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Reiki Crystals: How to Choose, Charge & Use Them for Healing

INSIDE: Reiki crystals are becoming more and more common amongst the reiki community because they can help to support deeper healings. They can assist us in cleansing the chakras and balancing the body's energy system.


Whether you're a reiki practitioner, you've received reiki treatments, or if you're considering trying it out, it's worth learning about reiki crystals and how much they can add to a session. 

First, let's look at reiki and what it is.

What is Reiki?

Reiki (霊気) is an alternative energy healing modality originating from Japan. It was first rediscovered by Mikao Usui on Mount Kurama in the early 1920s. He spent 21 days on Mt Kurama, praying and fasting when Reiki came to him and he started healing with hands.

What sets Usui's teachings apart from other hands-on healing methods is the use of "reiju" or "attunement." This is to remind practitioners of their spiritual connection with the “universal life force.”

As reiki practitioners, we are just vessels for universal healing energy; therefore, it’s not us who are doing the healing. We are just channels for the energy to flow through.

What Are Reiki Sessions?

A reiki session is an energy healing treatment during which the client is lying down and we activate reiki by placing our palms on the client’s body. We channel the universal energy of reiki and focus the healing on targeted points (or chakras) in the client’s body.

Some people have a certain aspect they want to improve, while others are seeking chakra balancing. It all depends on the person, but whatever healing they are receiving, the procedure is the same: placing hands on the body.

Reiki sessions can last anywhere between 15 and 60 minutes. During this time the client experiences warmth and healing, and the practitioner is typically in a meditative state while the energy is being channeled.

Chakra Healing Gmestones

What Are Reiki Stones & How Do You Create Them?

Nowadays, there are many variations of Reiki, but the point stays the same: channel energy to heal, improve balance, align chakras, and achieve harmony.

Some practitioners have discovered that there are stronger Reiki effects when using crystals in their healings.

In order to program a crystal and create a reiki stone, simply do the following:

  1. Place it in your palm and activate reiki (you'll need to be a certified reiki practitioner to be able to do this)
  2. Focus on your healing intention and tell the crystal its purpose.
  3. Then we simply let the energy flow between our palms and through the stone. This can last between 5 and 15 minutes, or until you feel the energy cooling off.

What Are the Best Healing Stones for Reiki?

The most commonly used stones for Reiki healings include:

Since we do Reiki healings both on ourselves and others, it’s crucial to cleanse the Reiki stones after each session. 

Reiki crystals are our friends, so make sure to treat them with care and thoughtfulness. You might be surprised how well they work for you if you take good care of them.

How Are Reiki Crystals Used?

Reiki crystals are very simple to use.

  1. First we chose the healing crystal with the properties that are most compatible with the root problem we are trying to heal.
  2. Next we cleanse the healing crystal with reiki so that it becomes a reiki stone.
  3. Then we place the healing crystal on the targeted body part of the client and place our hands over it to channel reiki.

Some practitioners just cleanse the crystals and place them on certain areas of the body as they continue on with their reiki treatment.

This is called “crystal programming,” and it’s a very useful asset to reiki healings because it is like we have an extra pair of healing hands.

When we’re focusing on chakra balancing, we should match the crystals’ colors with the chakras’ colors. With that being said, we would chose Amethyst for the third eye chakra and Clear Quartz for the crown chakra.

Of course, this is just the basic approach to reiki healing with stones, and it isn't the only way to choose reiki crystals. For example, the most common healing stone used for the heart chakra is Rose Quartz and it is pink.

So, it’s really important to use common sense, too, beside just matching the colors of the chakras. 

Reiki Stones

Tips for Reiki Healing With Stones

Here are some tips for performing reiki healing with stones...

Do a Reiki Scan

Before starting a reiki healing session, it’s best to do a Reiki reading. This is when we do a reiki scan of the body to determine which of our chakras are the weakest. That way, we can chose which healing stones for reiki will do the best job.

Some people already know which of their chakras are in need of balancing and unblocking. And some people already have a developed affinity towards certain healing crystals.

But it never hurts to do a reiki scan as it provides an objective outlook on the most troubled points.

Allow Clients to Bring Their Own Crystals

It’s completely okay to bring your own healing crystals to the Reiki session if that makes you most comfortable.

As said before, crystals are our friends, and as it usually goes with friends, we have best friends among all of them. So it’s only natural that you'd want to keep your “best friends” close by when you’re having healing work done.

Consider Separating Your Personal & Client Stones

If you're a practitioner, it would be good if you separate out your “client stones" and your "personal stones."

This keeps your own influx of personalized energy from the collective healing energy and has shown to be a great way to go about the usage of reiki healing stones.

Don't Use Cracked Reiki Stones

If you have a cracked or broken crystal on our hands, it’s best to thank it for its loyal service and friendship, and burry it in the ground near a tree. 

Some of us prefer to keep the stones even after they’ve done their “service,” and in those cases it would be best to place them near a window, or in the soil of one of our own house plants. 

Final Thoughts About Reiki Crystals

Reiki crystals are an amazing help and a great tool in healings. They assist us in achieving balance and in unblocking and rejuvenating our chakras.

They are like an extra set of hands during reiki sessions, and they can help us channel deeper and faster healings. Reiki crystals are a recommended tool for all reiki practitioners, and it can be a great pleasure working with them.

What Crystal is Best for Me Quiz

* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here. 

Reiki Crystals

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Hi Debbie, You can use any crystal for Reiki. We have included 10 of our favorites in this article as well as links to purchase them.

Olivia Smart

Thank you for explaining that reiki sessions can last from fifteen to sixty minutes. My sister has said that she is thinking about trying it out to help with stress and internal healing. I think it would be interesting to see how much healing could be accomplished in fifteen minutes and how it could help her to be more like herself.

Debbi Higgins

I have read there are 12 stones for Reiki, but everything im seeing for sale is 4 stones. Im so confused.

Patricia A Baker

Loved it

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can they be put in a cloth bag for use as well?

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