touched.

To answer that, here are some of the signs to look for. Remember, just like any other healing journey, this too takes time. Although we can notice improvements right away, the more we use sacred patterns, the better we will feel.

Healing of the Mind

Sacred geometry not only helps relieve pressure and tension in the nervous system, but it helps us get rid of outdated beliefs and toxic thoughts that are hindering our growth.

As we heal, we start to feel more present and focused. These patterns send vibrations to our consciousness that help awaken a healthier state of mind. As a result, we feel less anxious and less afraid of what the future brings.

This way of healing brings about mental clarity and balances the relationship between the rational and the irrational mind. 

Healing the Physical Body

We can use sacred geometry for healing to realign the body’s inner compass and improve its functioning on the physical and energetic levels. It resets our organs to their default functions, in a sense rebooting us.

This healing method works with our physical totality, helping to bring balance back to our hormones, calming lymph nodes, and regenerating cells through the realignment with nature and spirit.

As a result, we may notice that we feel more vital and lighter than usual. We may feel more energized and our sleep may improve. Some may feel their pulse or breathing optimize, while others notice a reduction in muscle tension or pain.

Some people, particularly those who are sensitive, may feel tingling sensations, a variety of sensory experiences, or just feel a bit dizzy, nauseous, or disorientated at first.

If this happens, don’t worry, as these sensations will subside. That is just sacred geometry working through you and eliminating old and toxic energy.

Spiritual Healing

Sacred geometry strengthens intuition, and we start to feel more attuned to subtle changes in the energy around us. We become better at decoding the language of our inner guide, and more importantly, we become more trusting.

This type of healing raises our vibration, helping us develop a sense of inner certainty and embrace our soul’s calling. Sometimes, it can stimulate powerful life-changing spiritual awakenings.

One of the common signs that we are opening up to spiritual guidance is noticing more and more synchronicities. As we heal, we start feeling more hopeful and trusting that things will pan out for our highest good, no matter the outcome.

We might feel uplifted, experience a sense of calm in our soul, and become more open to spiritual downloads, which are essential for making positive life-changing choices.

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Sacred Geometry Healing Practices

Here are some of our favorite sacred geometry healing practices to engage in so that you can enjoy all of the benefits we mentioned above...


Crystals are sacred geometry actualized in the physical. Not only that, but they carry healing vibrations that cleanse our aura and stimulate the healing process. As a result, they can help us reach higher levels of consciousness and release whatever is holding us back.

To use crystals and sacred geometry together, choose a crystal for its healing properties.

For instance, if you're looking for a simple energetic cleanse, Clear Quartz can be your go-to crystal. If you feel lost and emotionally burdened, try Lapis Lazuli.

All crystals work wonders, and all will serve their purpose. You can also use a few pieces of the same crystal, or combine multiple crystals.

Once you’ve picked a crystal based on its healing properties, try the following methods:

  • Place crystals to resemble a sacred geometry formation (a crystal grid) and sit with them for a while. Observe them with a clear mind.
  • Use a printed sacred geometry symbol and place it with a crystal under your pillow.
  • Place crystals on everyday objects that take the form of a sacred pattern, such as cubes or triangles.
  • Observe a sacred geometry formation for a minute (or a few minutes) while holding a crystal.
  • Draw a sacred geometry shape (or shapes) while holding a crystal or having it by your side. Let thoughts just pass by, as you do when meditating.
  • Place a cloth or a print of a geometric pattern on your table and put the chosen crystal on top of it.

These are some of the ideas for healing with sacred geometry and crystals. The potency of combining these two lies in their incredible compatibility, as crystals help open gateways of healing.

Sacred shapes and patterns amplify and support crystal healing properties, which makes this combination a very powerful one.

Crystals and Sacred Geometry

Chakra Balancing

Sacred geometry affects our chakra alignment and how energy flows through us. The vibrational change these patterns can make helps us balance chakras.

We can use these Divine formations to heal by placing geometrical objects on our energy centers.

For chakra blockages, especially those that are heavier, the best ones to use are the platonic solids, as these are the base formations of all other shapes.

If placing objects on chakras seems inconvenient, we can hold the one that speaks to us in our hands and visualize the energy of the object illuminating our chakras.

When we are relaxed, we allow these patterns to send vibrations to our energy receptors and slowly dissolve energetic barricades. Try healing with sacred geometry through chakra balancing today!

Sound Healing

Sound too is a form of sacred geometry. As a matter of fact, the sounds we hear every day, including our voice, are auditory formations of these healing patterns.

This means that by using healing frequencies and sounds, we can rewire our energy field and rejuvenate all aspects of our being. That is the essence of sound healing.

We can do this by listening to specially created healing sounds that emit sacred vibrations. These vibrations affect the physical realm, which means that each sound frequency creates a geometric pattern that our body recognizes.

Here are some sacred vibrations that you can listen to:

Alternatively, we can use sounds that are as simple as nature sounds if they call to us and make us feel good.

You can engage in sound healing by doing the following:

  1. Close your eyes and sit or lay in a comfortable position.
  2. Sit with the sound without getting distracted and let the sound fill your being.
  3. For more visual types, it can be a good idea to find a video that presents various shapes or simply find a picture of a sacred pattern to gaze at while listening.

Healing through visual stimuli also activates a system or pattern recognition. By simply looking at a sacred pattern, our energetic DNA reacts to it as a medicine to the wound.

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Meditating with sacred forms calms the mind and helps us get to a deeper understanding of ourselves and our life purpose.

To meditate with sacred geometry forms, simply find a calm and quiet spot, sit comfortably, close our eyes and relax.

Instead of a mantra of words, your mantra is now a shape and you'll want to focus on it during the meditation.

For simplicity, we can start with shapes such as a Tetrahedron or Cube to activate healing with sacred geometry. This is important because the five solids, especially these two, can help introduce our current state to the healing process.

As we progress with meditation, we can include more complex forms, as long as we can keep them in our consciousness during meditation. 

Yoga & Exercise

One way to heal with sacred geometry is by moving our bodies. Yoga works with our body geometry, affecting our neurons, muscles, and tissues, all of which are sacred patterns.

It helps readjust our energy and strengthens both the body and the spirit solely by practicing and moving the body. Through asanas, we stimulate the flow of energy through the body and cherish our life force.

Yoga naturally activates sacred geometry forms that are part of our energetic DNA, including our thoughts and how they flow through the mind.

Sound Healing & Sacred Geometry

Breathing Techniques

Breathing techniques are powerful tools for healing, and we can use them for healing with sacred geometry as well. To use breathing techniques for this purpose, follow these steps:

  • Place the middle finger and index finger at the bridge of your nose.
  • Block your right nostril with your thumb and breathe in through the left nostril for four seconds.
  • Move the thumb and breathe out through the right nostril.
  • Repeat the process with the left nostril, just using the ring finger at that time.
  • Keep the middle and the index finger on the nose bridge the whole time.

To our conscious mind, this process creates circulation in the form of a Tetrahedron or triangle as we breathe in and breathe out. However, this activates much more complex geometry patterns, as air expands throughout our whole body.

Not only does this process help with oxygen circulation, but it rewires our energy field for the better.

Breathing itself is a form of energy, and when inhaling and exhaling are balanced, we create a stable wave of vibration that can soothe our energy field. This is even more amplified when we consciously take in fresh air.

Final Thoughts

By using these techniques for healing with sacred geometry, you can awaken your body, mind, and spirit to its true nature. Doing so can unblock what is stuck and free up the energy in your body to flow with ease, creating a healthier being.

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* This is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here. 

Healing With Sacred Geometry

How to Heal With Sacred Geometry

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